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ISPRS e-Bulletin: November 2016

ISPRS e-Bulletin
Issue No 1 - 2017


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Nicolas Paparoditis      

Invitation to participate in the ISPRS 2020 Congress
June 28th – July 4th,2020 in Nice, France
by Nicolas Paparoditis
Congress Director


We are inviting you to attend the XXIVth ISPRS Congress (, which will take place in 2020 in the gorgeous city of Nice, France, from June 28 to July 4.

Nice, the cosmopolitan and multicultural capital of the French Riviera is one of the best places in the world to host an unforgettable ISPRS Congress. Nice is an outstanding location between sea and mountains, close to the Italian border, where culture and heritage meet with the cutting edge technology of Sophia Antipolis, the French Silicon Valley. The Acropolis congress centre is in the heart of the city, 4 minutes walk from the old town of Nice, 10 minutes walk from the beaches, and 15 minutes by tramway from the airport.

We will build a very rich scientific program that will enable you to remain at the state-of-the-art of our fields, to meet and exchange with a large number scientists, and also to cross-fertilize with scientists coming from related fields. Indeed, this Congress will gather leading specialists, experts and researchers in the fields of photogrammetry, remote sensing, and spatial information sciences coming from universities, research foundations, mapping and spatial agencies, public organisations and private companies. A space agency forum and a cadastral agency forum will also address policy issues in GeoInformation. A thrilling summer school will also be organized by the ISPRS student consortium with the help of the French engineering schools and universities involved in the congress organization.

We will also have to pleasure to introduce new technologies and contents that will allow the attendees to enhance their ISPRS experience, i.e. to prepare the event forehand, (I) to better organise their agenda and meetings during the week, and (ii) to have access to the augmented archives of contents after the congress (sound tracks of all sessions, videos of plenary sessions, selected top-level oral presentations, etc.).

The ISPRS 2020 congress will hold a strong industrial exhibition with private and public companies. That will give you the unique opportunity to get updated in the advances of new geospatial technologies and solutions (satellite systems, lidar, hyperspectral, mobile mapping, UAVs, geo-BigData processing, geo-data warehouses, geo-visualisation, geo-services, VGI-technologies, Spatial Data Infrastructures, etc.) and to get equipped with the latest technologies.

The ISPRS 2020 Congress will be hosted by SFPT (the French society of photogrammetry and remote sensing), and will be organized with the support of the French major public institutions dealing with photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information sciences: IGN (the French National Institute for Geographic and Forest Information), CNES (the French national space agency), IRSTEA (the French national research institute of science and technology for environment and agriculture), INRIA (the French National institute for computer science and applied mathematics), IRD (the French institute of research for development), CNRS/INSU (the institute of earth and universe sciences of the French national council for research), and several other partners currently in discussion.

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The ISPRS Foundation (TIF) News

The ISPRS Foundation


The ISPRS Foundation Travel Grants to participate in ISPRS Hannover Workshop
Hannover, Germany, June 6 - 9, 2017

Travel grants for the Hannover Workshop are now available, particularly for young scientists whose papers have been accepted. The application form and other information can be found on The ISPRS Foundation website.

Deadline for financial assistance applications: March 20, 2017.
For further information on the workshop visit:

Recipients of TIF Travel Grants have submitted the following reports on their attendance at the XXIII ISPRS Prague Congress and the Telč Summer School, Czech Republic, July, 2016

Report on International Visit
by Suryakant Ashok Sawant

The ISPRS Congress 2016 Experience
by Sheryl Rose Reyes

The ISPRS Foundation Support
by Linda Moser

Final report for my attendance of the XXIII ISPRS congress in Prague
by Ivan Detchev

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Society News

Jack Dangermond


The Jack Dangermond Award for the most outstanding paper in the ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information

ISPRS is proud to announce a new ISPRS award. Individual awards are presented during ISPRS Congresses to outstanding ISPRS scientists for their exceptional achievements. Many of these awards are donated by ISPRS Members.

One of the awards - The U.V. Helava Award (2000) - is sponsored by Elsevier Science, publisher of the ISPRS International Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, and Leica Geosystems AG. The award consists of a grand prize of SFr. 10,000 and a silver plaque, presented to the author(s) of the most outstanding paper published exclusively in the ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing during the four years preceding the Congress, and three runner-up prizes.

