ISPRS e-Bulletin: March 2021

ISPRS e-Bulletin
Issue No 2 - 2021


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Nicolas Paparoditis      

News on the XXIVth ISPRS Congress

Dear colleague,

Due to the current pandemic situation worldwide, and considering the great success of the 2020 digital edition of the XXIV Congress with 2000+ registered participants and 300+ presentations, the ISPRS Council has decided to hold the 2021 edition of the XXIV Congress as an online-only event. Nevertheless, this 2021 edition will be followed by a primarily in-person meeting in June 2022 in Nice, France, from 6-11 June.

This 2021 digital edition of the XXIV Congress will cover 5 full days from 5-9 July 2021, and will have all the features of an ISPRS Congress except for the ISPRS General Assembly which will take place in 2022.

450+ papers will be presented in the various scientific tracks and sessions over the week.  With permission of authors, the videos of the oral presentations of the papers will be made available in the ISPRS media library, together with the presentations of the 2020 edition, allowing a stronger dissemination of scientific contributions within the geospatial community.

This 2021 edition will also host seven exciting keynotes from: 

  1. AIRBUS, on the enhanced geospatial applications with the new 30cm-resolution Pléiades Neo constellation.
  2. Claudio Almeida, INPE-Brazil, on vegetation monitoring in Brazilian biomes.
  3. Marc Pollefeys, ETH-Zurich and Microsoft, on computer vision for mixed reality with Hololens2.
  4. Christoph Stiller, Univ. Karlsruhe-KIT, on automated driving with and without maps.
  5. Sarah Gallagher, Univ. of Western Ontario and Canadian Space Agency, on space-based earth observation.
  6. Chenghu Zhou, Chinese Academy of Science, on the contribution of geospatial technologies against COVID-19.
  7. Kiran Kumar, Indian Space Research Organisation, on recent advances of the Indian remote sensing space program.

These keynotes will provide the overall status and trends of the science and technologies in all the areas of ISPRS (earth observation, remote sensing, photogrammetry & computer vision, GIS, ...).

The 2021 edition will integrate a technology track dedicated to the industry, where they have the chance to present their latest innovations and technologies, as well as a virtual exhibition to ease interaction between our participants and our sponsors and exhibitors. The 2021 edition will also integrate two fora: one on geo for pandemics, and one on geo for youth, organised by the ISPRS student consortium.

The registration fees for this 2021 edition have been kept as low as possible to encourage the largest participation. Nevertheless, to reach a much larger audience, a free ISPRS geospatial lecture day, on 9 July 2021, will allow the participants to keep updated with the latest advances in science in our geospatial domain. During this day, eight one-hour lectures will be given on hot topics in our field: Earth data cubes, PS-Insar for surface estimation, trends in airborne LIDAR, deep learning for 3D point cloud analysis, deep learning for time series classification, dynamic networks, georeferencing of mobile mapping systems, and collaborative humanitarian mapping.

If you would like more information on the program and its updates or on the registration process, please have a look at our website (

Looking forward to hosting you and meeting you digitally during this 2021 edition!

Best regards,

Nicolas Paparoditis
ISPRS XXIV Congress Director



The ISPRS Foundation (TIF) News



TIF Awards

The ISPRS Foundation (TIF) has announced that it does not expect to make any awards until the January/February 2022 timeframe.  There are at present no ISPRS events for which TIF awards would be applicable nor any which are expected to take place in 2021.


Society News

Derek Lichti


2021 Virtual Keynote Speaker Series

Derek Lichti
New Network Design Processes to Support 3D Reality Capture with Terrestrial Laser Scanners

May 27, 2021 at 3 PM CEST (1 PM GMT)





We currently live in an era of proliferation in the availability, variety and utilization of imaging sensors for 3D reality capture. Among these, terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) remains an important data collection technology for building information modelling, heritage recording and dimensional control, among other applications. Geometric network design is an important process performed prior to TLS data capture. Though first established nearly a half century ago, its principles are still pertinent today since it aims to maximize data quality whilst minimizing the labour costs for field data collection and post-processing office work. This presentation describes two new contributions to the first-order (configuration) design of TLS networks. The first focuses on the optimization of instrument locations or viewpoints required for complete coverage of large, complex environments. The second proposes a continuous model of the distribution of observations that permits closed-form estimation of parameter quality. Its application to TLS self-calibration is demonstrated.



Derek Lichti is Professor of Geomatics Engineering at the University of Calgary, where he served as Department Head from 2013 to 2018. Prior to joining University of Calgary in 2008, he was with Curtin University (1999-2007). Derek served as Editor-in-Chief of the ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (2013-2020). Prior to that he served two terms as Chair of ISPRS Working Group V/3 on terrestrial laser scanning. He is the recipient of the 2020 Schwidefsky Medal.


Alper Yilmaz

Jan Dirk Wegner


Change in TC II Leadership

As a consequence of the continuing ISPRS term due to the ongoing pandemic, and for perfectly understandable reasons, Fabio Remondino and Takashi Fuse have decided to stand down from the Commission II leadership for the remainder of this period. 

Council thanks both Fabio and Takashi for their past commitment to ISPRS, and especially for the extensive work they have done to ensure the success of Commission II over these past five years. We wish them both all the best for the future.

It is with great pleasure that Council announces their replacements. SIFET, the Italian host of Commission II, together with the Japanese Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, has selected as TC President, Alper Yilmaz from Ohio State University, and Jan Dirk Wegner, from ETH Zürich als Vice-President. 

Alper and Jan are both well know ISPRS faces and Council is very grateful that they both accepted the position for the rest of this ISPRS term.


George Vosselman

Fulvio De Rinaudo

Petri Rönnholm


New Members for ISPRS Financial Commission

In view of the continuing ISPRS term and due to other commitments, ISPRS farewells another two trusted officers.

Jon Mills, Chair of the Financial Commission, and Financial Commission member, Manos Baltsavias have stepped down. Both Jon and Manos have dedicated many years to ISPRS in various offices, for which Council, on behalf of the Society, gratefully thanks them and wishes them well for the future.

Council is very pleased that Financial Commission member George Vosselman continues on, taking over the position of Chair, and that Fulvio De Rinaudo, from Politecnico di Torino (Financial Commission member 2012-16), and Petri Rönnholm, from Aalto University, Finland, have kindly accepted to fill the vacated positions for the remainder of this term.

Many thanks go to them all for taking this on.


Jack Dangermond


Jack Dangermond Award Best Paper 2020

The winners of Jack Dangermond Best Paper Award 2019 are  Levente Juhász, Tessio Novack,Hartwig H. Hochmair & Sen Qiao for their paper:

Cartographic Vandalism in the Era of Location-Based Games – The Case of OpenStreetMap and Pokémon GO.


Geo-spatial Information Science


Special Issue - Gottfried Konecny 90 Years

In honour of Gottfried Konecny on the occasion of his 90th birthday, Geo-spatial Information Science has published a Special Issue with Guest Editors, Li Deren and Christian Heipke:

Gottfried Konecny: From draftsman to Professor emeritus – 75 years of involvement in photogrammetry and remote sensing


General Announcements


Promoting Space Sustainability Project - Call for Case Studies

This call comes from of UNOOSA's The Promoting Space Sustainability Project, which aims to raise awareness and build capacity related to the implementation of the Guidelines for the Long-term Sustainability of Outer Space Activities (LTS Guidelines), adopted by the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space in 2019. 

For more information read here…

Contact:  |


Urban Informatics      

New Open Access Publication „Urban Informatics“ Available

The book Urban Informatics, edited by Wenzhong Shi, Michael Goodchild, Michael Batty, Mei-Po Kwan and Anshu Zhang, was published on 8 April 2021. This is open access and a milestone book which systematically introduces the principles of emerging urban informatics and its wide applications in enabling cities to function more efficiently and equitably, to become ‘smart’ and ‘sustainable’.

This open access book can be freely downloaded at:


Announcements of Scientific Meetings                (see also ISPRS Calendar)


The 42nd Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing


June 21-24, 2021
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

The four-day conference, June 21-24, 2021, brings together national and international’s foremost experts in remote sensing with the theme “Understanding Our World: Remote Sensing for A Sustainable Future”. The conference will showcase a wide range of technical, applied, and natural sciences topics relevant to the remote sensing community and will host four Keynote Talks, two national and two international speakers, and three panel discussions on GeoAI, Training & Certification, and Capacity Building. This year’s conference will be highlighted with parallel workshops for senior and junior remote sensing professionals, students and early career researchers in Google Earth Engine, Lidar, Synthetic Aperture Radar and Deep Learning as well as a student networking session, and interactive Q&A periods.

