ISPRS e-Bulletin: October 2020

ISPRS e-Bulletin
Issue No 4 - 2020


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Nicolas Paparoditis      

ISPRS Events: A new Digital Content Policy and Program implemented for the first Time for the ISPRS 2020 Virtual Event

by Nicolas Paparoditis

As you probably know, the ISPRS XXIV Congress has been postponed to 4-10 July 2021. In these circumstances, ISPRS decided to set up two editions of the XXIV Congress, each with a separate set of proceedings:

For the 2020 edition, 2000 persons registered and 1050 papers were published in the
ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences and
The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences. More than 300 authors from 84 countries took the opportunity to present their work through 10 min pre-recorded videos of their oral presentation or directly live.

This new format allows people who could not attend the virtual event to listen to the presentations on a replay basis. The archived videos of the virtual event are now available in the new ISPRS audio-video (AV) media library (accessible on These videos will also be available together with the papers in the new layout of our ISPRS Archives and Annals soon.

The ISPRS AV media library will provide not only a long-term archive for videos from our future ISPRS conferences but will also provide a new way of accessing our high-quality presentations. All the videos in this new media library are of course freely accessible to all for education, training and capacity building, contributing towards the outreach mission of the Society. As this recent development is such an important trend for our community, we will, in the future, strongly encourage all our authors to submit not only a paper or a poster, but also 10-minute pre-recorded videos summarizing the main issues of their research.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletters on the ISPRS mailing list and follow our website at


The ISPRS Foundation (TIF) News

Sandra Maria Fonseca da Costa


ISPRS welcomes Prof. Dr. Sandra Maria Fonseca da Costa to the Board of Trustees of The ISPRS Foundation

ISPRS is pleased to announce that Prof. Dr. Sandra Maria Fonseca da Costa, adjunct professor at the University of Vale do Paraíba (UNIVAP) in São José dos Campos, Brazil, has joined the Board of Trustees of The ISPRS Foundation.

The eleven members of the Board manage the fundraising activities and disbursement of funds to deserving individuals to further the scientific and technological work of ISPRS. Prof. Fonseca da Costa will have a three-year term as a Trustee, renewable for up to two further terms. She earned a BS in geography from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1985), a MS in remote sensing from the National Institute for Space Research (INPE, also in São José dos Campos) (1989), and a PhD in spatial information from University of São Paulo (1996), with a sandwich internship at the University of New South Wales (1995). After a postdoctoral year at Indiana University (2007-2008), she specialized in urban and regional planning, working mainly in the areas of urban space, urban planning, geotechnologies, environmental degradation and urban growth. For more than 10 years, she has been focused on the study of small towns in the Amazon delta. She was vice-rector of UNIVAP during the period 2012-19.

Professor Christian Heipke, Leibniz University Hannover and President of ISPRS, commented that, “ISPRS is delighted that Sandra has indicated her willingness to help with the important work of The ISPRS Foundation. She is well known in the geospatial community and we hope that her energy and wide network will assist ISPRS and The ISPRS Foundation in broadening its activities, especially in the Latin American sphere, so that more funds are raised and more grants, scholarships and awards provided.”

The ISPRS Foundation, Inc. (TIF), is an independently registered entity established to provide financial assistance and in-kind support for benevolent purposes pursued by ISPRS. TIF is a public charity formed to administer an extensive and broadly-based international program that through the raising of funds shall provide grants, scholarships, awards, training supplies and other forms of scientific assistance to qualified individuals and organizations who are pursuing and/or applying knowledge for advancing the sciences and technologies associated with the disciplines embodied by the ISPRS, especially to support those in developing countries and regions.


Society News



Nominations and Bids for the 2021-2024 ISPRS Term still open

Council still welcomes bids and nominations for the next ISPRS term. Ordinary Members in good standings who consider themselves in a position to fulfil the requirements of the respective positions, should send the necessary documents to the Secretary General’s office at least four months prior to the beginning of Congress.
For further information please contact Lena Halounová at



Nice 2021


Upcoming XXIV ISPRS Congress in Nice in July 2021 fully Hybrid

Considering the large success of the virtual event of the 2020 edition, the ISPRS Council and the XXIV Congress organisers and sponsors have decided to propose, for the first time, in addition to the physical event in Nice in July 2021, the possibility for remote participation and remote presentation, thus leading to the first fully hybrid ISPRS Congress.

In addition to all standard features provided in an ISPRS Congress, some innovative features of this hybrid event will be:

  • both on-site participation and remote participation through live streaming of all tracks and sessions (keynotes, fora, technical commission tracks and sessions, industry technology track, …).
  • the possibility of remote presentations for authors who are unable to join the Congress venue in Nice. These remote presentations will be integrated seamlessly with on-site presentations in the sessions.
  • that each contribution submitted and selected for publication will give access to a streamed oral presentation during the Congress.
  • the pre-recorded videos of papers selected for poster presentations will be made available to all participants a few days before the event on the new ISPRS AV media library. As soon as the videos are made available, the participants will have the possibility to chat with the authors. The authors will be notified of new chats by email.
  • for some dedicated sessions, the possibility to submit a contribution and give a presentation without having to submit a full paper. Nevertheless, the author will have to submit a 10-minute pre-recorded video summarising the scientific and technical contribution.
  • access to a public chatting room for remote participants in parallel to on-site coffee breaks.
  • easy interaction with our sponsors and with our exhibitors through their physical booth and their digital booth, and through video advertising pages on our live streams and our replays.

In order to make some of these new features possible, we strongly encourage all authors to submit not only a paper or a poster, but also a pre-recorded video summarizing the main issues of their research. Deadline for paper submission is set to February 5, 2021. The deadline for submission of the pre-recorded videos will be three to four weeks before the beginning of the Congress.

Even though this Congress will be hybrid, we encourage our Congress participants to join us in Nice in person. Remember that Nice is nice and that nothing replaces a physical encounter to build, revive and deepen long term professional and personal relations and friendships!  Besides science, this is what ISPRS is all about!

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ISPRS Scientific Initiatives 2021
Reminder: Deadline for Submissions of proposals: 1 November 2020


ISPRS Working Group Officers are invited to submit applications to their respective Technical Commission President by the deadline below, using the template provided (download the template here). The submission must be compiled in one PDF document. Further details, including information on the topics and the application process, are available in Appendix 9a of the Orange Book at:

All applications will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Topic and objectives
  • Scientific method and/or contribution
  • Value to ISPRS (e.g., enhancing ISPRS reputation or promoting ISPRS)
  • Quality of proposal
  • Budget

Deadline for submission of proposals from WG Officers to TCPs: November 1, 2020.
Deadline for submission of recommendation from TCPs to ISPRS Treasurer: November 23, 2020.
Announcement of successful awards by Council: December 15, 2020.

Funding available from: January 1, 2021.

Any queries should be addressed to the ISPRS Treasurer, Songnian Li, at




New Sustaining Members


On behalf of the Society, Council welcomes four new Sustaining members. Information on the new organisations can be found below:

Geomakani, Egypt

Survey World, Botswana

Bayanat for Mapping and Surveying Services LLC, UAE

Global Mapping, Peru




2020 Education and Capacity Building Initiative Report - “D3MOBILE Metrology World League” Ed. 2020-2021


Presented as an international championship, D3MOBILE is a consolidated initiative that introduces secondary students (grades ISCED 1 and 2) to the disciplines of photogrammetry and metrology through the e-learning methodology concept. This project is aligned with the mission of Technical Commission V, being the primary objective of D3MOBILE the support of capacity building at pre-university level.