As ISPRS would also like to award best papers in the ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information (IJGI), an agreement has been made with Esri, the strongest commercial organisation in GIS, and MDPI, publisher of IJGI, to create a new award – The Jack Dangermond Award. The idea, proposed by the ISPRS past president, Orhan Altan, was established in the autumn of 2016. The following photograph documents the meeting of Jack Dangermond and Lena Halounová, in Prague, on 3 November, 2016 where Jack agreed to the new award. He felt honored that ISPRS had asked him to give his name to the award and decided to donate a generous endowment for future awardees. MDPI agreed to share the prize. The award consists of a grand prize of USD 10,000 and will be given to the most outstanding paper published exclusively in the ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information during the four years preceding each Congress.

Petr Seidl, Lena Halounová and Jack Dangermond (right)
Petr Seidl, CEO of Arcdata, Czech Republic, organizer of the historical meeting,
Lena Halounová and Jack Dangermond (right), ESRI


Wuhan University      

The ISPRS Geospatial Week 2017

(ISPRS GSW 2017, will be held in Wuhan, China, from September 18th – 22nd, 2017. This third ISPRS Geospatial Week will be organized by Wuhan University and is the most important ISPRS event in the year 2017. With the intensive preparation of Local Organization Committee at Wuhan University and the scientific steering committee of GSW2017, 10 different workshops will take place in GSW 2017. The topics of the 10 workshops cover geospatial information acquisition, extraction from point clouds, optical/SAR imagery, and ubiquitous sensors, smart city and global changes, geospatial information mining and quality control, indoor 3D mapping and navigation, and UAV/UAS innovation applications. The details of the 10 workshops are listed as follows (see GSW website under programme/workshops for details):

  • GIS-SmartCity 2017: 2017 International Geospatial Information Workshop on Smart City
  • WebMGS2017:  The 5th International Workshop on Web Mapping, Geoprocessing and Services
  • ISSDQ 2017:  The 10th International Symposium on Spatial Data Quality
  • Indoor 3D 2017:  ISPRS Workshop on Indoor 3D 2017
  • SarCon 2017:  The 2017 ISPRS International Workshop on Advances in SAR: Constellations, Signal processing, and Applications
  • LS2017:  ISPRS Workshop on Laser Scanning 2017
  • IWIDF2017:  The 2017 International Workshop on Image and Data Fusion
  • PhotoGA 2017:  ISPRS Workshop on Photogrammetric 3D Reconstruction for Geo-Applications 2017
  • ICSDM2017:  The Third International Conference on Spatial Data Mining and Geographical Knowledge Services
  • CHGCS 2017: The 2017 ISPRS Workshop on Cryosphere and Hydrosphere for Global Change Studies

Submission dates for abstracts and full papers for the individual workshops vary between February 28 and March 31, 2017. Details are available at the GSW website under "Important Dates".
All interested scientists and practitioners are invited to submit their contributions to GSW 2017 and contribute to making the meeting a success. We are looking forward to seeing you in Wuhan in September.

Huayi Wu, Bisheng Yang



SELPER and ISPRS sign MoU as part of ISPRS Strategy to enhance Cooperation with South America

ISPRS is proud to announce that during the recent SELPER International Symposium, held in Puerto Iguazú, Argentina, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between SELPER and ISPRS. SELPER, the Sociedad Latinoamericana en Percepción Remota y Sistemas de Información Espacial, is a non-governmental organization that aims at supporting and promoting activities related to remote sensing and spatial information science in the Latin American region. SELPER encourages the professional advancement of its members through education, training and capacity building, with the ultimate objective of developing a positive contribution for the benefit of the Latin American community and its institutions. In this context, SELPER is instrumental in stimulating national and international cooperation among specialists and entities that work on research, development, applications and operations in the fields of remote sensing and spatial information science, fostering a close technical and scientific cooperation between relevant public and private sectors. SELPER is a regional member of ISPRS and organises an international scientific symposium every two years.

The most recent symposium was attended by some 300 participants, mainly from South American universities and space agencies. During the meeting, the former SELPER International president, Luz Angela Rocha Salamanca (Universidad Distrital "Francisco José De Caldas", Bogotá Colombia) handed over the office to Miriam Antes (Universidad Nacional de Luján, Argentina), who was also the organiser of the symposium in Puerto Iguazú Misiones, Argentina.