For more information on the event, visit the conference website at





11th IAPR International Workshop on Pattern Recognition in Remote Sensing 2020/2021 (PRRS )

by Ribana Roscha

Read the report here…



Arthur Cracknell      

Arthur Cracknell † 21 April 2021

Arthur Cracknell born in Illford, Essex, on May 18, 1940, passed away on April 21, 2021. He was a much-respected Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Dundee, who held esteemed roles within the remote sensing community, in which he was held in high regard around the world.

Read the Dundee Courier obituary here… 


Shibendu Shankar Ray


Shibendu Shankar Ray † 4 May 2021

ISPRS sadly announces that Shibendu Shankar Ray, Co-Chair of Working Group III/10 on Agriculture and Natural Ecosystems Modelling and Monitoring, succumbed recently to Covid infection after a long battle.

Read the obituary here… 


ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information — Open Access Journal

ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information — Open Access Journal      

New publications in the ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information
Open Access Journal
Volume 10, Issue 3 (March 2021)

The Impact of the Accuracy of Terrain Surface Data on the Navigation of Off-Road Vehicles
Rada, Josef, Rybansky, Marian, Dohnal, Filip
No: 106

A Unified Methodology for the Generalisation of the Geometry of Features
Barańska, Anna, Bac-Bronowicz, Joanna, Dejniak, Dorota, Lewiński, Stanisław, Krawczyk, Artur, Chrobak, Tadeusz
No: 107

TouchTerrain—3D Printable Terrain Models
Harding, Chris, Hasiuk, Franek, Wood, Aaron
No: 108

Investigation of the Expression Method of Theme-Typhoon Disaster Information
Xiao, Cong, Zhang, Xiaodong, Xing, Ziyao, Han, Keke, Liu, Zhe, Liu, Junming
No: 109

Bus Service Level and Horizontal Equity Analysis in the Context of the Modifiable Areal Unit Problem
Ruiz-Pérez, Maurici, Seguí-Pons, Joana Maria
No: 111

A Framework of Dam-Break Hazard Risk Mapping for a Data-Sparse Region in Indonesia
Yudianto, Doddi, Ginting, Bobby Minola, Sanjaya, Stephen, Rusli, Steven Reinaldo, Wicaksono, Albert
No: 110

Saline-Soil Deformation Extraction Based on an Improved Time-Series InSAR Approach
Xiang, Wei, Zhang, Rui, Liu, Guoxiang, Wang, Xiaowen, Mao, Wenfei, Zhang, Bo, Fu, Yin, Wu, Tingting
No: 112

A Data-Driven Quasi-Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model Integrating Multi-Source Traffic Sensor Data on the Expressway Network
Zeng, Xing, Guan, Xuefeng, Wu, Huayi, Xiao, Heping
No: 113

Correlation Analysis and Reconstruction of the Geometric Evaluation Indicator System of the Discrete Global Grid
Wang, Zheng, Zhao, Xuesheng, Sun, Wenbin, Luo, Fuli, Li, Yalu, Duan, Yuanzheng
No: 115

Twitter Use in Hurricane Isaac and Its Implications for Disaster Resilience
Wang, Kejin, Lam, Nina S. N., Zou, Lei, Mihunov, Volodymyr
No: 116

Distribution of Lightning Accidents in Sri Lanka from 1974 to 2019 Using the DesInventar Database
Edirisinghe, Mahesh, Maduranga, Uruvitiya Gamage Dilaj
No: 117

Landslide Susceptibility Mapping and Assessment Using Geospatial Platforms and Weights of Evidence (WoE) Method in the Indian Himalayan Region: Recent Developments, Gaps, and Future Directions
Batar, Amit Kumar, Watanabe, Teiji
No: 114

Integration of an InSAR and ANN for Sinkhole Susceptibility Mapping: A Case Study from Kirikkale-Delice (Turkey)
Nefeslioglu, Hakan A., Tavus, Beste, Er, Melahat, Ertugrul, Gamze, Ozdemir, Aybuke, Kaya, Alperen, Kocaman, Sultan
No: 119

Assessment of Neotectonic Landscape Deformation in Evia Island, Greece, Using GIS-Based Multi-Criteria Analysis
Valkanou, Kanella, Karymbalis, Efthimios, Papanastassiou, Dimitris, Soldati, Mauro, Chalkias, Christos, Gaki-Papanastassiou, Kalliopi
No: 118

Erratum: Barboza Castillo, E., et al. Monitoring Wildfires in the Northeastern Peruvian Amazon Using Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 Imagery in the GEE Platform. ISPRS Int. J. Geo-Inf. 2020, 9, 564
Barboza Castillo, Elgar, Turpo Cayo, Efrain Y., de Almeida, Cláudia Maria, Salas López, Rolando, Rojas Briceño, Nilton B., Silva López, Jhonsy Omar, Barrena Gurbillón, Miguel Ángel, Oliva, Manuel, Espinoza-Villar, Raul
No: 120

Evaluating Social Distancing Measures and Their Association with the Covid-19 Pandemic in South America
Oliveira, Gisliany Lillian Alves de, Lima, Luciana, Silva, Ivanovitch, Ribeiro-Dantas, Marcel da Câmara, Monteiro, Kayo Henrique, Endo, Patricia Takako
No: 121

Automatically Tracking Road Centerlines from Low-Frequency GPS Trajectory Data
Chen, Banqiao, Ding, Chibiao, Ren, Wenjuan, Xu, Guangluan
No: 122

COVID-19 Infection and Mortality: Association with PM2.5 Concentration and Population Density—An Exploratory Study
Yu, Xinyu, Wong, Man Sing, Kwan, Mei Po, Nichol, Janet Elizabeth, Zhu, Rui, Heo, Joon, Chan, Pak Wai, Chin, David C. W., Kwok, Coco Yin Tung, Kan, Zihan
No: 123

Indigenous Mapping for Integrating Traditional Knowledge to Enhance Community-Based Vegetation Management and Conservation: The Kumeyaay Basket Weavers of San José de la Zorra, México
Andrade-Sánchez, Jorge, Eaton-Gonzalez, Ricardo, Leyva-Aguilera, Claudia, Wilken-Robertson, Michael
No: 124

DFFAN: Dual Function Feature Aggregation Network for Semantic Segmentation of Land Cover
Huang, Junqing, Weng, Liguo, Chen, Bingyu, Xia, Min
No: 125

Public Responses to Air Pollution in Shandong Province Using the Online Complaint Data
Sun, Yong, Ji, Min, Jin, Fengxiang, Wang, Huimeng
No: 126

3D Change Detection Using Adaptive Thresholds Based on Local Point Cloud Density
Liu, Dan, Li, Dajun, Wang, Meizhen, Wang, Zhiming
No: 127

Advanced GIS and RS Applications for Soil and Land Degradation Assessment and Mapping
Pásztor, László
No: 128

A Spatial and Temporal Assessment of Vegetation Greening and Precipitation Changes for Monitoring Vegetation Dynamics in Climate Zones over Africa
Nzabarinda, Vincent, Bao, Anming, Xu, Wenqiang, Uwamahoro, Solange, Udahogora, Madeleine, Umwali, Edovia Dufatanye, Nyirarwasa, Anathalie, Umuhoza, Jeanine
No: 129

The Sketch Map Tool Facilitates the Assessment of OpenStreetMap Data for Participatory Mapping
Klonner, Carolin, Hartmann, Maximilian, Dischl, Rebecca, Djami, Lily, Anderson, Liana, Raifer, Martin, Lima-Silva, Fernanda, Castro Degrossi, Lívia, Zipf, Alexander, Porto de Albuquerque, João
No: 130

Estimates of the Ambient Population: Assessing the Utility of Conventional and Novel Data Sources
Whipp, Annabel, Malleson, Nicolas, Ward, Jonathan, Heppenstall, Alison
No: 131

Sustainable Development of Transport as a Regional Policy Target for Sustainable Development—A Case Study of Poland
Ogryzek, Marek, Wolny-Kucińska, Ada
No: 132

Spatiotemporal Analysis of COVID-19 Spread with Emerging Hotspot Analysis and Space–Time Cube Models in East Java, Indonesia
Purwanto, Purwanto, Utaya, Sugeng, Handoyo, Budi, Bachri, Syamsul, Astuti, Ike Sari, Utomo, Kresno Sastro Bangun, Aldianto, Yulius Eka
No: 133

Web Map Effectiveness in the Responsive Context of the Graphical User Interface
Horbiński, Tymoteusz, Cybulski, Paweł, Medyńska-Gulij, Beata
No: 134

Using Geotagged Social Media Data to Explore Sentiment Changes in Tourist Flow: A Spatiotemporal Analytical Framework
Jiang, Wei, Xiong, Zhengan, Su, Qin, Long, Yi, Song, Xiaoqing, Sun, Peng
No: 135

Transnational Accessibility between Residential Areas Based on Multimodal Transport System
Xia, Nan, Cheng, Liang, Li, Manchun
No: 136