Read the report here…




Student Consortium Discourse Hub Invitation bar

The ISPRS Student Consortium is looking for volunteers to help build content for the upcoming Discourse hub that they plan to launch very soon. In order to help SC members build connections with one another as well as connect to ISPRS members, you are asked to fill in this form so to determine which topics you can initially get involved in.

More info on Discourse:

Complete the form here: form


General Announcements


New Executive Council for Indian Society of Remote Sensing (ISRS)

ISPRS Ordinary Member from India, ISRS has elected a new Executive Council for the term 2020 to 2022.

The new President is Shri Nilesh Desai, First Vice President is Dr. Sameer Saran, and Secretary is Dr. Hitendra Padalia.

Further designations and information can be found at

ISPRS congratulates the new Council on their election and looks forward to continuing the fruitful collaboration, as in the past. To the outgoing Council, we thank you for the successful cooperation throughout the past term and wish you all the best for the future.


Announcements of Scientific Meetings                (see also ISPRS Calendar)


41st Asian Conference on Remote Sensing - ACRS2020

9-11 November 2020
held online, hosted by Deqing City, Zhejiang Province, China bar 




GI_Forum 2021 - re.connecting spatially

July 5-9, 2021
virtual conference bar





12th International Symposium on Digital Earth (ISDE12)

July 6-8, 2021
Salzburg, Austria bar




Sherman Shou-Chou Wu      

Sherman Shou-Chou Wu
† August 22, 2020


Sherman Shou-Chou Wu, born on April 9, 1928, died at 92 years of age on August 22, 2020 with family by his side.

Astrogeologists know him as Dr. Mars for the integral role he played in creating the first topographical map of Mars and other interstellar bodies. The asteroid (2075), discovered on October 9, 1980, is named after him for his influential contributions. Even in his "retirement," his expertise was highly regarded. He moved to Las Vegas from Flagstaff to work as a consultant with the U.S. Department of Energy.

To the people of his hometown, a remote village in China accessible only by foot, he remains an inspiration and benefactor. Neighboring villagers would welcome home their celebrity by setting off firecrackers, waving celebratory banners, and preparing a feast with only the best of their limited resources. His visits ended with them enthusiastically thanking him for the roads and schools he had built for them and flocking to him to bask in his exceptionalism, even if just for the briefest of moments. Even now, they are working to erect a monument in his honor as a beacon of hope to future generations.

He valued filial piety and academic excellence above all. His passion for mathematics translated to a passion for blackjack and other games involving probabilities and statistics. He loved deeply and widely, was generous with both his praises and criticisms, and approached all aspects of his life with perseverance, stubbornness, and grit tempered by a quick wit, charming smile, and roguish nature.

Source: Extract from the website. Read the complete obituary here


ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information — Open Access Journal

ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information — Open Access Journal      

New publications in the ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information
Open Access Journal
Volume 9, Issue 8 (August 2020)

A Convolutional Neural Network and Matrix Factorization-Based Travel Location Recommendation Method Using Community-Contributed Geotagged Photos
Ameen, Thaair, Chen, Ling, Xu, Zhenxing, Lyu, Dandan, Shi, Hongyu
No: 464

Exploring the Spatial Distribution Characteristics of Emotions of Weibo Users in Wuhan Waterfront Based on Gender Differences Using Social Media Texts
Ma, Yue, Ling, Changlong, Wu, Jing
No: 465

Spatial Mismatch between the Supply and Demand of Urban Leisure Services with Multisource Open Data
Deng, Yue, Liu, Jiping, Luo, An, Wang, Yong, Xu, Shenghua, Ren, Fu, Su, Fenzhen
No: 466

An Open-Source Framework of Generating Network-Based Transit Catchment Areas by Walking
Lin, Diao, Zhu, Ruoxin, Yang, Jian, Meng, Liqiu
No: 467

Map Generalization for the Future: Editorial Comments on the Special Issue
Kronenfeld, Barry J, Buttenfield, Barbara P., Stanislawski, Lawrence V.
No: 468

Measuring Community Disaster Resilience in the Conterminous Coastal United States
Rifat, Shaikh Abdullah Al, Liu, Weibo
No: 469

Spatial Analysis of Asymmetry in the Development of Tourism Infrastructure in the Borderlands: The Case of the Bystrzyckie and Orlickie Mountains
Jędruch, Michalina, Furmankiewicz, Marek, Kaczmarek, Iwona
No: 470

Spatio-Temporal Visualization Method for Urban Waterlogging Warning Based on Dynamic Grading
Zhou, Jingyi, Shen, Jie, Zang, Kaiyue, Shi, Xiao, Du, Yixian, Šilhák, Petr
No: 471

A Real-Time Infrared Stereo Matching Algorithm for RGB-D Cameras’ Indoor 3D Perception
Zhong, Jiageng, Li, Ming, Liao, Xuan, Qin, Jiangying
No: 472

Spatial Intensity in Tourism Accommodation: Modelling Differences in Trends for Several Types through Poisson Models
Rodríguez-Rangel, Mª Cristina, Sánchez-Rivero, Marcelino, Ramajo-Hernández, Julián
No: 473

A Framework Uniting Ontology-Based Geodata Integration and Geovisual Analytics
Ding, Linfang, Xiao, Guohui, Calvanese, Diego, Meng, Liqiu
No: 474

Spatiotemporal Varying Effects of Built Environment on Taxi and Ride-Hailing Ridership in New York City
Zhang, Xinxin, Huang, Bo, Zhu, Shunzhi
No: 475

Building Virtual 3D City Model for Smart Cities Applications: A Case Study on Campus Area of the University of Novi Sad
Jovanović, Dušan, Milovanov, Stevan, Ruskovski, Igor, Govedarica, Miro, Sladić, Dubravka, Radulović, Aleksandra, Pajić, Vladimir
No: 476

An Empirical Agent-Based Model for Regional Knowledge Creation in Europe
Neuländtner, Martina
No: 477

Comparing Fully Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Land Cover Classification with High-Spatial-Resolution Gaofen-2 Images
Han, Zemin, Dian, Yuanyong, Xia, Hao, Zhou, Jingjing, Jian, Yongfeng, Yao, Chonghuai, Wang, Xiong, Li, Yuan
No: 478

Daily Water Level Prediction of Zrebar Lake (Iran): A Comparison between M5P, Random Forest, Random Tree and Reduced Error Pruning Trees Algorithms
Nhu, Viet-Ha, Shahabi, Himan, Nohani, Ebrahim, Shirzadi, Ataollah, Al-Ansari, Nadhir, Bahrami, Sepideh, Miraki, Shaghayegh, Geertsema, Marten, Nguyen, Hoang
No: 479

Evaluation of Spatial Resilience of Highway Networks in Response to Adverse Weather Conditions
Han, Fei, Zhang, Su
No: 480

Predicting Land Cover Change in the Mamminasata Area, Indonesia, to Evaluate the Spatial Plan
Hakim, Andi Muhammad Yasser, Matsuoka, Masayuki, Baja, Sumbangan, Rampisela, Dorothea Agnes, Arif, Samsu
No: 481