The memorandum of understanding calls for closer collaboration between the two organisations by exchanging information and carrying out common activities whenever appropriate. An example of such activities was a tutorial on Synthetic Aperture Radar, partly supported by ISPRS. The special issue in the ISPRS Journal on “Coping with Environmental Challenges in Latin America with Remote Sensing”,, is another such example.

For ISPRS, this Memorandum of Understanding is part of a strategy to achieve a more active cooperation with photogrammetry and remote sensing experts in Latin America. ISPRS also cooperates with other organisations in the South American continent and, for example, supports the Latin America Remote Sensing Week (LARS) in Chile and the Brazilian Symposium on Remote Sensing. ISPRS is grateful to SELPER for having initiated the Memorandum of Understanding and looks forward to filling it with many ideas and activities.

Christian Heipke, ISPRS President


TIB Universität Hannover      

Digitisation of Publications

Council is very pleased to announce the completion of the first step towards the digitisation of older archive publications. For decades, the physical repository of the archive was hosted by ITC, University of Twente, in the Netherlands. ISPRS gratefully acknowledges this support.
In 2014, the repository was moved to the Technical Information Library (TIB) at Leibniz Universität Hannover, where the volumes have been digitised and integrated into the ISPRS web interface.

Two examples demonstrating the range of volumes digitised are the earliest published volume, Quatrième Congrès International de Photogrammétrie, the Paris Congress from 1934:
and the latest, the CIPA 2003 XVIII International Symposium in Antalya, Turkey:

Further volumes are to be integrated in the future. Should anyone have printed volumes, which are not yet available on the ISPRS web site (link) and feel they can make them available to the society, please contact Headquarters at

TIB performs this task as a service to the Society and the spatial science community. ISPRS is greatly indebted to TIB for this generous service.

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General Announcements


The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®) invites interested organizations to respond to the just released Call for Participation (CFP) in the OGC Testbed 13 Interoperability Testbed.

Organizations selected to participate in Testbed 13 will develop prototype solutions based on the sponsors’ use cases, requirements and scenarios. These are described in detail in the CFP. Participants’ prototype solutions will implement existing OGC standards as well as new prototype interface and encoding specifications introduced or developed in Testbed 13. Prototype specifications may ultimately become official, member approved OGC standards, revisions to existing OGC standards, or best practices for using OGC standards.

For more information read here…

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Announcements of Scientific Meetings                (see also ISPRS Calendar)


37th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment (ISRSE-37)
Tshwane (Pretoria), South Africa
May 8-12, 2017


Under the overarching theme “Earth Observation for Development and Adaptation to a Changing World”, ISRSE-37 will be hosted by the South African National Space Agency (SANSA).
The 2017 Symposium will be the second time in this millennium that the African continent will be hosting ISRSE. It coincides with the implementation of the recently-adopted African Space Policy and Strategy, as well as rapid development in African space science and technology programmes which aim to leverage space science and technology to underpin economic and social development across the African continent.

For more information visit



Pre-conference workshop of the
20th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science 2017
Bridging space, time, and semantics in GIScience

Wageningen, The Netherlands
May 9, 2017


The increased availability of geographic data (often in massive volumes) together with the advances in spatiotemporal data management, integration, analysis, and visualization present an emerging need and opportunity: how to transform these massive volumes of geographic data into meaningful information about places, events, activities, and interrelations. The integration of space, time, and semantics provides the basis to infuse data with meaning and deepen our knowledge of complex natural and social systems and intricate interactions in space and time. This key research issue is also relevant to other cutting edge research themes such as Volunteered Geographic Information, Geospatial Semantic Web, semantic sensor networks, big data, linked data, etc. Context and granularity (spatial, temporal, and semantic) constitute additional dimensions of geographic data that are not fully explored and may provide valuable insights into this issue.

Topics of interest:
The topics of the workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Geospatial semantics
  • Ontologies of space, time, processes, and events
  • Cognitive aspects of spatiotemporal concepts
  • Semantic information extraction
  • Sophisticated spatiotemporal models
  • Spatial, temporal, and semantic representation of dynamic processes, events, and activities
  • Semantics of Geospatial Information from historical maps
  • Visualization of space, time, and semantics
  • Multidimensional spatial data models for VGI
  • Real-time spatiotemporal data integration, modelling, analysis, and visualization (real-time space-time integration)
  • State-of-the-art applications in relevant areas such as historical GIS, climate change, transportation, mobility, epidemics, disaster response, etc.