Transfer Learning of a Deep Learning Model for Exploring Tourists’ Urban Image Using Geotagged Photos
Kang, Youngok, Cho, Nahye, Yoon, Jiyoung, Park, Soyeon, Kim, Jiyeon
No: 137

Near Real-Time Semantic View Analysis of 3D City Models in Web Browser
Virtanen, Juho-Pekka, Jaalama, Kaisa, Puustinen, Tuulia, Julin, Arttu, Hyyppä, Juha, Hyyppä, Hannu
No: 138

Geospatial Queries on Data Collection Using a Common Provenance Model
Closa, Guillem, Masó, Joan, Julià, Núria, Pons, Xavier
No: 139

Post-War Urban Damage Mapping Using InSAR: The Case of Mosul City in Iraq
Boloorani, Ali Darvishi, Darvishi, Mehdi, Weng, Qihao, Liu, Xiangtong
No: 140

Geospatial User Feedback: How to Raise Users’ Voices and Collectively Build Knowledge at the Same Time
Zabala, Alaitz, Masó, Joan, Bastin, Lucy, Giuliani, Gregory, Pons, Xavier
No: 141

The Extended Concept of the Map in View of Modern Geoinformation Products
Gotlib, Dariusz, Olszewski, Robert, Gartner, Georg
No: 142

An Evaluation of Street Dynamic Vitality and Its Influential Factors Based on Multi-Source Big Data
Guo, Xin, Chen, Hongfei, Yang, Xiping
No: 143

Three-Dimensional Inundation Mapping Using UAV Image Segmentation and Digital Surface Model
Gebrehiwot, Asmamaw A, Hashemi-Beni, Leila
No: 144

Changes of Spatiotemporal Pattern and Network Characteristic in Population Flow under COVID-19 Epidemic
Li, Chengming, Wu, Zheng, Zhu, Lining, Liu, Li, Zhang, Chengcheng
No: 145

Simultaneous Extraction of Road and Centerline from Aerial Images Using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Alshaikhli, Tamara, Liu, Wen, Maruyama, Yoshihisa
No: 147

Automatic Construction of Indoor 3D Navigation Graph from Crowdsourcing Trajectories
Fu, Xin, Zhang, Hengcai, Wang, Peixiao
No: 146

Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Variabilities in Daily Activity-Travel Patterns: A Networked Spatiotemporal Analysis
Zhang, Wenjia, Ji, Chunhan, Yu, Hao, Zhao, Yi, Chai, Yanwei
No: 148

A Cellular Automata Model for Integrated Simulation of Land Use and Transport Interactions
Pinto, Nuno, Antunes, António P., Roca, Josep
No: 149

Effects of Virtual Reality Locomotion Techniques on Distance Estimations
Keil, Julian, Edler, Dennis, O’Meara, Denise, Korte, Annika, Dickmann, Frank
No: 150

Towards Development of a Real-Time Point Feature Quality Assessment Method for Volunteered Geographic Information Using the Internet of Things
Honarparvar, Sepehr, Malek, Mohammad Reza, Saeedi, Sara, Liang, Steve
No: 151

The Impact of COVID-19 on Crime: A Spatial Temporal Analysis in Chicago
Yang, Mengjie, Chen, Zhe, Zhou, Mengjie, Liang, Xiaojin, Bai, Ziyue
No: 152

Development after Displacement: Evaluating the Utility of OpenStreetMap Data for Monitoring Sustainable Development Goal Progress in Refugee Settlements
Van Den Hoek, Jamon, Friedrich, Hannah K., Ballasiotes, Anna, Peters, Laura E. R., Wrathall, David
No: 153

A Century of French Railways: The Value of Remote Sensing and VGI in the Fusion of Historical Data
Jeansoulin, Robert
No: 154

Understanding Users’ Satisfaction towards Public Transit System in India: A Case-Study of Mumbai
Das, Rahul Deb
No: 155

A Contributor-Focused Intrinsic Quality Assessment of OpenStreetMap in Mozambique Using Unsupervised Machine Learning
Madubedube, Aphiwe, Coetzee, Serena, Rautenbach, Victoria
No: 156

Computational Geometry-Based Surface Reconstruction for Volume Estimation: A Case Study on Magnitude-Frequency Relations for a LiDAR-Derived Rockfall Inventory
DiFrancesco, Paul-Mark, Bonneau, David A., Hutchinson, D. Jean
No: 157

Design, Development and Applicability Evaluation of a Digital Cartographic Model for 3D Cadastre Mapping in China
Wang, Chen, Yu, Chang-bin
No: 158

Effectiveness of Memorizing an Animated Route—Comparing Satellite and Road Map Differences in the Eye-Tracking Study
Cybulski, Paweł
No: 159

Temporal and Spatial Variation of Anthropogenic Heat in the Central Urban Area: A Case Study of Guangzhou, China
Peng, Ting, Sun, Caige, Feng, Shanshan, Zhang, Yongdong, Fan, Fenglei
No: 160

Applicability Evaluation of Several Spatial Clustering Methods in Spatiotemporal Data Mining of Floating Car Trajectory
Chen, Hao-xuan, Tao, Fei, Ma, Pei-long, Gao, Li-na, Zhou, Tong
No: 161

End Point Rate Tool for QGIS (EPR4Q): Validation Using DSAS and AMBUR
Terres de Lima, Lucas, Fernández-Fernández, Sandra, Marcel de Almeida Espinoza, Jean, da Guia Albuquerque, Miguel, Bernardes, Cristina
No: 162

PLD-SLAM: A New RGB-D SLAM Method with Point and Line Features for Indoor Dynamic Scene
Zhang, Chenyang, Huang, Teng, Zhang, Rongchun, Yi, Xuefeng
No: 163

The Impact of Community Happenings in OpenStreetMap—Establishing a Framework for Online Community Member Activity Analyses
Schott, Moritz, Grinberger, Asher Yair, Lautenbach, Sven, Zipf, Alexander
No: 164

Building a Large-Scale Micro-Simulation Transport Scenario Using Big Data
Schweizer, Joerg, Poliziani, Cristian, Rupi, Federico, Morgano, Davide, Magi, Mattia
No: 165

The Role of Spatio-Temporal Information to Govern the COVID-19 Pandemic: A European Perspective
Müller, Hartmut, Louwsma, Marije
No: 166

Coastal Tourism Spatial Planning at the Regional Unit: Identifying Coastal Tourism Hotspots Based on Social Media Data
Kim, Gang Sun, Chun, Joungyoon, Kim, Yoonjung, Kim, Choong-Ki
No: 167

A Research on Landslides Automatic Extraction Model Based on the Improved Mask R-CNN
Liu, Peng, Wei, Yongming, Wang, Qinjun, Xie, Jingjing, Chen, Yu, Li, Zhichao, Zhou, Hongying
No: 168

Impact of Innovation City Projects on National Balanced Development in South Korea: Identifying Regional Network and Centrality
Ahn, Jane, Seo, Ducksu, Kwon, Youngsang
No: 169

Modified Deep Reinforcement Learning with Efficient Convolution Feature for Small Target Detection in VHR Remote Sensing Imagery
Liu, Shuai, Tang, Jialan
No: 170

Consideration of Uncertainty Information in Accessibility Analyses for an Effective Use of Urban Infrastructures
Schiewe, Jochen, Knura, Martin
No: 171

Evaluating Natural Ecological Land Change in Function-Oriented Planning Regions Using the National Land Use Survey Data from 2009 to 2018 in China
Zhang, Zhijie, Zhang, Yuanjie, Yu, Xiao, Lei, Liping, Chen, Yuqi, Guo, Xudong
No: 172

Coupling Degree between the Demand and Supply of Bus Services at Stops: A Density-Based Approach
Li, Bowen, Huang, Zhengdong, Xia, Jizhe, Li, Wenshu, Zhang, Ying
No: 173

Information Detection for the Process of Typhoon Events in Microblog Text: A Spatio-Temporal Perspective
Ye, Peng, Zhang, Xueying, Huai, An, Tang, Wei
No: 174

Spatial-Planning-Based Ecosystem Adaptation (SPBEA): A Concept and Modeling of Prone Shoreline Retreat Areas
Sutrisno, Dewayany, Darmawan, Mulyanto, Rahadiati, Ati, Helmi, Muhammad, Yusmur, Armaiki, Hashim, Mazlan, Shih, Peter Tian-Yuan, Qin, Rongjun, Zhang, Li
No: 176

Landscape Visual Sensitivity Assessment of Historic Districts—A Case Study of Wudadao Historic District in Tianjin, China
Fang, Ya-Nan, Zeng, Jian, Namaiti, Aihemaiti
No: 175

Spatio-Temporal Visual Analysis for Urban Traffic Characters Based on Video Surveillance Camera Data
Zou, Haochen, Cao, Keyan, Jiang, Chong
No: 177