Fourier-Based Automatic Transformation between Mapping Shapes—Cadastral and Land Registry Applications
Reinoso-Gordo, Juan Francisco, Romero-Zaliz, Rocío, León-Robles, Carlos, Mataix-SanJuan, Jesús, Antonio Nero, Marcelo
No: 482

Index for the Consistent Measurement of Spatial Heterogeneity for Large-Scale Land Cover Datasets
Yu, Jing, Peng, Shu, Zhang, Weiwei, Kang, Shun
No: 483

Spatiotemporal Assessment of Irrigation Performance of the Kou Valley Irrigation Scheme in Burkina Faso Using Satellite Remote Sensing-Derived Indicators
Sawadogo, Alidou, Kouadio, Louis, Traoré, Farid, Zwart, Sander J., Hessels, Tim, Gündoğdu, Kemal Sulhi
No: 484

A Subject-Sensitive Perceptual Hash Based on MUM-Net for the Integrity Authentication of High Resolution Remote Sensing Images
Ding, Kaimeng, Liu, Yueming, Xu, Qin, Lu, Fuqiang
No: 485

Automated Processing of Remote Sensing Imagery Using Deep Semantic Segmentation: A Building Footprint Extraction Case
Milosavljević, Aleksandar
No: 486

Introduction to Big Data Computing for Geospatial Applications
Li, Zhenlong, Tang, Wenwu, Huang, Qunying, Shook, Eric, Guan, Qingfeng
No: 487

Reducing Consumer Uncertainty: Towards an Ontology for Geospatial User-Centric Metadata
Ziaimatin, Hasti, Nili, Alireza, Barros, Alistair
No: 488

Influence of Weights of Geographical Factors on the Results of Multicriteria Analysis in Solving Spatial Analyses
Hošková-Mayerová, Šárka, Talhofer, Václav, Otřísal, Pavel, Rybanský, Marian
No: 489

Graphic Simplification and Intelligent Adjustment Methods of Road Networks for Navigation with Reduced Precision
Guo, Qingsheng, Wang, Huihui, He, Jie, Zhou, Chuanqi, Liu, Yang, Xing, Bin, Jia, Zhijie, Li, Meng
No: 490

Development of a Novel Framework to Propose New Strategies for Automated External Defibrillators Deployment Targeting Residential Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests: Application to the City of Milan
Lorenzo, Gianquintieri, Maria Antonia, Brovelli, Piero Maria, Brambilla, Andrea, Pagliosa, Guido Francesco, Villa, Enrico Gianluca, Caiani
No: 491

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New publications in the ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information
Open Access Journal
Volume 9, Issue 9 (September 2020)

Differences in Thematic Map Reading by Students and Their Geography Teacher
Beitlova, Marketa, Popelka, Stanislav, Vozenilek, Vit
No: 492

POI Mining for Land Use Classification: A Case Study
Andrade, Renato, Alves, Ana, Bento, Carlos
No: 493

Helmert Transformation Problem. From Euler Angles Method to Quaternion Algebra
Ioannidou, Stefania, Pantazis, George
No: 494

The Influence of Cross-Section Thickness on Diameter at Breast Height Estimation from Point Cloud
Koreň, Milan, Hunčaga, Milan, Chudá, Juliana, Mokroš, Martin, Surový, Peter
No: 495

Research of Automatic Generation for Engineering Geological Survey Reports Based on a Four-Dimensional Dynamic Template
Lei, Yujiao, Deng, Jiqiu, Lin, Jian, Dick, Jeffrey M., Lessani, Mohammad Naser, Liu, Chaoyue
No: 496

The Spatial-Comprehensiveness (S-COM) Index: Identifying Optimal Spatial Extents in Volunteered Geographic Information Point Datasets
Lawrence, Haydn, Robertson, Colin, Feick, Rob, Nelson, Trisalyn
No: 497

Using OpenStreetMap Data and Machine Learning to Generate Socio-Economic Indicators
Feldmeyer, Daniel, Meisch, Claude, Sauter, Holger, Birkmann, Joern
No: 498

Leveraging OSM and GEOBIA to Create and Update Forest Type Maps
Brauchler, Melanie, Stoffels, Johannes
No: 499

Analyzing the Influence of Urban Street Greening and Street Buildings on Summertime Air Pollution Based on Street View Image Data
Wu, Dong, Gong, Jianhua, Liang, Jianming, Sun, Jin, Zhang, Guoyong
No: 500

Mapping the Catchment Area of Park and Ride Facilities within Urban Environments
Ortega, Jairo, Tóth, János, Péter, Tamás
No: 501

Tools for BIM-GIS Integration (IFC Georeferencing and Conversions): Results from the GeoBIM Benchmark 2019
Noardo, Francesca, Harrie, Lars, Arroyo Ohori, Ken, Biljecki, Filip, Ellul, Claire, Krijnen, Thomas, Eriksson, Helen, Guler, Dogus, Hintz, Dean, Jadidi, Mojgan A., Pla, Maria, Sanchez, Santi, Soini, Ville-Pekka, Stouffs, Rudi, Tekavec, Jernej, Stoter, Jantien
No: 502

Semantic Integration of Raster Data for Earth Observation: An RDF Dataset of Territorial Unit Versions with their Land Cover
Tran, Ba-Huy, Aussenac-Gilles, Nathalie, Comparot, Catherine, Trojahn, Cassia
No: 503

OSMWatchman: Learning How to Detect Vandalized Contributions in OSM Using a Random Forest Classifier
Truong, Quy Thy, Touya, Guillaume, Runz, Cyril de
No: 504

An Approach to Decompose and Evaluate a Complex GIS-Application Design to a Simple, Lightweight, User-Centered App-Based Design Using User Experience Evaluation
Kammerhofer, David, Scholz, Johannes
No: 505

Assessing the Spatial Pattern of Irrigation Demand under Climate Change in Arid Area
Wang, Liping, Wang, Shufang, Zhang, Liudong, Salahou, Mohamed Khaled, Jiao, Xiyun, Sang, Honghui
No: 506

Evaluating Variable Selection and Machine Learning Algorithms for Estimating Forest Heights by Combining Lidar and Hyperspectral Data
Arjasakusuma, Sanjiwana, Swahyu Kusuma, Sandiaga, Phinn, Stuart
No: 507

Method for Generation of Indoor GIS Models Based on BIM Models to Support Adjacent Analysis of Indoor Spaces
Chen, Qingxiang, Chen, Jing, Huang, Wumeng
No: 508

A Hierarchical Matching Method for Vectorial Road Networks Using Delaunay Triangulation
Zuo, Zejun, Yang, Lin, An, Xiaoya, Zhen, Wenjie, Qian, Haoyue, Dai, Songling
No: 509

A New Algorithm for Calculating the Flow Path Curvature (C) from the Square-Grid Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
Wu, Qianjiao, Chen, Yumin, Zhou, Hongyan, Chen, Shujie, Wang, Han
No: 510

Urban Crime Mapping and Analysis Using GIS
Ristea, Alina, Leitner, Michael
No: 511

A New Methodology for Mapping Past Rockfall Events: From Mobile Crowdsourcing to Rockfall Simulation Validation
Žabota, Barbara, Kobal, Milan
No: 514