Participants are invited to submit a short paper (2000 to 3000 words) in the AGILE 2017 Conference short paper format. Short paper submissions will be reviewed and selected for presentation during the workshop.
Depending on the submissions, publication of selected papers in a special issue of a journal will be considered. Further details will be provided at the workshop.
Please make your submission anonymous and submit it as a PDF document via EasyChair.

The Workshop is co-organised by AGILE and ISPRS Working Groups IV/1 Multi-dimensional modelling and IV/2: Ontologies, Semantics, and Knowledge Representation for Geospatial Information.

Important dates:
28 February, 2017: Short paper submission
20 March, 2017: Notification of acceptance
9 May, 2017: AGILE Workshop “Bridging space, time, and semantics in GIScience”
For more information visit:



Earsel Symposium 2017
Prague, Czech Technical University
June 27-30, 2017


Important Dates:
Due date for submission of extended abstracts: 30 March 2017
Notification of authors: 15 April 2017



Airborne remote sensing for monitoring essential biodiversity variables in forest ecosystems (RS4forestEBV)
The Bavarian Forest National Park & the German Aerospace Agency (DLR) in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany
July 3-14, 2017



  • learn how to set up field and airborne campaigns
  • become familiarised with different field instruments
  • learn how to map different vegetation parameters using hyperspectral visible/NIR /SWIR /thermal and LiDAR data
  • understand the advantage of each data source and the best combinations of them for retrieving vegetation parameters
  • understand data processing chains
  • understand the challenge of collecting and integrating forest field data with remote sensing imagery.

Read more ....

Information &: Registration:


Photogrammetric Week '17      

56th Photogrammetric Week '17
Advancement in Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics

Stuttgart, Germany
September 11-15, 2017


Lectures will focus on trends and achievements of the following topics:

  • Sensors and Data Acquisition
  • Photogrammetry, Computer Vision and Remote Sensing
  • Geoinformatics

In addition, a tutorial on “Remote Sensing – From Basics to Advanced Methods” will be held by the Institute for Photogrammetry (ifp) on Sunday afternoon, September 10, 2017

For more information read here…


12th 3D Geoinfo Conference 2017      

12th 3D Geoinfo Conference 2017
Melbourne, Australia
26 and 27 October, 2017


The 3D GeoInfo Conference aims at bringing together international researchers from academia, industry and government in the field of 3D geoinformation. The conference offers an interdisciplinary forum to researchers in the fields of data collection, advanced modelling approaches, data analysis and visualisation.

  • BIM-GIS Integration Workshop – 25 October
    BIM-GIS Integration will be organised as a pre–conference workshop session of the 3D GeoInfo 2017. The IAG WG4.2.4 is organising this workshop to provide a platform for researchers to present and discuss their work in the various aspects of BIM and GIS integration. Participation in the BIM-GIS integration Workshop is included in the 3D Geoinfo registration fee.
  • 3D Cadastres symposium and training – 24 October
    The 3D Cadastre symposium will present Centre for SDIs and Land Administration’s previous and current research topics related to 3D Cadastre. It will also provide training on the implementation of 3D digital cadastral systems.

For more information visit


ITN-DCH Final Conference      

ITN-DCH Final Conference
Olimje, Slovenia
May 23-25, 2017


As ITN-DCH project is undergoing its final year, it organizes a unique Conference at Olimje, Slovenia (23-25th May), in the domain of Digital Cultural Heritage. The Conference aims to bring together experts, stakeholders, policy makers and leaders from the field, addressing the current challenges, start a dialogue that will lay the foundation for the creation of a multidisciplinary community of practice.

The organizers are seeking original and innovative contributions in theoretical and practical applications of digital cultural heritage focusing on three main thematic topics: Data Acquisition, Semantic enrichment and Creative Reuse.

Visit to find out more details about our conference and the Call for extended abstracts!

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Event Reports

Digital Cartographic Summit      

ICA and ISPRS co-organise Digital Cartographic Summit during Geospatial World Forum 2017 in Hyderabad

ICA - the International Cartographic Association, together with ISPRS co-organised a two-day workshop entitled Digital Cartographic Summit as part of the Geospatial World Forum (GWF) in Hyderabad, India during Jan. 24 and 25, 2017.