Crime against Businesses: Temporal Stability of Hot Spots in Mexicali, Mexico
Denegri, Fabiola, Ley-García, Judith
No: 178

Synthesizing Vulnerability, Risk, Resilience, and Sustainability into VRRSability for Improving Geoinformation Decision Support Evaluations
Nyerges, Timothy, Gallo, John A., Prager, Steven D., Reynolds, Keith M., Murphy, Philip J., Li, WenWen
No: 179

Habitat Connectivity for the Conservation of Small Ungulates in A Human-Dominated Landscape
Niyogi, Rajashekhar, Sarkar, Mriganka Shekhar, Hazra, Poushali, Rahman, Masidur, Banerjee, Subham, John, Robert
No: 180

The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba: Graphic Analysis of Interior Perspectives by Girault de Prangey around 1839
Gámiz-Gordo, Antonio, Cantizani-Oliva, Juan, Reinoso-Gordo, Juan Francisco
No: 181

A Decentralized Semantic Reasoning Approach for the Detection and Representation of Continuous Spatial Dynamic Phenomena in Wireless Sensor Networks
Ntankouo Njila, Roger Cesarié, Mostafavi, Mir Abolfazl, Brodeur, Jean
No: 182

Automated Mapping of Historical Native American Land Allotments at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation Using Geographic Information Systems
Meisel, Joshua Jerome, Egbert, Stephen L., Brewer, Joseph P., Li, Xingong
No: 183

A Comparison Method for 3D Laser Point Clouds in Displacement Change Detection for Arch Dams
Li, Yijing, Liu, Ping, Li, Huokun, Huang, Faming
No: 184

Inferring Mixed Use of Buildings with Multisource Data Based on Tensor Decomposition
Zhang, Chenyang, Shi, Qingli, Zhuo, Li, Wang, Fang, Tao, Haiyan
No: 185

Setting the Flow Accumulation Threshold Based on Environmental and Morphologic Features to Extract River Networks from Digital Elevation Models
Zhang, HuiHui, Loáiciga, Hugo A., Feng, LuWei, He, Jing, Du, QingYun
No: 186

Machine Learning-Based Supervised Classification of Point Clouds Using Multiscale Geometric Features
Atik, Muhammed Enes, Duran, Zaide, Seker, Dursun Zafer
No: 187

Pyramidal Framework: Guidance for the Next Generation of GIS Spatial-Temporal Models
Carré, Cyril, Hamdani, Younes
No: 188

The Influence of Spatial Grid Division on the Layout Analysis of Urban Functional Areas
Luo, Shaohua, Liu, Yang, Du, Mingyi, Gao, Siyan, Wang, Pengfei, Liu, Xiaoyu
No: 189

Beyond Objects in Space-Time: Towards a Movement Analysis Framework with ‘How’ and ‘Why’ Elements
Rahimi, Saeed, Moore, Antoni B., Whigham, Peter A.
No: 190

Multitemporal Analysis of Land Use and Land Cover within an Oil Block in the Ecuadorian Amazon
Llerena-Montoya, Sergio, Velastegui-Montoya, Andrés, Zhirzhan-Azanza, Bryan, Herrera-Matamoros, Viviana, Adami, Marcos, de Lima, Aline, Moscoso-Silva, Francisco, Encalada, Luis
No: 191

Prediction of Potential and Actual Evapotranspiration Fluxes Using Six Meteorological Data-Based Approaches for a Range of Climate and Land Cover Types
Mobilia, Mirka, Longobardi, Antonia
No: 192

Monitoring Vegetation Greenness in Response to Climate Variation along the Elevation Gradient in the Three-River Source Region of China
Wang, Zhaoqi, Liu, Xiang, Wang, Hao, Zheng, Kai, Li, Honglin, Wang, Gaini, An, Zhifang
No: 193

A Precision Evaluation Index System for Remote Sensing Data Sampling Based on Hexagonal Discrete Grids
Ma, Yue, Li, Guoqing, Yao, Xiaochuang, Cao, Qianqian, Zhao, Long, Wang, Shuang, Zhang, Lianchong
No: 194


New publications in the ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information
Open Access Journal
Volume 10, Issue 04 (April 2021)

Visual Positioning in Indoor Environments Using RGB-D Images and Improved Vector of Local Aggregated Descriptors
Zhang, Longyu, Xia, Hao, Liu, Qingjun, Wei, Chunyang, Fu, Dong, Qiao, Yanyou
No: 195

Determination of Environmental Factors for the Implementation of the Exploitability Index in Industrial Aggregate Mining Using Multi-Criteria Analysis
de Luis-Ruiz, Julio Manuel, Salas-Menocal, Benito Ramiro, Fernández-Maroto, Gema, Pérez-Álvarez, Rubén, Pereda-García, Raúl
No: 196

Depth Contours and Coastline Generalization for Harbour and Approach Nautical Charts
Skopeliti, Andriani, Tsoulos, Lysandros, Pe’eri, Shachak
No: 197

Utilizing Urban Geospatial Data to Understand Heritage Attractiveness in Amsterdam
Karayazi, Sevim Sezi, Dane, Gamze, Vries, Bauke de
No: 198

Machine Learning Methods Applied to the Prediction of Pseudo-nitzschia spp. Blooms in the Galician Rias Baixas (NW Spain)
Aláez, Francisco M. Bellas, Palenzuela, Jesus M. Torres, Spyrakos, Evangelos, Vilas, Luis González
No: 199

Evolution of the Beaches in the Regional Park of Salinas and Arenales of San Pedro del Pinatar (Southeast of Spain) (1899–2019)
Ibarra-Marinas, Daniel, Belmonte-Serrato, Francisco, Ballesteros-Pelegrín, Gustavo A., García-Marín, Ramón
No: 200

Spatial Distribution and Morphological Identification of Regional Urban Settlements Based on Road Intersections
Kong, Liang, He, Zhengwei, Chen, Zhongsheng, Luo, Mingliang, Du, Zhong, Zhu, Fuquan, He, Li
No: 201

Learning from the Informality. Using GIS Tools to Analyze the Structure of Autopoietic Urban Systems in the “Smart Perspective”
Di Pinto, Valerio, Rinaldi, Antonio M., Rossini, Francesco
No: 202

Decision Making in the 4th Dimension—Exploring Use Cases and Technical Options for the Integration of 4D BIM and GIS during Construction
Liu, Alyssa Huaqiu, Ellul, Claire, Swiderska, Monika
No: 203

An Experimental Study of a New Keypoint Matching Algorithm for Automatic Point Cloud Registration
Kuçak, Ramazan Alper, Erol, Serdar, Erol, Bihter
No: 204

Nationwide Determination of Required Total Lengths of Multiple Borehole Heat Exchangers under Variable Climate and Geology in Japan
Sakata, Yoshitaka, Katsura, Takao, Nagano, Katsunori
No: 205

Participatory Mapping as a Didactic and Auxiliary Tool for Learning Community Integration, Technology Transference, and Natural Resource Management
Eaton-González, Ricardo, Andrade-Sánchez, Jorge, Montaño-Soto, Tatiana, Andrade-Tafoya, Paola, Brito-Jaime, Diana, González-Estupiñán, Krystal, Guía-Ramírez, Andrea, Rodríguez-Canseco, Jesús, Teon-Vega, Argelia, Balderas-López, Silvia
No: 206

Empirical Insights from a Study on Outlier Preserving Value Generalization in Animated Choropleth Maps
Traun, Christoph, Schreyer, Manuela Larissa, Wallentin, Gudrun
No: 208

Assessment of Rainfall-Induced Landslide Distribution Based on Land Disturbance in Southern Taiwan
Tseng, Chih-Ming, Chen, Yie-Ruey, Chang, Chwen-Ming, Chue, Yung-Sheng, Hsieh, Shun-Chieh
No: 209

CrimeVec—Exploring Spatial-Temporal Based Vector Representations of Urban Crime Types and Crime-Related Urban Regions
Crivellari, Alessandro, Ristea, Alina
No: 210

Mapping Very-High-Resolution Evapotranspiration from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Imagery
Park, Suyoung, Ryu, Dongryeol, Fuentes, Sigfredo, Chung, Hoam, O’Connell, Mark, Kim, Junchul
No: 211

On the Use of ‘Glyphmaps’ for Analysing the Scale and Temporal Spread of COVID-19 Reported Cases
Beecham, Roger, Dykes, Jason, Hama, Layik, Lomax, Nik
No: 213

Spatiotemporal Evolution and Determinant Factors of the Intra-Regional Trade Community Structures of the Indian Ocean Region
Yuan, Lihua, Chen, Xiaoqiang, Song, Changqing, Cao, Danping, Yi, Hong
No: 214

