GeoHealth 2017

Hyderabad, India. July 1- 2, 2017 


GeoHealth -2017 is organized by the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) Inter-Commission Working Group on Environment and Health (ICWG III/IVc), in collaboration with ISPRS WG on Open Source on Geospatial Technology (WG V/8) and hosted by the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), and supported by ICORG

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Major Themes

Application of Earth observation data and geospatial technologies in the areas of:
Theme A: Disease Occurrence, Health Care and Association Analysis
Theme B: Risk Assessment and Management
Theme C: Medical Geology
Theme D: Emerging Problems and Advanced Geospatial Technological Solutions

Special Sessions / Workshops

June 30, 2017

Distance Learning for Health and Environment

  • Spatio-Temporal Analytical Tools For Health Analytics
  • Open Source Topics:
    • Open and public data that improve the health metrics
    • Open Source technologies and added functionalities in disease mapping analysis
    • Open Source tools as an aid in improved Health related Policy Making


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Symposium Secretariat

Director, Dr. I V Muralikrishna
ICORG, India
Convener, Dr. Valli Manickam
Professor and Environment Area Chair-ASCI, India
Co-Convener, Dr. K S Rajan
Associate Professor, IIIT, Hyderabad, India
 Secretariat Phone: +9140 66534365 / +91 9848049624
Chair, Professor Fazlay S Faruque
University of Mississippi Medical Center, USA

Scientific Committee

Dr. Howard Chang
Emory University, USA
Dr. Chandrasekara Dissanayake
University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Dr. Jie Jiang
National Geomatics Center, China
Dr. Senthil Kumar
Indian Inst. of Remote Sensing, India
Dr. David J Lary
UT-Dallas, TX, USA
Dr. John B Malone
Louisiana State University, USA
Dr. Francesco Moscone
Brunel University London, UK

Dr. Elena Naumova
Tufts University, USA
Dr. Masami Onoda
JAXA, Japan
Dr. Peng Jia
ITC, Netherlands
Dr. Dandamudi Prasad
JNT University, India
Dr. PLN Raju
Director NESAC, ISRO, India
Dr. Bhoop Singh
Dr. Yves M Tourre
CNES, France

ISPRS Inter-Commission Working Group on Environment and Health