Read the report…..


Group on Earth Observations      

ISPRS President visits Ordinary Member of Nepal

On January 28, 2017, ISPRS President, Christian Heipke visited the Nepal Remote Sensing and Photogrammetric Society (NRSPS) in Kathmandu where he was received by the NRSPS President Rabin S. Sharma, the Society Secretary, Anish Joshi and members of the NRSPS Executive Board.

Read more…

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Einari Kilpelä      

Prof. Einari Kilpelä 1937-2016

» Obituary by Henrik Haggrén


Aino Savolainen      

Aino Savolainen 1924-2017

» Obituary by Gottfried Konecny


ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information — Open Access Journal

ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information — Open Access Journal      

New publications in the ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information
Open Access Journal
Volume 6, Issue 12 (December 2016), No 245-247

Interest Aware Location-Based Recommender System Using Geo-Tagged Social Media
AlBanna, Basma, Sakr, Mahmoud, Moussa, Sherin, Moawad, Ibrahim
No: 245

A Line Graph-Based Continuous Range Query Method for Moving Objects in Networks
Zhang, Hengcai, Lu, Feng, Chen, Jie
No: 246

Efficient Processing of Continuous Reverse k Nearest Neighbor on Moving Objects in Road Networks
Attique, Muhammad, Cho, Hyung-Ju, Jin, Rize, Chung, Tae-Sun
No: 247


Volume 6, Issue 1 (January 2017), No 1-32

Detecting Road Intersections from GPS Traces Using Longest Common Subsequence Algorithm
Xie, Xingzhe, Liao, Wenzhi, Aghajan, Hamid, Veelaert, Peter, Philips, Wilfried
No: 1

Pattern of Spatial Distribution and Temporal Variation of Atmospheric Pollutants during 2013 in Shenzhen, China
Xia, Xiaolin, Qi, Qingwen, Liang, Hong, Zhang, An, Jiang, Lili, Ye, Yanjun, Liu, Chanfang, Huang, Yuanfeng
No: 2

Evaluating the Impact the Weekday Has on Near-Repeat Victimization: A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Street Robberies in the City of Vienna, Austria
Glasner, Philip, Leitner, Michael
No: 3

Crustal and Upper Mantle Density Structure Beneath the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Surrounding Areas Derived from EGM2008 Geoid Anomalies
Li, Honglei, Fang, Jian
No: 4

Combined Forecasting Method of Landslide Deformation Based on MEEMD, Approximate Entropy, and WLS-SVM
Xie, Shaofeng, Liang, Yueji, Zheng, Zhongtian, Liu, Haifeng
No: 5

Kinematic Precise Point Positioning Using Multi-Constellation Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Observations
Yu, Xidong, Gao, Jingxiang
No: 6

Understanding the Representativeness of Mobile Phone Location Data in Characterizing Human Mobility Indicators
Lu, Shiwei, Fang, Zhixiang, Zhang, Xirui, Shaw, Shih-Lung, Yin, Ling, Zhao, Zhiyuan, Yang, Xiping
No: 7

An On-Demand Retrieval Method Based on Hybrid NoSQL for Multi-Layer Image Tiles in Disaster Reduction Visualization
Qiu, Linyao, Zhu, Qing, Du, Zhiqiang, Wang, Meng, Fan, Yida
No: 8

Terrain Extraction in Built-Up Areas from Satellite Stereo-Imagery-Derived Surface Models: A Stratified Object-Based Approach
Luethje, Fritjof, Tiede, Dirk, Eisank, Clemens
No: 9

Acknowledgement to Reviewers of IJGI in 2016
IJGI Editorial Office,
No: 11

Fuzzy GML Modeling Based on Vague Soft Sets
Wei, Bo, Xie, Qingqing, Meng, Yuanyuan, Zou, Yao
No: 10

Towards a Common Framework for the Identification of Landforms on Terrain Models
Guilbert, Eric, Moulin, Bernard
No: 12

UAV Low Altitude Photogrammetry for Power Line Inspection
Zhang, Yong, Yuan, Xiuxiao, Fang, Yi, Chen, Shiyu
No: 14

A Combinatorial Reasoning Mechanism with Topological and Metric Relations for Change Detection in River Planforms: An Application to GlobeLand30’s Water Bodies
Leng, Liang, Yang, Guodong, Chen, Shengbo
No: 13