Catchment-Scale Flood Modelling in Data-Sparse Regions Using Open-Access Geospatial Technology
Ekeu-wei, Iguniwari Thomas, Blackburn, George Alan
No: 512

Quantitative Assessment and Driving Force Analysis of Mangrove Forest Changes in China from 1985 to 2018 by Integrating Optical and Radar Imagery
Zheng, Yuhan, Takeuchi, Wataru
No: 513

Knowing My Village from the Sky: A Collaborative Spatial Learning Framework to Integrate Spatial Knowledge of Stakeholders in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals
Akbar, Aulia, Flacke, Johannes, Martinez, Javier, Aguilar, Rosa, van Maarseveen, Martin F. A. M.
No: 515

Wildfire Risk Assessment Based on Geospatial Open Data: Application on Chios, Greece
Adaktylou, Nektaria, Stratoulias, Dimitris, Landenberger, Rick
No: 516

Optimized Spatiotemporal Data Scheduling Based on Maximum Flow for Multilevel Visualization Tasks
Zhu, Qing, Chen, Meite, Feng, Bin, Zhou, Yan, Li, Maosu, Xu, Zhaowen, Ding, Yulin, Liu, Mingwei, Wang, Wei, Xie, Xiao
No: 518

An Economic Development Evaluation Based on the OpenStreetMap Road Network Density: The Case Study of 85 Cities in China
Liu, Bo, Shi, Yu, Li, Da-Jun, Wang, Yan-Dong, Fernandez, Gabriela, Tsou, Ming-Hsiang
No: 517

A Social–Aware Recommender System Based on User’s Personal Smart Devices
Ojagh, Soroush, Malek, Mohammad Reza, Saeedi, Sara
No: 519

School Commuting Mode Shift: A Scenario Analysis for Active School Commuting Using GIS and Online Map API
Liu, Anqi, Kelobonye, Keone, Zhou, Zhenqi, Xu, Qiuxia, Xu, Zhen, Han, Lingyun
No: 520

CityJSON Building Generation from Airborne LiDAR 3D Point Clouds
Nys, Gilles-Antoine, Poux, Florent, Billen, Roland
No: 521

A Comprehensive Measurement of Progress toward Local SDGs with Geospatial Information: Methodology and Lessons Learned
Chen, Jun, Peng, Shu, Chen, Hao, Zhao, Xuesheng, Ge, Yuejing, Li, Zhilin
No: 522

A Study on the GIS Professional (GISP) Certification Program in the U.S.
Li, Dapeng, Li, Yingru, Nguyen, Quynh C., Siebeneck, Laura K.
No: 523

Solar3D: An Open-Source Tool for Estimating Solar Radiation in Urban Environments
Liang, Jianming, Gong, Jianhua, Xie, Xiuping, Sun, Jun
No: 524

Urban Coastal Flood-Prone Mapping under the Combined Impact of Tidal Wave and Heavy Rainfall: A Proposal to the Existing National Standard
Sutrisno, Dewayany, Rahadiati, Ati, Rudiastuti, Aninda W., Dewi, Ratna Sari, Munawaroh
No: 525

An Overview of Social Media Apps and their Potential Role in Geospatial Research
Owuor, Innocensia, Hochmair, Hartwig H.
No: 526

Urban Green Plastic Cover Mapping Based on VHR Remote Sensing Images and a Deep Semi-Supervised Learning Framework
Liu, Jiantao, Feng, Quanlong, Wang, Ying, Batsaikhan, Bayartungalag, Gong, Jianhua, Li, Yi, Liu, Chunting, Ma, Yin
No: 527

Utilizing Airborne LiDAR and UAV Photogrammetry Techniques in Local Geoid Model Determination and Validation
Erol, Serdar, Özögel, Emrah, Kuçak, Ramazan Alper, Erol, Bihter
No: 528

Implementation and Evaluation of a Fast Area Feature Labeling Method Using Auxiliary Lines
Abe, Noboru, Kuroda, Kohei, Kamata, Yosuke, Midoritani, Shogo
No: 529

An Integrated Spatiotemporal Pattern Analysis Model to Assess and Predict the Degradation of Protected Forest Areas
Malhi, Ramandeep Kaur M., Anand, Akash, Srivastava, Prashant K., Kiran, G. Sandhya, P. Petropoulos, George, Chalkias, Christos
No: 530

Understanding Completeness and Diversity Patterns of OSM-Based Land-Use and Land-Cover Dataset in China
Wang, ShuZhu, Zhou, Qi, Tian, YuanJian
No: 531

Assessing the Reliability of Relevant Tweets and Validation Using Manual and Automatic Approaches for Flood Risk Communication
Liu, Xiaohui, Kar, Bandana, Montiel Ishino, Francisco Alejandro, Zhang, Chaoyang, Williams, Faustine
No: 532

Assessment of Interventions in Fuel Management Zones Using Remote Sensing
Afonso, Ricardo, Neves, André, Viegas Damásio, Carlos, Moura Pires, João, Birra, Fernando, Santos, Maribel Yasmina
No: 533

Modeling Diurnal Changes in Land Surface Temperature in Urban Areas under Cloudy Conditions
Hofierka, Jaroslav, Bogľarský, Jozef, Kolečanský, Štefan, Enderova, Anastasia
No: 534

Comparing Machine and Deep Learning Methods for Large 3D Heritage Semantic Segmentation
Matrone, Francesca, Grilli, Eleonora, Martini, Massimo, Paolanti, Marina, Pierdicca, Roberto, Remondino, Fabio
No: 535

Erratum: Ramos, F.; Trilles, S.; Torres-Sospedra, J.; Perales, F.J. New Trends in Using Augmented Reality Apps for Smart City Contexts. ISPRS Int. J. Geo-Inf. 2018, 7, 478
Yagol, Pravesh, Ramos, Francisco, Trilles, Sergio, Torres-Sospedra, Joaquín, Perales, Francisco J.
No: 537

Space-Time Variation and Spatial Differentiation of COVID-19 Confirmed Cases in Hubei Province Based on Extended GWR
Liu, Yanwen, He, Zongyi, Zhou, Xia
No: 536

Examining Hotspots of Traffic Collisions and their Spatial Relationships with Land Use: A GIS-Based Geographically Weighted Regression Approach for Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Rahman, Muhammad Tauhidur, Jamal, Arshad, Al-Ahmadi, Hassan M.
No: 540

Regional Terrain Complexity Assessment Based on Principal Component Analysis and Geographic Information System: A Case of Jiangxi Province, China
Huang, Faming, Yang, Jianbo, Zhang, Biao, Li, Yijing, Huang, Jinsong, Chen, Na
No: 539

STS: Spatial–Temporal–Semantic Personalized Location Recommendation
Li, Wenchao, Liu, Xin, Yan, Chenggang, Ding, Guiguang, Sun, Yaoqi, Zhang, Jiyong
No: 538

Spatial Analysis of Settlement Structures to Identify Pattern Formation Mechanisms in Inter-Urban Systems
Henn, Katharina, Friesen, John, Hartig, Jakob, Pelz, Peter F.
No: 541

Divergent Sensitivities of Spaceborne Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence to Drought among Different Seasons and Regions
Sun, Xiaofang, Wang, Meng, Li, Guicai, Wang, Junbang, Fan, Zemeng
No: 542