Modeling Past, Present, and Future Urban Growth Impacts on Primary Agricultural Land in Greater Irbid Municipality, Jordan Using SLEUTH (1972–2050)
Jawarneh, Rana N.
No: 212

CWDAT—An Open-Source Tool for the Visualization and Analysis of Community-Generated Water Quality Data
Gray, Annie, Robertson, Colin, Feick, Rob
No: 207

BIM Adoption in the Cambodian Construction Industry: Key Drivers and Barriers
Durdyev, Serdar, Mbachu, Jasper, Thurnell, Derek, Zhao, Linlin, Hosseini, M. Reza
No: 215

Towards an Operative Predictive Model for the Songshan Area during the Yangshao Period
Yan, Lijie, Lu, Peng, Chen, Panpan, Danese, Maria, Li, Xiang, Masini, Nicola, Wang, Xia, Guo, Lanbo, Zhao, Dong
No: 217

Improved Indoor Positioning by Means of Occupancy Grid Maps Automatically Generated from OSM Indoor Data
Graichen, Thomas, Richter, Julia, Schmidt, Rebecca, Heinkel, Ulrich
No: 216

A Research on Susceptibility Mapping of Multiple Geological Hazards in Yanzi River Basin, China
Gao, Ruiyuan, Wang, Changming, Liang, Zhu, Han, Songling, Li, Bailong
No: 218

Comparing World City Networks by Language: A Complex-Network Approach
Zhang, Wenjia, Zhu, Jiancheng, Zhao, Pu
No: 219

Detecting and Analyzing Urban Centers Based on the Localized Contour Tree Method Using Taxi Trajectory Data: A Case Study of Shanghai
Sun, Mengqi, Fan, Hongchao
No: 220

Deformation Characteristics of Tianjiaba Landslide Induced by Surcharge
Zhang, Longju, Wang, Xingang, Xia, Tangdai, Yang, Baocun, Yu, Bingqi
No: 221

A Hybrid GLM Model for Predicting Citywide Spatio-Temporal Metro Passenger Flow
Han, Yong, Peng, Tongxin, Wang, Cheng, Zhang, Zhihao, Chen, Ge
No: 222

The Key Factors Driving the Development of New Towns by Mother Cities and Regions: Evidence from China
Zhao, Sidong, Zhang, Congguo, Qi, Junheng
No: 223

PPTPF: Privacy-Preserving Trajectory Publication Framework for CDR Mobile Trajectories
Yang, Jianxi, Dash, Manoranjan, Teo, Sin G.
No: 224

A Platform and Its Applied Modes for Geography Fieldwork in Higher Education Based on Location Services
Ruan, Ling, Long, Yi, Zhang, Ling, Lv, Guonian
No: 225

Thirty-Year Dynamics of LULC at the Dong Thap Muoi Area, Southern Vietnam, Using Google Earth Engine
Binh, Nguyen An, Nhut, Huynh Song, An, Nguyen Ngoc, Phuong, Tran Anh, Hanh, Nguyen Cao, Thao, Giang Thi Phuong, Pham, The Trinh, Hong, Pham Viet, Ha, Le Thi Thu, Bui, Dieu Tien, Hoa, Pham Viet
No: 226

Urban Fine-Grained Spatial Structure Detection Based on a New Traffic Flow Interaction Analysis Framework
Zhang, Yan, Zheng, Xiang, Chen, Min, Li, Yingbing, Yan, Yingxue, Wang, Peiying
No: 227

View-Dependent Progressive Transmission Method for 3D Building Models
Sun, Yuchang, Ma, Jingsong, She, Jiangfeng, Zhao, Qiang, He, Lixia
No: 228

Edge Detection in 3D Point Clouds Using Digital Images
Dolapsaki, Maria Melina, Georgopoulos, Andreas
No: 229

Parking Places to Moped-Style Scooter Sharing Services Using GIS Location-Allocation Models and GPS Data
Pérez-Fernández, Onel, García-Palomares, Juan Carlos
No: 230

What Happens in the City When Long-Term Urban Expansion and (Un)Sustainable Fringe Development Occur: The Case Study of Rome
Nickayin, Samaneh Sadat, Salvati, Luca, Coluzzi, Rosa, Lanfredi, Maria, Halbac-Cotoara-Zamfir, Rares, Salvia, Rosanna, Quaranta, Giovanni, Alhuseen, Ahmed, Gaburova, Luisa
No: 231

Maximizing Impacts of Remote Sensing Surveys in Slope Stability—A Novel Method to Incorporate Discontinuities into Machine Learning Landslide Prediction
He, Lingfeng, Coggan, John, Francioni, Mirko, Eyre, Matthew
No: 232

Modeling Soil Moisture from Multisource Data by Stepwise Multilinear Regression: An Application to the Chinese Loess Plateau
Yuan, Lina, Li, Long, Zhang, Ting, Chen, Longqian, Liu, Weiqiang, Hu, Sai, Yang, Longhua
No: 233

High-Accuracy Recognition and Localization of Moving Targets in an Indoor Environment Using Binocular Stereo Vision
Ding, Jing, Yan, Zhigang, We, Xuchen
No: 234

Linking Public Transport User Satisfaction with Service Accessibility for Sustainable Mobility Planning
Inturri, Giuseppe, Giuffrida, Nadia, Le Pira, Michela, Fazio, Martina, Ignaccolo, Matteo
No: 235

Precision Agriculture Workflow, from Data Collection to Data Management Using FOSS Tools: An Application in Northern Italy Vineyard
Belcore, Elena, Angeli, Stefano, Colucci, Elisabetta, Musci, Maria Angela, Aicardi, Irene
No: 236

Analyzing the Research Evolution in Response to COVID-19
Li, Weirong, Sun, Kai, Zhu, Yunqiang, Song, Jia, Yang, Jie, Qian, Lang, Wang, Shu
No: 237

How Is Urban Greenness Spatially Associated with Dockless Bike Sharing Usage on Weekdays, Weekends, and Holidays?
Gao, Feng, Li, Shaoying, Tan, Zhangzhi, Zhang, Xiaoming, Lai, Zhipeng, Tan, Ziling
No: 238

Improving Strawberry Yield Prediction by Integrating Ground-Based Canopy Images in Modeling Approaches
Abd-Elrahman, Amr, Wu, Feng, Agehara, Shinsuke, Britt, Katie
No: 239

Using Content Analysis to Probe the Cognitive Image of Intangible Cultural Heritage Tourism: An Exploration of Chinese Social Media
Qiu, Qihang, Zhang, Mu
No: 240

High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image Segmentation Framework Based on Attention Mechanism and Adaptive Weighting
Liu, Yifan, Zhu, Qigang, Cao, Feng, Chen, Junke, Lu, Gang
No: 241

An Innovative Intelligent System with Integrated CNN and SVM: Considering Various Crops through Hyperspectral Image Data
Wan, Shiuan, Yeh, Mei-Ling, Ma, Hong-Lin
No: 242

The Soil Nutrient Digital Mapping for Precision Agriculture Cases in the Trans-Ural Steppe Zone of Russia Using Topographic Attributes
Suleymanov, Azamat, Abakumov, Evgeny, Suleymanov, Ruslan, Gabbasova, Ilyusya, Komissarov, Mikhail
No: 243

A Framework for Cloud-Based Spatially-Explicit Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis in Spatial Multi-Criteria Models
Erlacher, Christoph, Anders, Karl-Heinrich, Jankowski, Piotr, Paulus, Gernot, Blaschke, Thomas
No: 244

Non-Local Feature Search Network for Building and Road Segmentation of Remote Sensing Image
Ding, Cheng, Weng, Liguo, Xia, Min, Lin, Haifeng
No: 245

A Geomorphic Approach for Identifying Flash Flood Potential Areas in the East Rapti River Basin of Nepal
Pangali Sharma, Til Prasad, Zhang, Jiahua, Khanal, Narendra Raj, Prodhan, Foyez Ahmed, Nanzad, Lkhagvadorj, Zhang, Da, Nepal, Pashupati
No: 247

Semantics of Voids within Data: Ignorance-Aware Machine Learning
Terziyan, Vagan, Nikulin, Anton
No: 246

Mining Topological Dependencies of Recurrent Congestion in Road Networks
Tempelmeier, Nicolas, Feuerhake, Udo, Wage, Oskar, Demidova, Elena
No: 248

Toward Improving Image Retrieval via Global Saliency Weighted Feature
Zhao, Hongwei, Wu, Jiaxin, Zhang, Danyang, Liu, Pingping
No: 249

A Deep Learning Streaming Methodology for Trajectory Classification
Kontopoulos, Ioannis, Makris, Antonios, Tserpes, Konstantinos
No: 250