How They Move Reveals What Is Happening: Understanding the Dynamics of Big Events from Human Mobility Pattern
Mazimpaka, Jean Damascène, Timpf, Sabine
No: 15

Joint Modeling of Multiple Crimes: A Bayesian Spatial Approach
Liu, Hongqiang, Zhu, Xinyan
No: 16

3D Space Shift from CityGML LoD3-Based Multiple Building Elements to a 3D Volumetric Object
Ying, Shen, Guo, Renzhong, Yang, Jie, He, Biao, Zhao, Zhigang, Jin, Fengzan
No: 17

An Improved Information Value Model Based on Gray Clustering for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping
Ba, Qianqian, Chen, Yumin, Deng, Susu, Wu, Qianjiao, Yang, Jiaxin, Zhang, Jingyi
No: 18

A Graph-Based Min-# and Error-Optimal Trajectory Simplification Algorithm and Its Extension towards Online Services
Wu, Fan, Fu, Kun, Wang, Yang, Xiao, Zhibin
No: 19

SSIEGNOS: A New Asian Single Site Tropospheric Correction Model
Huang, Liangke, Xie, Shaofeng, Liu, Lilong, Li, Junyu, Chen, Jun, Kang, Chuanli
No: 20

Erratum: Dubois, G., et al. Integrating Multiple Spatial Datasets to Assess Protected Areas: Lessons Learnt from the Digital Observatory for Protected Areas (DOPA). ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 2016, 5, 242
IJGI Editorial Office,
No: 22

A NoSQL–SQL Hybrid Organization and Management Approach for Real-Time Geospatial Data: A Case Study of Public Security Video Surveillance
Wu, Chen, Zhu, Qing, Zhang, Yeting, Du, Zhiqiang, Ye, Xinyue, Qin, Han, Zhou, Yan
No: 21

sgdm: An R Package for Performing Sparse Generalized Dissimilarity Modelling with Tools for gdm
Leitão, Pedro J., Schwieder, Marcel, Senf, Cornelius
No: 23

Authoritative and Volunteered Geographical Information in a Developing Country: A Comparative Case Study of Road Datasets in Nairobi, Kenya
Mahabir, Ron, Stefanidis, Anthony, Croitoru, Arie, Crooks, Andrew T., Agouris, Peggy
No: 24

Linkage of OGC WPS 2.0 to the e-Government Standard Framework in Korea: An Implementation Case for Geo-Spatial Image Processing
Yoon, Gooseon, Kim, Kwangseob, Lee, Kiwon
No: 25

Bayesian Fusion of Multi-Scale Detectors for Road Extraction from SAR Images
Xu, Rui, He, Chu, Liu, Xinlong, Chen, Dong, Qin, Qianqing
No: 26

An Adaptive Agent-Based Model of Homing Pigeons: A Genetic Algorithm Approach
Oloo, Francis, Wallentin, Gudrun
No: 27

A Double-Smoothing Algorithm for Integrating Satellite Precipitation Products in Areas with Sparsely Distributed In Situ Networks
Bi, Shuoben, Bi, Shengjie, Chen, Dongqi, Pan, Jian, Wang, Jun
No: 28

An Automatic Matcher and Linker for Transportation Datasets
Masri, Ali, Zeitouni, Karine, Kedad, Zoubida, Leroy, Bertrand
No: 29

A Novel Divisive Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm for Geospatial Analysis
Li, Shaoning, Li, Wenjing, Qiu, Jia
No: 30

Detection of Electronic Anklet Wearers’ Groupings throughout Telematics Monitoring
Lima Machado, Paulo, de Sousa, Rafael T., de Oliveira Albuquerque, Robson, García Villalba, Luis Javier, Kim, Tai-Hoon
No: 31

Using Remote Sensing Products to Identify Marine Association Patterns in Factors Relating to ENSO in the Pacific Ocean
Xue, Cunjin, Fan, Xing, Dong, Qing, Liu, Jingyi
No: 32

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ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing      

New publications in the ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Volume 123 (January 2017)

Incorporation of satellite remote sensing pan-sharpened imagery into digital soil prediction and mapping models to characterize soil property variability in small agricultural fields
Yiming Xu, Scot E. Smith, Sabine Grunwald, Amr Abd-Elrahman, Suhas P. Wani
Pages: 1-19