Mapping of Intrusive Complex on a Small Scale Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing Images
Zhang, Yuzhou, Zhang, Dengrong, Duan, Jinwei, Hu, Tangao
No: 543

Mapping Brick Kilns to Support Environmental Impact Studies around Delhi Using Sentinel-2
Misra, Prakhar, Imasu, Ryoichi, Hayashida, Sachiko, Arbain, Ardhi Adhary, Avtar, Ram, Takeuchi, Wataru
No: 544

Drift Invariant Metric Quality Control of Construction Sites Using BIM and Point Cloud Data
Bassier, Maarten, Vincke, Stan, De Winter, Heinder, Vergauwen, Maarten
No: 545

Identification and Geographic Distribution of Accommodation and Catering Centers
Han, Ze, Song, Wei
No: 546

Assessment and Mapping of Spatio-Temporal Variations in Human Mortality-Related Parameters at European Scale
Andreopoulos, Panagiotis, Polykretis, Christos, Tragaki, Alexandra
No: 547

Monitoring of Urban Growth Patterns in Rapidly Growing Bahir Dar City of Northwest Ethiopia with 30 year Landsat Imagery Record
Kindu, Mengistie, Angelova, Daniela, Schneider, Thomas, Döllerer, Martin, Teketay, Demel, Knoke, Thomas
No: 548

A Spatial Agent-Based Model to Assess the Spread of Malaria in Relation to Anti-Malaria Interventions in Southeast Iran
Gharakhanlou, Navid Mahdizadeh, Hooshangi, Navid, Helbich, Marco
No: 549

Social Sensing for Urban Land Use Identification
Anugraha, Adindha Surya, Chu, Hone-Jay, Ali, Muhammad Zeeshan
No: 550

Earth Observation and GIS-Based Analysis for Landslide Susceptibility and Risk Assessment
Psomiadis, Emmanouil, Charizopoulos, Nikos, Efthimiou, Nikolaos, Soulis, Konstantinos X., Charalampopoulos, Ioannis
No: 552

Random Forest-Based Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in Coastal Regions of Artvin, Turkey
Akinci, Halil, Kilicoglu, Cem, Dogan, Sedat
No: 553

GIS-Based Emotional Computing: A Review of Quantitative Approaches to Measure the Emotion Layer of Human–Environment Relationships
Huang, Yingjing, Fei, Teng, Kwan, Mei-Po, Kang, Yuhao, Li, Jun, Li, Yizhuo, Li, Xiang, Bian, Meng
No: 551

The City of Tomorrow from… the Data of Today
Agugiaro, Giorgio, González, Francisco Gabriel García, Cavallo, Roberto
No: 554

Visit Probability in Space–Time Prisms Based on Binomial Random Walk
Elias, Deepak, Kuijpers, Bart
No: 555

Spatial Interaction Effect of Population Density Patterns in Sub-Districts of Northeastern Thailand
Suwanlee, Savittri Ratanopad, Som-ard, Jaturong
No: 556

The Spatial Dimension of COVID-19: The Potential of Earth Observation Data in Support of Slum Communities with Evidence from Brazil
Brito, Patricia Lustosa, Kuffer, Monika, Koeva, Mila, Pedrassoli, Julio Cesar, Wang, Jiong, Costa, Federico, Freitas, Anderson Dias de
No: 557

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New publications in the ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information
Open Access Journal
Volume 9, Issue 10 (October 2020)

Three-Dimensional Indoor Fire Evacuation Routing
Zhou, Yan, Pang, Yuling, Chen, Fen, Zhang, Yeting
No: 558

Site Selection for Pre-Hospital Emergency Stations Based on the Actual Spatiotemporal Demand: A Case Study of Nanjing City, China
Han, Bing, Hu, Mingxing, Wang, Jialing
No: 559

Glacial Lakes Mapping Using Multi Satellite PlanetScope Imagery and Deep Learning
Qayyum, Nida, Ghuffar, Sajid, Ahmad, Hafiz Mughees, Yousaf, Adeel, Shahid, Imran
No: 560

An Application of Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, and GNSS Data for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping
Ghorbanzadeh, Omid, Didehban, Khalil, Rasouli, Hamid, Kamran, Khalil Valizadeh, Feizizadeh, Bakhtiar, Blaschke, Thomas
No: 561

Estimating Soil Erosion Rate Changes in Areas Affected by Wildfires
Depountis, Nikolaos, Michalopoulou, Maria, Kavoura, Katerina, Nikolakopoulos, Konstantinos, Sabatakakis, Nikolaos
No: 562

Evaluating the Performance of Three Popular Web Mapping Libraries: A Case Study Using Argentina’s Life Quality Index
Zunino, Alejandro, Velázquez, Guillermo, Celemín, Juan Pablo, Mateos, Cristian, Hirsch, Matías, Rodriguez, Juan Manuel
No: 563

Monitoring Wildfires in the Northeastern Peruvian Amazon Using Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 Imagery in the GEE Platform
Barboza Castillo, Elgar, Turpo Cayo, Efrain Y., de Almeida, Cláudia Maria, Salas López, Rolando, Rojas Briceño, Nilton B., Silva López, Jhonsy Omar, Barrena Gurbillón, Miguel Ángel, Oliva, Manuel, Espinoza-Villar, Raul
No: 564

Disparities in Geographical Access to Hospitals in Portugal
Costa, Claudia, Tenedório, José António, Santana, Paula
No: 567

Examining Land Use/Land Cover Change and the Summertime Surface Urban Heat Island Effect in Fast-Growing Greater Hefei, China: Implications for Sustainable Land Development
Li, Ying-ying, Liu, Yu, Ranagalage, Manjula, Zhang, Hao, Zhou, Rui
No: 568

Rainfall-Induced Shallow Landslide Susceptibility Mapping at Two Adjacent Catchments Using Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms
Pradhan, Ananta Man Singh, Kim, Yun-Tae
No: 569

A Method for 3D Reconstruction of the Ming and Qing Official-Style Roof Using a Decorative Components Template Library
Huo, Pengpeng, Hou, Miaole, Dong, Youqiang, Li, Aiqun, Ji, Yuhang, Li, Songnian
No: 570

Dual Path Attention Net for Remote Sensing Semantic Image Segmentation
Li, Jinglun, Xiu, Jiapeng, Yang, Zhengqiu, Liu, Chen
No: 571

Shoreline Changes Along the Coast of Mainland China—Time to Pause and Reflect?
Tian, Hongzhen, Xu, Kai, Goes, Joaquim I., Liu, Qinping, Gomes, Helga do Rosario, Yang, Mengmeng
No: 572

Landslide Susceptibility Assessment Using an Optimized Group Method of Data Handling Model
Kadirhodjaev, Azam, Rezaie, Fatemeh, Lee, Moung-Jin, Lee, Saro
No: 566

Mutualistic Pattern of Intra-Urban Agglomeration and Impact Analysis: A Case Study of 11 Urban Agglomerations of Mainland China
Tian, Yasi
No: 565

Correction: Perazzoni, F.; Bacelar-Nicolau, P.; Painho, M. Geointelligence against Illegal Deforestation and Timber Laundering in the Brazilian Amazon. ISPRS Int. J. Geo-Inf. 2020, 9, 398
Perazzoni, Franco, Bacelar-Nicolau, Paula, Painho, Marco
No: 573