Mapping Public Urban Green Spaces Based on OpenStreetMap and Sentinel-2 Imagery Using Belief Functions
Ludwig, Christina, Hecht, Robert, Lautenbach, Sven, Schorcht, Martin, Zipf, Alexander
No: 251

Mapping Coastal Flood Susceptible Areas Using Shannon’s Entropy Model: The Case of Muscat Governorate, Oman
Al-Hinai, Hanan, Abdalla, Rifaat
No: 252

Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Potential Active Landslide Hazards Identification with Multi-Source Data
Zheng, Xiangxiang, He, Guojin, Wang, Shanshan, Wang, Yi, Wang, Guizhou, Yang, Zhaoying, Yu, Junchuan, Wang, Ning
No: 253

Accuracy Comparison on Culvert-Modified Digital Elevation Models of DSMA and BA Methods Using ALS Point Clouds
Fareed, Nadeem, Wang, Chi-Kuei
No: 254

Why Is Green Hotel Certification Unpopular in Taiwan? An Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Approach
Chen, Yen-Cheng, Lee, Ching-Sung, Hsu, Ya-Chuan, Chen, Yin-Jui
No: 255

Object Semantic Segmentation in Point Clouds—Comparison of a Deep Learning and a Knowledge-Based Method
Ponciano, Jean-Jacques, Roetner, Moritz, Reiterer, Alexander, Boochs, Frank
No: 256

POSE-ID-on—A Novel Framework for Artwork Pose Clustering
Marsocci, Valerio, Lastilla, Lorenzo
No: 257

Context-Specific Point-of-Interest Recommendation Based on Popularity-Weighted Random Sampling and Factorization Machine
Yu, Dongjin, Shen, Yi, Xu, Kaihui, Xu, Yihang
No: 258

Spatial Allocation Based on Physiological Needs and Land Suitability Using the Combination of Ecological Footprint and SVM (Case Study: Java Island, Indonesia)
Safitri, Sitarani, Wikantika, Ketut, Riqqi, Akhmad, Deliar, Albertus, Sumarto, Irawan
No: 259

Mapping Local Climate Zones and Their Applications in European Urban Environments: A Systematic Literature Review and Future Development Trends
Lehnert, Michal, Savić, Stevan, Milošević, Dragan, Dunjić, Jelena, Geletič, Jan
No: 260

Differencing the Risk of Reiterative Spatial Incidence of COVID-19 Using Space–Time 3D Bins of Geocoded Daily Cases
De Cos, Olga, Castillo, Valentín, Cantarero, David
No: 261

Modelling Sediment Retention Services and Soil Erosion Changes in Portugal: A Spatio-Temporal Approach
Marques, Susana M., Campos, Felipe S., David, João, Cabral, Pedro
No: 262

Landscape Pattern Theoretical Optimization of Urban Green Space Based on Ecosystem Service Supply and Demand
Liu, Qinqin, Tian, Yichen, Yin, Kai, Zhang, Feifei, Huang, Huiping, Chen, Fangmiao
No: 263

An Open Source GIS Application for Spatial Assessment of Health Care Quality Indicators
Duarte, Lia, Teodoro, Ana Cláudia, Lobo, Mariana, Viana, João, Pinheiro, Vera, Freitas, Alberto
No: 264

Analysis of OpenStreetMap Data Quality at Different Stages of a Participatory Mapping Process: Evidence from Slums in Africa and Asia
Yeboah, Godwin, Porto de Albuquerque, João, Troilo, Rafael, Tregonning, Grant, Perera, Shanaka, Ahmed, Syed A. K. Shifat, Ajisola, Motunrayo, Alam, Ornob, Aujla, Navneet, Azam, Syed Iqbal, Azeem, Kehkashan, Bakibinga, Pauline, Chen, Yen-Fu, Choudhury, Nazratun Nayeem, Diggle, Peter J., Fayehun, Olufunke, Gill, Paramjit, Griffiths, Frances, Harris, Bronwyn, Iqbal, Romaina, Kabaria, Caroline, Ziraba, Abdhalah Kasiira, Khan, Afreen Zaman, Kibe, Peter, Kisia, Lyagamula, Kyobutungi, Catherine, Lilford, Richard J., Madan, Jason J., Mbaya, Nelson, Mberu, Blessing, Mohamed, Shukri F., Muir, Helen, Nazish, Ahsana, Njeri, Anne, Odubanjo, Oladoyin, Omigbodun, Akinyinka, Osuh, Mary E., Owoaje, Eme, Oyebode, Oyinlola, Pitidis, Vangelis, Rahman, Omar, Rizvi, Narjis, Sartori, Jo, Smith, Simon, Taiwo, Olalekan John, Ulbrich, Philipp, Uthman, Olalekan A., Watson, Samuel I., Wilson, Ria, Yusuf, Rita
No: 265

Design Verification of an Optimized Wayfinding Map in a Station
Zheng, Meng-Cong, Chang, Ken-Tzu
No: 266

TATSSI: A Free and Open-Source Platform for Analyzing Earth Observation Products with Quality Data Assessment
Tecuapetla-Gómez, Inder, López-Saldaña, Gerardo, Cruz-López, María Isabel, Ressl, Rainer
No: 267

Modeling the Distribution of Human Mobility Metrics with Online Car-Hailing Data—An Empirical Study in Xi’an, China
Shi, Chaoyang, Li, Qingquan, Lu, Shiwei, Yang, Xiping
No: 268

The Road Map to Classify the Potential Risk of Wind Erosion
Středová, Hana, Podhrázská, Jana, Chuchma, Filip, Středa, Tomáš, Kučera, Josef, Fukalová, Petra, Blecha, Martin
No: 269


New publications in the ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information
Open Access Journal
Volume 10, Issue 05 (May 2021)

Understanding the Relationship between Dominant Geo-Environmental Factors and Rural Poverty in Guizhou, China
Ge, Yong, Ren, Zhoupeng, Fu, Yangyang
No: 270

Spatiotemporal Influence of Land Use/Land Cover Change Dynamics on Surface Urban Heat Island: A Case Study of Abuja Metropolis, Nigeria
Koko, Auwalu Faisal, Yue, Wu, Abubakar, Ghali Abdullahi, Alabsi, Akram Ahmed Noman, Hamed, Roknisadeh
No: 272

Utilization of Image, LiDAR and Gamma-Ray Information to Improve Environmental Sustainability of Cut-to-Length Wood Harvesting Operations in Peatlands: A Management Systems Perspective
Palander, Teijo, Kärhä, Kalle
No: 273

Seismic Vulnerability Assessment in Ranau, Sabah, Using Two Different Models
binti Abd Razak, Janatul Aziera, bin Rambat, Shuib, binti Che Ros, Faizah, Shi, Zhongchao, bin Mazlan, Saiful Amri
No: 271

Inferring Urban Land Use from Multi-Source Urban Mobility Data Using Latent Multi-View Subspace Clustering
Liu, Qiliang, Huan, Weihua, Deng, Min, Zheng, Xiaolin, Yuan, Haotao
No: 274

3D Visibility Analysis for Evaluating the Attractiveness of Tourism Routes Computed from Social Media Photos
Mor, Matan, Fisher-Gewirtzman, Dafna, Yosifof, Roei, Dalyot, Sagi
No: 275

Exploiting a Semi-Automatic Point Cloud Segmentation Method to Improve the Quality of Rock-Mass Characterization. The Cima Grappa Conservative Restoration Case Study
Mugnai, Francesco, Farina, Paolo, Tucci, Grazia
No: 276

AIS and VBD Data Fusion for Marine Fishing Intensity Mapping and Analysis in the Northern Part of the South China Sea
Li, Xiaoen, Xiao, Yang, Su, Fenzhen, Wu, Wenzhou, Zhou, Liang
No: 277

Deep Understanding of Urban Dynamics from Imprint Urban Toponymic Data Using a Spatial–Temporal–Semantic Analysis Approach
Chen, Yurong, Zhang, Feng, Li, Xinba, Zhang, Chuanrong, Chen, Ninghua, Du, Zhenhong, Liu, Renyi, Wang, Bo
No: 278

Towards Measuring Shape Similarity of Polygons Based on Multiscale Features and Grid Context Descriptors
Fan, Hongchao, Zhao, Zhiyao, Li, Wenwen
No: 279

Measurement of Potential Victims of Burglary at the Mesoscale: Comparison of Census, Phone Users, and Social Media Data
Zhang, Zhuofang, Liu, Lin, Cheng, Sisun
No: 280

Examining the Characteristics of the Cropland Data Layer in the Context of Estimating Land Cover Change
Copenhaver, Ken, Hamada, Yuki, Mueller, Steffen, Dunn, Jennifer B.
No: 281

Spatial Optimization of Mega-City Fire Stations Based on Multi-Source Geospatial Data: A Case Study in Beijing
Wang, Wenda, Xu, Zhibang, Sun, Dongqi, Lan, Ting
No: 282