High-quality seamless DEM generation blending SRTM-1, ASTER GDEM v2 and ICESat/GLAS observations
Linwei Yue, Huanfeng Shen, Liangpei Zhang, Xianwei Zheng, Fan Zhang, Qiangqiang Yuan
Pages: 20-34

Winter wheat mapping combining variations before and after estimated heading dates
Bingwen Qiu, Yuhan Luo, Zhenghong Tang, Chongcheng Chen, Difei Lu, Hongyu Huang, Yunzhi Chen, Nan Chen, Weiming Xu
Pages: 35-46

Photochemical reflectance ratio for tracking light use efficiency for sunlit leaves in two forest types
Ting Zheng, Jing M. Chen
Pages: 47-61

Geolocation error tracking of ZY-3 three line cameras
Hongbo Pan
Pages: 62-74

A hierarchical methodology for urban facade parsing from TLS point clouds
Zhuqiang Li, Liqiang Zhang, P. Takis Mathiopoulos, Fangyu Liu, Liang Zhang, Shuaipeng Li, Hao Liu
Pages: 75-93

Segmentation and classification of road markings using MLS data
Mario Soilán, Belén Riveiro, Joaquín Martínez-Sánchez, Pedro Arias
Pages: 94-103

Raft cultivation area extraction from high resolution remote sensing imagery by fusing multi-scale region-line primitive association features
Min Wang, Qi Cui, Jie Wang, Dongping Ming, Guonian Lv
Pages: 104-113

Time synchronization of consumer cameras on Micro Aerial Vehicles
M. Rehak, J. Skaloud
Pages: 114-123

Semantic segmentation of 3D textured meshes for urban scene analysis
Mohammad Rouhani, Florent Lafarge, Pierre Alliez
Pages: 124-139

Feasibility of Terrestrial laser scanning for collecting stem volume information from single trees
Ninni Saarinen, Ville Kankare, Mikko Vastaranta, Ville Luoma, Jiri Pyörälä, Topi Tanhuanpää, Xinlian Liang, Harri Kaartinen, Antero Kukko, Anttoni Jaakkola, Xiaowei Yu, Markus Holopainen, Juha Hyyppä
Pages: 140-158

Remote estimation of Kd (PAR) using MODIS and Landsat imagery for turbid inland waters in Northeast China
Kaishan Song, Jianhang Ma, Zhidan Wen, Chong Fang, Yingxin Shang, Ying Zhao, Ming Wang, Jia Du
Pages: 159-172


New publications in the ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Volume 124 (February 2017)

Sparse graph regularization for robust crop mapping using hyperspectral remotely sensed imagery with very few in situ data
Zhaohui Xue, Peijun Du, Jun Li, Hongjun Su
Pages: 1-15

Ground-based hyperspectral analysis of the urban nightscape
Ramon Alamús, Salvador Bará, Jordi Corbera, Jaume Escofet, Vicenç Palà, Luca Pipia, Anna Tardà
Pages: 16-26

Multi-source remotely sensed data fusion for improving land cover classification
Bin Chen, Bo Huang, Bing Xu
Pages: 27-39

A survey of landmine detection using hyperspectral imaging
Ihab Makki, Rafic Younes, Clovis Francis, Tiziano Bianchi, Massimo Zucchetti
Pages: 40-53

Multi-objective based spectral unmixing for hyperspectral images
Xia Xu, Zhenwei Shi
Pages: 54-69

A cloud detection algorithm-generating method for remote sensing data at visible to short-wave infrared wavelengths
Lin Sun, Xueting Mi, Jing Wei, Jian Wang, Xinpeng Tian, Huiyong Yu, Ping Gan
Pages: 70-88

Quantifying annual changes in built-up area in complex urban-rural landscapes from analyses of PALSAR and Landsat images
Yuanwei Qin, Xiangming Xiao, Jinwei Dong, Bangqian Chen, Fang Liu, Geli Zhang, Yao Zhang, Jie Wang, Xiaocui Wu
Pages: 89-105

EXhype: A tool for mineral classification using hyperspectral data
Ramesh Nityanand Adep, Amba shetty, H. Ramesh
Pages: 106-118

Characterizing the relationship between land use land cover change and land surface temperature
Duy X. Tran, Filiberto Pla, Pedro Latorre-Carmona, Soe W. Myint, Mario Caetano, Hoan V. Kieu
Pages: 119-132