Improved Estimations of Nitrate and Sediment Concentrations Based on SWAT Simulations and Annual Updated Land Cover Products from a Deep Learning Classification Algorithm
Samarinas, Nikiforos, Tziolas, Nikolaos, Zalidis, George
No: 576

Quantitative Evaluation of Spatial Differentiation for Public Open Spaces in Urban Built-Up Areas by Assessing SDG 11.7: A Case of Deqing County
Chen, Qiang, Du, Mingyi, Cheng, Qianhao, Jing, Changfeng
No: 575

A Method of Directional Signs Location Selection and Content Generation in Scenic Areas
Ruan, Ling, Kou, Xuan, Ge, Junlian, Long, Yi, Zhang, Ling
No: 574

Scalable Model Selection for Spatial Additive Mixed Modeling: Application to Crime Analysis
Murakami, Daisuke, Kajita, Mami, Kajita, Seiji
No: 577

Boosting the Timeliness of UAV Large Scale Mapping. Direct Georeferencing Approaches: Operational Strategies and Best Practices
Teppati Losè, Lorenzo, Chiabrando, Filiberto, Giulio Tonolo, Fabio
No: 578

Emergency Department Overcrowding: A Retrospective Spatial Analysis and the Geocoding of Accesses. A Pilot Study in Rome
Pesaresi, Cristiano, Migliara, Giuseppe, Pavia, Davide, De Vito, Corrado
No: 579

Monitoring Forest Change in the Amazon Using Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Data and Machine Learning Classification on Google Earth Engine
Brovelli, Maria Antonia, Sun, Yaru, Yordanov, Vasil
No: 580

Supporting Policy Design for the Diffusion of Cleaner Technologies: A Spatial Empirical Agent-Based Model
Caprioli, Caterina, Bottero, Marta, De Angelis, Elena
No: 581

Simulation of Sentinel-2 Bottom of Atmosphere Reflectance Using Shadow Parameters on a Deciduous Forest in Thailand
Fujiwara, Takumi, Takeuchi, Wataru
No: 582

Multitemporal Analysis of Deforestation in Response to the Construction of the Tucuruí Dam
Velastegui-Montoya, Andres, Lima, Aline de, Adami, Marcos
No: 583

ADAtools: Automatic Detection and Classification of Active Deformation Areas from PSI Displacement Maps
Navarro, J. A., Tomás, R., Barra, A., Pagán, J. I., Reyes-Carmona, C., Solari, L., Vinielles, J. L., Falco, S., Crosetto, M.
No: 584

Measuring Spatial Accessibility of Urban Fire Services Using Historical Fire Incidents in Nanjing, China
Mao, Kainan, Chen, Yuehong, Wu, Guohao, Huang, Junwang, Yang, Wanying, Xia, Zelong
No: 585

Urban Green Accessibility Index: A Measure of Pedestrian-Centered Accessibility to Every Green Point in an Urban Area
Jang, Kee Moon, Kim, Jaeman, Lee, Hye-Yeong, Cho, Hyemin, Kim, Youngchul
No: 586

A Machine Learning-Based Approach for Spatial Estimation Using the Spatial Features of Coordinate Information
Ahn, Seongin, Ryu, Dong-Woo, Lee, Sangho
No: 587

A Built Heritage Information System Based on Point Cloud Data: HIS-PC
Poux, Florent, Billen, Roland, Kasprzyk, Jean-Paul, Lefebvre, Pierre-Henri, Hallot, Pierre
No: 588

Evaluation of the Space Syntax Measures Affecting Pedestrian Density through Ordinal Logistic Regression Analysis
Hacar, Özge Öztürk, Gülgen, Fatih, Bilgi, Serdar
No: 589

A Comparative Study of Several Metaheuristic Algorithms to Optimize Monetary Incentive in Ridesharing Systems
Hsieh, Fu-Shiung
No: 590

Usability of IoT and Open Data Repositories for Analyzing Water Pollution. A Case Study in the Czech Republic
Pavlík, Jan, Hrnčírová, Markéta, Stočes, Michal, Masner, Jan, Vaněk, Jiří
No: 591

Combining UAV Imagery, Volunteered Geographic Information, and Field Survey Data to Improve Characterization of Rural Water Points in Malawi
van den Homberg, Marc, Crince, Arjen, Wilbrink, Jurg, Kersbergen, Daniël, Gumbi, Gumbi, Tembo, Simon, Lemmens, Rob
No: 592

Spatio-Temporal Relationship between Land Cover and Land Surface Temperature in Urban Areas: A Case Study in Geneva and Paris
Ge, Xu, Mauree, Dasaraden, Castello, Roberto, Scartezzini, Jean-Louis
No: 593

PolySimp: A Tool for Polygon Simplification Based on the Underlying Scaling Hierarchy
Ma, Ding, Zhao, Zhigang, Zheng, Ye, Guo, Renzhong, Zhu, Wei
No: 594

Hierarchical Instance Recognition of Individual Roadside Trees in Environmentally Complex Urban Areas from UAV Laser Scanning Point Clouds
Wang, Yongjun, Jiang, Tengping, Liu, Jing, Li, Xiaorui, Liang, Chong
No: 595

A Smooth Transition Algorithm for Adjacent Panoramic Viewpoints Using Matched Delaunay Triangular Patches
Zhao, Pengcheng, Hu, Qingwu, Tang, Zhixiong, Ai, Mingyao
No: 596

Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Volunteer Data Contribution Activities: A Case Study of eBird
Zhang, Guiming
No: 597

Simulating Large-Scale 3D Cadastral Dataset Using Procedural Modelling
Tekavec, Jernej, Lisec, Anka, Rodrigues, Eugénio
No: 598

Spatial Patterns of Childhood Obesity Prevalence in Relation to Socioeconomic Factors across England
Sun, Yeran, Hu, Xuke, Huang, Ying, On Chan, Ting
No: 599

Assessing Quality of Life Inequalities. A Geographical Approach
Faka, Antigoni
No: 600

Semantic Segmentation of Remote-Sensing Imagery Using Heterogeneous Big Data: International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Potsdam and Cityscape Datasets
Song, Ahram, Kim, Yongil
No: 601

Concept and Evaluation of Heating Demand Prediction Based on 3D City Models and the CityGML Energy ADE—Case Study Helsinki
Rossknecht, Maxim, Airaksinen, Enni
No: 602

Detailed Streetspace Modelling for Multiple Applications: Discussions on the Proposed CityGML 3.0 Transportation Model
Beil, Christof, Ruhdorfer, Roland, Coduro, Theresa, Kolbe, Thomas H.
No: 603

Is Crowdsourcing a Reliable Method for Mass Data Acquisition? The Case of COVID-19 Spread in Greece During Spring 2020
Antoniou, Varvara, Vassilakis, Emmanuel, Hatzaki, Maria
No: 605

Towards Deriving Freight Traffic Measures from Truck Movement Data for State Road Planning: A Proposed System Framework
Karam, Ahmed, Illemann, Thorbjørn M., Reinau, Kristian Hegner, Vuk, Goran, Hansen, Christian O.
No: 606