Could Historical Mortality Data Predict Mortality Due to Unexpected Events?
Andreopoulos, Panagiotis, Kalogeropoulos, Kleomenis, Tragaki, Alexandra, Stathopoulos, Nikolaos
No: 283

Marker-Less UAV-LiDAR Strip Alignment in Plantation Forests Based on Topological Persistence Analysis of Clustered Canopy Cover
Fekry, Reda, Yao, Wei, Cao, Lin, Shen, Xin
No: 284

Digital Terrain Models Generated with Low-Cost UAV Photogrammetry: Methodology and Accuracy
Jiménez-Jiménez, Sergio Iván, Ojeda-Bustamante, Waldo, Marcial-Pablo, Mariana de Jesús, Enciso, Juan
No: 285

Non-Stationary Modeling of Microlevel Road-Curve Crash Frequency with Geographically Weighted Regression
Wang, Ce, Li, Shuo, Shan, Jie
No: 286

Hotspot Detection and Spatiotemporal Evolution of Catering Service Grade in Mountainous Cities from the Perspective of Geo-Information Tupu
Zhang, Yu, Min, Jie, Liu, Chunxia, Li, Yuechen
No: 287

A Method for Exploring and Analyzing Spatiotemporal Patterns of Traffic Congestion in Expressway Networks Based on Origin–Destination Data
Gao, Hong, Yan, Zhenjun, Hu, Xu, Yu, Zhaoyuan, Luo, Wen, Yuan, Linwang, Zhang, Jiyi
No: 288

Expert Knowledge as Basis for Assessing an Automatic Matching Procedure
Ruiz-Lendínez, Juan José, Ariza-López, Francisco Javier, Ureña-Cámara, Manuel Antonio
No: 289

Spatial Distribution Characteristics of Heavy Metals in Surface Soil of Xilinguole Coal Mining Area Based on Semivariogram
Chen, Guoqing, Yang, Yong, Liu, Xinyao, Wang, Mingjiu
No: 290

Geospatial Analysis of Solar Energy in Riyadh Using a GIS-AHP-Based Technique
Albraheem, Lamya, Alabdulkarim, Leena
No: 291

Analysis of the Degree of Threat to Railway Infrastructure by Falling Tree Vegetation
Kučera, Michal, Dobesova, Zdena
No: 292

Assessing the Generalization of Machine Learning-Based Slope Failure Prediction to New Geographic Extents
Maxwell, Aaron E., Sharma, Maneesh, Kite, J. Steven, Donaldson, Kurt A., Maynard, Shannon M., Malay, Caleb M.
No: 293

Copyright Protection Based on Zero Watermarking and Blockchain for Vector Maps
Ren, Na, Zhao, Yazhou, Zhu, Changqing, Zhou, Qifei, Xu, Dingjie
No: 294

Assessing Influential Factors on Inland Property Damage from Gulf of Mexico Tropical Cyclones in the United States
Rifat, Shaikh Abdullah Al, Senkbeil, Jason C., Liu, Weibo
No: 295

Surveying Reality (SurReal): Software to Simulate Surveying in Virtual Reality
Bolkas, Dimitrios, Chiampi, Jeffrey, Fioti, Joseph, Gaffney, Donovan
No: 296

The Extension of IFC For Supporting 3D Cadastre LADM Geometry
Petronijević, Marija, Višnjevac, Nenad, Praščević, Nataša, Bajat, Branislav
No: 297

Assessment of Surface Water Availability under Climate Change Using Coupled SWAT-WEAP in Hongshui River Basin, China
Touseef, Muhammad, Chen, Lihua, Yang, Wenzhe
No: 298

Temporal and Spatial Evolution and Influencing Factors of Public Sentiment in Natural Disasters—A Case Study of Typhoon Haiyan
Zhang, Ting, Cheng, Changxiu
No: 299

A Study on Prediction Model of Gully Volume Based on Morphological Features in the JINSHA Dry-Hot Valley Region of Southwest China
Yang, Dan, Mu, Kai, Yang, Hui, Luo, Mingliang, Lv, Wei, Zhang, Bin, Liu, Hui, Wang, Zhicheng
No: 300

On the Representativeness of OpenStreetMap for the Evaluation of Country Tourism Competitiveness
Bustamante, Alexander, Sebastia, Laura, Onaindia, Eva
No: 301

A Progressive and Combined Building Simplification Approach with Local Structure Classification and Backtracking Strategy
Wei, Zhiwei, Liu, Yang, Cheng, Lu, Ding, Su
No: 302

Crowdsourcing of Popular Toponyms: How to Collect and Preserve Toponyms in Spoken Use
Vrbík, Daniel, Lábus, Václav
No: 303

Spatial Pattern of Highway Transport Dominance in Qinghai–Tibet Plateau at the County Scale
Wang, Zhiheng, Fan, Hongkui, Wang, Daikun, Xing, Tao, Wang, Dongchuan, Guo, Qiaozhen, Xiu, Lina
No: 304

IFCInfra4OM: An Ontology to Integrate Operation and Maintenance Information in Highway Information Modelling
Ait-Lamallam, Sara, Sebari, Imane, Yaagoubi, Reda, Doukari, Omar
No: 305

Structure-Level 3D Building Model Encoding Method for Progressive Transmission
Dong, Jiwei, Tan, Junzhong, Zhao, Qiang, He, Lixia, Li, Sirui, She, Jiangfeng
No: 306

Identifying Users’ Requirements for Emergency Mapping Team Operations in Small Island Developing States: Caribbean Perspective
Rosario Michel, Gregorio, Manzano Aybar, Fernando, Neris Guzmán, Leris, Villalta Calderón, Christian, Durán, Teodoro Jiménez, Crompvoets, Joep
No: 307

Cellular Automata Based Land-Use Change Simulation Considering Spatio-Temporal Influence Heterogeneity of Light Rail Transit Construction: A Case in Nanjing, China
Na, Jiaming, Zhu, Jie, Zheng, Jiazhu, Di, Shaoning, Ding, Hu, Ma, Lingfei
No: 308

Detection and Analysis of Degree of Maize Lodging Using UAV-RGB Image Multi-Feature Factors and Various Classification Methods
Wang, Zixu, Nie, Chenwei, Wang, Hongwu, Ao, Yong, Jin, Xiuliang, Yu, Xun, Bai, Yi, Liu, Yadong, Shao, Mingchao, Cheng, Minghan, Liu, Shuaibing, Wang, Siyu, Tuohuti, Nuremanguli
No: 309

Exploring Spatial Patterns of Virginia Tornadoes Using Kernel Density and Space-Time Cube Analysis (1960–2019)
Allen, Michael J., Allen, Thomas R., Davis, Christopher, McLeod, George
No: 310

Vector Map Encryption Algorithm Based on Double Random Position Permutation Strategy
Wang, Xiaolong, Yan, Haowen, Zhang, Liming
No: 311

G-STC-M Spatio-Temporal Analysis Method for Archaeological Sites
Cui, Jing, Liu, Yanrong, Sun, Junling, Hu, Di, He, Handong
No: 312

Mapping and Quantification of the Dwarf Eelgrass Zostera noltei Using a Random Forest Algorithm on a SPOT 7 Satellite Image
Benmokhtar, Salma, Robin, Marc, Maanan, Mohamed, Bazairi, Hocein
No: 313

An Adaptive Spatial Resolution Method Based on the ST-ResNet Model for Hourly Property Crime Prediction
Zhang, Hong, Zhang, Jie, Wang, Zengli, Yin, Hao
No: 314

Geohazards Susceptibility Assessment along the Upper Indus Basin Using Four Machine Learning and Statistical Models
Ahmad, Hilal, Ningsheng, Chen, Rahman, Mahfuzur, Islam, Md Monirul, Pourghasemi, Hamid Reza, Hussain, Syed Fahad, Habumugisha, Jules Maurice, Liu, Enlong, Zheng, Han, Ni, Huayong, Dewan, Ashraf
No: 315

Integration of Laser Scanner and Photogrammetry for Heritage BIM Enhancement
Alshawabkeh, Yahya, Baik, Ahmad, Miky, Yehia
No: 316

A Proposed Framework for Identification of Indicators to Model High-Frequency Cities
Senousi, Ahmad M., Zhang, Junwei, Shi, Wenzhong, Liu, Xintao
No: 317

Mapping the Accessibility of Medical Facilities of Wuhan during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Zhou, Zhenqi, Xu, Zhen, Liu, Anqi, Zhou, Shuang, Mu, Lan, Zhang, Xuan
No: 318

Agricultural Land-Use Changes in the Judean Region from the End of the Ottoman Empire to the End of the British Mandate: A Spatial Analysis
Schaffer, Gad
No: 319