Energy crop mapping with enhanced TM/MODIS time series in the BCAP agricultural lands
Cuizhen Wang, Qian Fan, Qingting Li, William M. SooHoo, Linlin Lu
Pages: 133-143

The on-orbit calibration of geometric parameters of the Tian-Hui 1 (TH-1) satellite
Jianrong Wang, Renxiang Wang, Xin Hu, Zhongbo Su
Pages: 144-151


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New Events

22-23 Feb 2017
ICUG 2017
International Conference on Urban Geoinformatics 2017
New Delhi, India

06-08 Mar 2017
GRASF Conference 2017
ISPRS co-sponsored Workshop
Dubai, U.A.E.

16-17 Mar 2017
Geospatial Solutions for Structural Design, Construction and Maintenance
Novosibirsk, Russia

17-18 Apr 2017
Sino-EU Workshop on Remote Sensing Observation and Quantitative Analysis of Landslide Hazard
website not yet available
Shanghai, China

08-12 May 2017
The 37th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment
Tshwane, South Africa

09 May 2017
Bridging space, time, and semantics in GIScience
Wageningen, The Netherlands

06 Jun 2017
Session "The Crowdsourcing Revolution"
Brussels, Belgium

19-22 Jun 2017
RAST 2017
Remote Advances in Space Technologies
Istanbul, Turkey

27 Jun - 06 Jul 2017
17th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference
Albena Resort & SPA, Bulgaria

18-22 Jul 2017
FOSS4G Europe 2017
Paris, France

21 Jul 2017
EarthVision 2017
Large Scale Computer Vision for Remote Sensing Imagery
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

13-16 Aug 2017
2017 International Symposium on Planetary Remote Sensing and Mapping
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

14-16 Sep 2017
8th International Scientific Conference
"Environmental Monitoring, Photogrammetry, Geoinformatics - Modern Technologies and Perspectives of development"
Lviv, Ukraine

04-06 Oct 2017
Second International Conference on Smart Data and Smart Cities
Puebla, Mexico

07-10 Oct 2017
ISPRS International Joint Conferences of
The 2nd Geospatial Information Research (GI Research 2017)
The 4th Sensors and Models in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (SMPR 2017)
The 6th Earth Observation of Environmental Changes (EOEC 2017)
Tehran, Iran

18-21 Oct 2017
International Symposium on GIS Applications in Geography and Geosciences
Canakkale, Turkey

25-27 Oct 2017
Frontiers in Spectral imaging and 3D Technologies for Geospatial Solutions
website not yet available
Jyväskylä, Finland

04-06 Dec 2017
ISPRS WG V/7 Workshop
“Geospatial Solutions for Structural Design, Construction and Maintenance in Training Civil Engineers and Architects”
and a seminar
“GIS-based Decision-making in Realizing Smart City Concept”
website not yet available
Kyiv, Ukraine

03-06 Apr 2018
Latin American Remote Sensing Week
Santiago of Chile, Chile

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Updated Events

13-16 Aug 2017
2017 International Symposium on Planetary Remote Sensing and Mapping
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

18-22 Sep 2017
ISPRS Geospatial Week 2017
Wuhan, China

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Job Opportunities

11-Jan-2017 Post-Doc in Photogrammetric Multi Sensor Fusion
Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry, Technical University Braunschweig, Germany
Deadline: 28-Feb-2017
17-Jan-2017 Assistant/Associate Professor, Geospatial and Surveying Engineering
Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI, USA
25-Jan-2017 Assistant Professor Position in Geoinformatics (Tenure Track)
Aalto University School of Engineering, Department of Built Environment
Deadline: 6-Mar-2017
30-Jan-2017 PhD studentship opportunity in Earth observation for flood infrastructure risk management
Newcastle University, UK
1-Feb-2017 Full-time Research Associate at UCL CEGE : development of a multi-sensor digital photogrammetric demonstrator for the EPSRC project Light Controlled Factory
Department of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering, University College London, UK
Deadline: 23-Feb-2017
6-Feb-2017 Research & Innovation Management Geoinformation Technology
Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT)
Deadline: 10-Mar-2017
6-Feb-2017 Assistant Professor in Geoinformatics (Tenure Track)
Aalto University School of Engineering, Department of Built Environment, Aalto, Finland
Deadline: 6-Mar-2017

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