Reconstruction of Lost Cultural Heritage Sites and Landscapes: Context of Ancient Objects in Time and Space
Brůha, Lukáš, Laštovička, Josef, Palatý, Tomáš, Štefanová, Eva, Štych, Přemysl
No: 604

Privacy-Aware Visualization of Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) to Analyze Spatial Activity: A Benchmark Implementation
Dunkel, Alexander, Löchner, Marc, Burghardt, Dirk
No: 607

Accurate Road Marking Detection from Noisy Point Clouds Acquired by Low-Cost Mobile LiDAR Systems
Yang, Ronghao, Li, Qitao, Tan, Junxiang, Li, Shaoda, Chen, Xinyu
No: 608

A 3D Geodatabase for Urban Underground Infrastructures: Implementation and Application to Groundwater Management in Milan Metropolitan Area
Sartirana, Davide, Rotiroti, Marco, Zanotti, Chiara, Bonomi, Tullia, Fumagalli, Letizia, De Amicis, Mattia
No: 609

Articulated Trajectory Mapping for Reviewing Walking Tours
Sasaki, Iori, Arikawa, Masatoshi, Takahashi, Akinori
No: 610

Evolution and Optimization of Urban Network Spatial Structure: A Case Study of Financial Enterprise Network in Yangtze River Delta, China
Zhang, Yizhen, Wang, Tao, Supriyadi, Agus, Zhang, Kun, Tang, Zhi
No: 611

A Spatially Explicit Approach for Targeting Resource-Poor Smallholders to Improve their Participation in Agribusiness: A Case of Nyando and Vihiga County in Western Kenya
Mathenge, Mwehe, Sonneveld, Ben G. J. S., Broerse, Jacqueline E. W.
No: 612

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ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing      

New publications in the ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Volume 167 (September 2020)

Editorial Board
Pages: ii

The potential of in-situ hyperspectral remote sensing for differentiating 12 banana genotypes grown in Uganda
Priyakant Sinha, Andrew Robson, Derek Schneider, Talip Kilic, Harriet Kasidi Mugera, John Ilukor, Jimmy Moses Tindamanyire
Pages: 85-103

From LiDAR point cloud towards digital twin city: Clustering city objects based on Gestalt principles
Fan Xue, Weisheng Lu, Zhe Chen, Christopher J. Webster
Pages: 418-431

Efficient structure from motion for large-scale UAV images: A review and a comparison of SfM tools
San Jiang, Cheng Jiang, Wanshou Jiang
Pages: 230-251

Remote sensed-based rainfall estimations over the East and West Africa regions for disaster risk management
Alaba Boluwade
Pages: 305-320

Deeply supervised convolutional neural network for shadow detection based on a novel aerial shadow imagery dataset
Shuang Luo, Huifang Li, Huanfeng Shen
Pages: 443-457

A low-cost UAV framework towards ornamental plant detection and counting in the wild
Ertugrul Bayraktar, Muhammed Enes Basarkan, Numan Celebi
Pages: 1-11

Radar-based multipoint displacement measurements of a 1200-m-long suspension bridge
Guangwei Zhang, Yilin Wu, Wenju Zhao, Jian Zhang
Pages: 71-84

Semi-automated framework for generating cycling lane centerlines on roads with roadside barriers from noisy MLS data
Yang Ma, Yubing Zheng, Said Easa, Jianchuan Cheng
Pages: 396-417

Geographically and temporally weighted neural networks for satellite-based mapping of ground-level PM2.5
Tongwen Li, Huanfeng Shen, Qiangqiang Yuan, Liangpei Zhang
Pages: 178-188

Cross-regional oil palm tree counting and detection via a multi-level attention domain adaptation network
Juepeng Zheng, Haohuan Fu, Weijia Li, Wenzhao Wu, Yi Zhao, Runmin Dong, Le Yu
Pages: 154-177

GESAC: Robust graph enhanced sample consensus for point cloud registration
Jiayuan Li, Qingwu Hu, Mingyao Ai
Pages: 363-374

Multi-level monitoring of three-dimensional building changes for megacities: Trajectory, morphology, and landscape
Shisong Cao, Mingyi Du, Wenji Zhao, Yungang Hu, You Mo, Shanshan Chen, Yile Cai, Ziqiang Peng, Chaoyi Zhang
Pages: 54-70

Gaussian processes retrieval of LAI from Sentinel-2 top-of-atmosphere radiance data
José Estévez, Jorge Vicent, Juan Pablo Rivera-Caicedo, Pablo Morcillo-Pallarés, Francesco Vuolo, Neus Sabater, Gustau Camps-Valls, José Moreno, Jochem Verrelst
Pages: 289-304

Improved land cover map of Iran using Sentinel imagery within Google Earth Engine and a novel automatic workflow for land cover classification using migrated training samples
Arsalan Ghorbanian, Mohammad Kakooei, Meisam Amani, Sahel Mahdavi, Ali Mohammadzadeh, Mahdi Hasanlou
Pages: 276-288

Estimation of 1-km all-weather remotely sensed land surface temperature based on reconstructed spatial-seamless satellite passive microwave brightness temperature and thermal infrared data
Xiaodong Zhang, Ji Zhou, Shunlin Liang, Linna Chai, Dongdong Wang, Jin Liu
Pages: 321-344

Generating spatiotemporally consistent fractional vegetation cover at different scales using spatiotemporal fusion and multiresolution tree methods
Bing Wang, Kun Jia, Xiangqin Wei, Mu Xia, Yunjun Yao, Xiaotong Zhang, Duanyang Liu, Guofeng Tao
Pages: 214-229

Vehicle detection of multi-source remote sensing data using active fine-tuning network
Xin Wu, Wei Li, Danfeng Hong, Jiaojiao Tian, Ran Tao, Qian Du
Pages: 39-53

Corrigendum to “Modeling strawberry biomass and leaf area using object-based analysis of high-resolution images” [ISPRS J. Photogram. Remote Sens. 163 (2020) 171–186]
Zhen Guan, Amr Abd-Elrahman, Zhen Fan, Vance M. Whitaker, Benjamin Wilkinso
Pages: 189

Detection of radioactive waste sites in the Chornobyl exclusion zone using UAV-based lidar data and multispectral imagery
S. Briechle, N. Molitor, P. Krzystek, G. Vosselman
Pages: 345-362

Weakly-supervised domain adaptation for built-up region segmentation in aerial and satellite imagery
Javed Iqbal, Mohsen Ali
Pages: 263-275

Use of multi-temporal satellite data for monitoring pool surface areas occurring in non-perennial rivers in semi-arid environments of the Western Cape, South Africa
Dylan Seaton, Timothy Dube, Dominic Mazvimavi
Pages: 375-384

A novel deep learning instance segmentation model for automated marine oil spill detection
Shamsudeen {Temitope Yekeen}, Abdul‐Lateef Balogun, Khamaruzaman B. {Wan Yusof}
Pages: 190-200

Water level prediction from social media images with a multi-task ranking approach
P. Chaudhary, S. D’Aronco, J.P. Leitão, K. Schindler, J.D. Wegner
Pages: 252-262

HyperLi-Net: A hyper-light deep learning network for high-accurate and high-speed ship detection from synthetic aperture radar imagery
Tianwen Zhang, Xiaoling Zhang, Jun Shi, Shunjun Wei
Pages: 123-153

