Guidelines for ISPRS Financial Commission

The role of the Financial Commission of ISPRS shall be advisory and consultative, and shall involve the following responsibilities:

  1. To annually examine and audit accounts of the Treasurer and submit its findings in a report to Council no later than 31 May of each year.
  2. To examine income and expenditures of the Society, and suggest to the Council and the General Assembly guidelines of financial policy, having regard to the Society's scientific and administrative responsibilities.
  3. To advise the Council on all financial matters, including placement of investments and size of reserve, at any time upon the request of the Council.
  4. To advise Council of the appropriateness of the annual budget prepared by the Treasurer and approved by Council
  5. To examine all accounts and claims submitted by Council members and others included in the Treasurer's report, to verify their accuracy and ensure that they are consistent with ISPRS spending policies.
  6. To ensure reconciliation of accounting discrepancies and cosign with the Treasurer the annual budget, statement of receipts and payments and balance sheet by the end of May of each year and report directly to the Council through the Secretary General.
  7. To be present in an advisory capacity at meetings of the General Assembly.
  8. To meet at least once during its four-year term to develop financial policies.
  9. To advise Council on proposals for new expenditures or new proposals that incur additional expenditure by the Society.

Draft 6/99 JCT

LWF edits 6/23/99

AG/HE Edits April/8/2000



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