Fully convolutional networks for land cover classification from historical panchromatic aerial photographs
Nicholus Mboga, Tais Grippa, Stefanos Georganos, Sabine Vanhuysse, Benoît Smets, Olivier Dewitte, Elèonore Wolff, Moritz Lennert
Pages: 385-395

X-ModalNet: A semi-supervised deep cross-modal network for classification of remote sensing data
Danfeng Hong, Naoto Yokoya, Gui-Song Xia, Jocelyn Chanussot, Xiao Xiang Zhu
Pages: 12-23

Mapping quality prediction for RTK/PPK-equipped micro-drones operating in complex natural environment
E. Cledat, L.V. Jospin, D.A. Cucci, J. Skaloud
Pages: 24-38

Multi-scale deep feature learning network with bilateral filtering for SAR image classification
Jie Geng, Wen Jiang, Xinyang Deng
Pages: 201-213

Mapping croplands of Europe, Middle East, Russia, and Central Asia using Landsat, Random Forest, and Google Earth Engine
Aparna R. Phalke, Mutlu Özdoğan, Prasad S. Thenkabail, Tyler Erickson, Noel Gorelick, Kamini Yadav, Russell G. Congalton
Pages: 104-122

Structure-aware Building Mesh Polygonization
Vasileios Bouzas, Hugo Ledoux, Liangliang Nan
Pages: 432-442


New publications in the ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Volume 168 (October 2020)

Editorial Board
Pages: ii

A spatially explicit surface urban heat island database for the United States: Characterization, uncertainties, and possible applications
T. Chakraborty, A. Hsu, D. Manya, G. Sheriff
Pages: 74-88

Improved estimates of monthly land surface temperature from MODIS using a diurnal temperature cycle (DTC) model
Leiqiu Hu, Ying Sun, Gavin Collins, Peng Fu
Pages: 131-140

See the forest and the trees: Effective machine and deep learning algorithms for wood filtering and tree species classification from terrestrial laser scanning
Zhouxin Xi, Chris Hopkinson, Stewart B. Rood, Derek R. Peddle
Pages: 1-16

NDVI-Net: A fusion network for generating high-resolution normalized difference vegetation index in remote sensing
Hao Zhang, Jiayi Ma, Chen Chen, Xin Tian
Pages: 182-196

Tree species classification using structural features derived from terrestrial laser scanning
Louise Terryn, Kim Calders, Mathias Disney, Niall Origo, Yadvinder Malhi, Glenn Newnham, Pasi Raumonen, Markku {Å kerblom}, Hans Verbeeck
Pages: 170-181

Machine learning-assisted region merging for remote sensing image segmentation
Tengfei Su, Tingxi Liu, Shengwei Zhang, Zhongyi Qu, Ruiping Li
Pages: 89-123

Mathematical morphology directly applied to point cloud data
Jesús Balado, Peter {van Oosterom}, Lucía Díaz-Vilariño, Martijn Meijers
Pages: 208-220

Comparing features of single and multi-photon lidar in boreal forests
Xiaowei Yu, Antero Kukko, Harri Kaartinen, Yunsheng Wang, Xinlian Liang, Leena Matikainen, Juha Hyyppä
Pages: 268-276

Estimating crop biomass using leaf area index derived from Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 data
Taifeng Dong, Jiangui Liu, Budong Qian, Liming He, Jane Liu, Rong Wang, Qi Jing, Catherine Champagne, Heather McNairn, Jarrett Powers, Yichao Shi, Jing M. Chen, Jiali Shang
Pages: 236-250

Response of winter wheat to spring frost from a remote sensing perspective: Damage estimation and influential factors
Shuai Wang, Jin Chen, Yuhan Rao, Licong Liu, Wenqing Wang, Qi Dong
Pages: 221-235

Influence of ULS acquisition characteristics on tree stem parameter estimation
Moritz Bruggisser, Markus Hollaus, Johannes Otepka, Norbert Pfeifer
Pages: 28-40

Remotely sensed canopy resistance model for analyzing the stomatal behavior of environmentally-stressed winter wheat
Kangying Zhu, Zhigang Sun, Fenghua Zhao, Ting Yang, Zhenrong Tian, Jianbin Lai, Buju Long, Shiji Li
Pages: 197-207

The effect of the point spread function on downscaling continua
Qunming Wang, Yijie Tang, Peter M. Atkinson
Pages: 251-267

BT-RoadNet: A boundary and topologically-aware neural network for road extraction from high-resolution remote sensing imagery
Mingting Zhou, Haigang Sui, Shanxiong Chen, Jindi Wang, Xu Chen
Pages: 288-306

Detecting and mapping tree seedlings in UAV imagery using convolutional neural networks and field-verified data
Grant D. Pearse, Alan Y.S. Tan, Michael S. Watt, Matthias O. Franz, Jonathan P. Dash
Pages: 156-169

Monitoring surface water area variations of reservoirs using daily MODIS images by exploring sub-pixel information
Feng Ling, Xinyan Li, Giles M. Foody, Doreen Boyd, Yong Ge, Xiaodong Li, Yun Du
Pages: 141-152

The impact of anthropogenic land use change on the protected areas of the Kilombero catchment, Tanzania
Frank Thonfeld, Stefanie Steinbach, Javier Muro, Konrad Hentze, Ian Games, Kristian Näschen, Pellage Francis Kauzeni
Pages: 41-55

Exploring multiscale object-based convolutional neural network (multi-OCNN) for remote sensing image classification at high spatial resolution
Vitor S. Martins, Amy L. Kaleita, Brian K. Gelder, Hilton L.F. {da Silveira}, Camila A. Abe
Pages: 56-73

Pruning multi-view stereo net for efficient 3D reconstruction
Xiang Xiang, Zhiyuan Wang, Shanshan Lao, Baochang Zhang
Pages: 17-27

The feasibility of assessing swell-based bathymetry using SAR imagery from orbiting satellites
Xiaolin Bian, Yun Shao, Chunyan Zhang, Chou Xie, Wei Tian
Pages: 124-130

Performance of terrestrial laser scanning to characterize managed Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) stands is dependent on forest structural variation
Tuomas Yrttimaa, Ninni Saarinen, Ville Kankare, Jari Hynynen, Saija Huuskonen, Markus Holopainen, Juha Hyyppä, Mikko Vastaranta
Pages: 277-287

Corrigendum to “Superpixel-enhanced deep neural forest for remote sensing image semantic segmentation” [ISPRS J. Photogramm. Remote Sens. 159 (2020) 140–152]
Li Mi, Zhenzhong Che
Pages: 153-155


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09-11 Nov 2020
41st Asian Conference on Remote Sensing
Deqing City, China

12-15 Jan 2021
OGC Location Powers: Urban Digital Twins
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22-25 Mar 2021
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

05-09 Jul 2021
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27 Sep - 02 Oct 2021
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03-04 Nov 2020
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Kyiv, Ukraine

05-06 Nov 2020
23rd ICA Workshop on Map Generalisation and Multiple Representation
Delft, The Netherlands

30 Nov - 04 Dec 2020
Climate Change and Disaster Management: Technology and resilience in a troubled world
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28 Jan - 04 Feb 2021
43rd Scientific Assembly of the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) and Associated Events
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Sydney, Australia

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Faculty of Civil Engineering & Geosciences (CEG), TU Delft, The Netherlands
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