Are Electric Vehicles Reshaping the City? An Investigation of the Clustering of Electric Vehicle Owners’ Dwellings and Their Interaction with Urban Spaces
Kang, Jing, Kan, Changcheng, Lin, Zhongjie
No: 320

A GIS-Based Methodology for Evaluating the Increase in Multimodal Transport between Bicycle and Rail Transport Systems. A Case Study in Palermo
Capodici, Alessandro Emilio, D’Orso, Gabriele, Migliore, Marco
No: 321

Detecting Urban Events by Considering Long Temporal Dependency of Sentiment Strength in Geotagged Social Media Data
Jiang, Wei, Wang, Yandong, Xiong, Zhengan, Song, Xiaoqing, Long, Yi, Cao, Weidong
No: 322

Evaluating the Representativeness of Socio-Demographic Variables over Time for Geo-Social Media Data
Petutschnig, Andreas, Resch, Bernd, Lang, Stefan, Havas, Clemens
No: 323

Implementation of FAIR Principles for Ontologies in the Disaster Domain: A Systematic Literature Review
Mazimwe, Allan, Hammouda, Imed, Gidudu, Anthony
No: 324

An Automatic and Operational Method for Land Cover Change Detection Using Spatiotemporal Analysis of MODIS Data: A Northern Ontario (Canada) Case Study
Ituen, Ima, Hu, Baoxin
No: 325

Geospatial Decision-Making Framework Based on the Concept of Satisficing
Milutinović, Goran, Seipel, Stefan, Ahonen-Jonnarth, Ulla
No: 326

Natural and Political Determinants of Ecological Vulnerability in the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau: A Case Study of Shannan, China
Jiang, Yunxiao, Li, Rong, Shi, Yu, Guo, Luo
No: 327

Evaluating the Effect of the Financial Status to the Mobility Customs
Pintér, Gergő, Felde, Imre
No: 328

Cascaded Attention DenseUNet (CADUNet) for Road Extraction from Very-High-Resolution Images
Li, Jing, Liu, Yong, Zhang, Yindan, Zhang, Yang
No: 329

Implicit, Formal, and Powerful Semantics in Geoinformation
Bordogna, Gloria, Fugazza, Cristiano, Tagliolato Acquaviva d’Aragona, Paolo, Carrara, Paola
No: 330

An Evaluation Model for Analyzing Robustness and Spatial Closeness of 3D Indoor Evacuation Networks
Niu, Lei, Wang, Zhiyong, Song, Yiquan, Li, Yi
No: 331

Geospatial Management and Analysis of Microstructural Data from San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth (SAFOD) Core Samples
Holmes, Elliott M., Gaughan, Andrea E., Biddle, Donald J., Stevens, Forrest R., Hadizadeh, Jafar
No: 332

Filtering Link Outliers in Vehicle Trajectories by Spatial Reasoning
Liu, Junli, Pan, Miaomiao, Song, Xianfeng, Wang, Jing, Zhu, Kemin, Li, Runkui, Rui, Xiaoping, Wang, Weifeng, Hu, Jinghao, Raghavan, Venkatesh
No: 333

A Trajectory Ensemble-Compression Algorithm Based on Finite Element Method
Chen, Haibo, Chen, Xin
No: 334

Geocoding Freeform Placenames: An Example of Deciphering the Czech National Immigration Database
Šimbera, Jan, Drbohlav, Dušan, Štych, Přemysl
No: 335

A Dynamic and Static Context-Aware Attention Network for Trajectory Prediction
Yu, Jian, Zhou, Meng, Wang, Xin, Pu, Guoliang, Cheng, Chengqi, Chen, Bo
No: 336

Multifractal Characteristics Analysis Based on Slope Distribution Probability in the Yellow River Basin, China
Qin, Zilong, Wang, Jinxin, Lu, Yan
No: 337

Autonomous Flight Trajectory Control System for Drones in Smart City Traffic Management
Nguyen, Dinh Dung, Rohacs, Jozsef, Rohacs, Daniel
No: 338

Block2vec: An Approach for Identifying Urban Functional Regions by Integrating Sentence Embedding Model and Points of Interest
Sun, Zhihao, Jiao, Hongzan, Wu, Hao, Peng, Zhenghong, Liu, Lingbo
No: 339

Subsurface Topographic Modeling Using Geospatial and Data Driven Algorithm
Abbaszadeh Shahri, Abbas, Kheiri, Ali, Hamzeh, Aliakbar
No: 341

What Is the Shape of Geographical Time-Space? A Three-Dimensional Model Made of Curves and Cones
L’Hostis, Alain, Abdou, Farouk
No: 340

The Land-Use Change Dynamics Based on the CORINE Data in the Period 1990–2018 in the European Archipelagos of the Macaronesia Region: Azores, Canary Islands, and Madeira
Castanho, Rui Alexandre, Naranjo Gomez, José Manuel, Vulevic, Ana, Couto, Gualter
No: 342

A Spatial Approach for Modeling Amphibian Road-Kills: Comparison of Regression Techniques
Sousa-Guedes, Diana, Franch, Marc, Sillero, Neftalí
No: 343

Spatiotemporal Patterns of Human Mobility and Its Association with Land Use Types during COVID-19 in New York City
Jiang, Yuqin, Huang, Xiao, Li, Zhenlong
No: 344

Seismic Damage Semantics on Post-Earthquake LOD3 Building Models Generated by UAS
Chaidas, Konstantinos, Tataris, George, Soulakellis, Nikolaos
No: 345

Simulation of Land-Use Changes Using the Partitioned ANN-CA Model and Considering the Influence of Land-Use Change Frequency
Xu, Quanli, Wang, Qing, Liu, Jing, Liang, Hong
No: 346

Urban Quality of Life: Spatial Modeling and Indexing in Athens Metropolitan Area, Greece
Faka, Antigoni, Kalogeropoulos, Kleomenis, Maloutas, Thomas, Chalkias, Christos
No: 347

A Quantitative Analysis of Factors Influencing Organic Matter Concentration in the Topsoil of Black Soil in Northeast China Based on Spatial Heterogeneous Patterns
Du, Zhenbo, Gao, Bingbo, Ou, Cong, Du, Zhenrong, Yang, Jianyu, Batsaikhan, Bayartungalag, Dorjgotov, Battogtokh, Yun, Wenju, Zhu, Dehai
No: 348

Coupling Historical Maps and LiDAR Data to Identify Man-Made Landforms in Urban Areas
Terrone, Martino, Piana, Pietro, Paliaga, Guido, D’Orazi, Marco, Faccini, Francesco
No: 349

Comparison of Ecohydrological and Climatological Zoning of the Cities: Case Study of the City of Pilsen
Kopp, Jan, Frajer, Jindřich, Novotná, Marie, Preis, Jiří, Dolejš, Martin
No: 350

Development of an Integrated BIM-3D GIS Approach for 3D Cadastre in Morocco
Hajji, Rafika, Yaagoubi, Reda, Meliana, Imane, Laafou, Imane, Gholabzouri, Ahmed El
No: 351

Public Bike Trip Purpose Inference Using Point-of-Interest Data
Lee, Jiwon, Yu, Kiyun, Kim, Jiyoung
No: 352

Automatic Delineation of Urban Growth Boundaries Based on Topographic Data Using Germany as a Case Study
Harig, Oliver, Hecht, Robert, Burghardt, Dirk, Meinel, Gotthard
No: 353

A GIS Assessment of the Suitability of Tilapia and Clarias Pond Farming in Tanzania
Berg, Håkan, Mulokozi, Deogratias, Udikas, Lars
No: 354

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ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing      

New publications in the ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Volume 174 (April 2021)

A maximum bathymetric depth model to simulate satellite photon-counting lidar performance
Wenhao Zhang, Nan Xu, Yue Ma, Bisheng Yang, Zhiyu Zhang, Xiao Hua Wang, Song Li
Pages: 182-197

A CNN approach to simultaneously count plants and detect plantation-rows from UAV imagery
Lucas Prado Osco, Mauro {dos Santos de Arruda}, Diogo Nunes Gonçalves, Alexandre Dias, Juliana Batistoti, Mauricio {de Souza}, Felipe David Georges Gomes, Ana Paula Marques Ramos, Lúcio André {de Castro Jorge}, Veraldo Liesenberg, Jonathan Li, Lingfei Ma, José Marcato, Wesley Nunes Gonçalves
Pages: 1-17

Depth-enhanced feature pyramid network for occlusion-aware verification of buildings from oblique images
Qing Zhu, Shengzhi Huang, Han Hu, Haifeng Li, Min Chen, Ruofei Zhong
Pages: 105-116

Automatic atmospheric correction for shortwave hyperspectral remote sensing data using a time-dependent deep neural network
Jian Sun, Fangcao Xu, Guido Cervone, Melissa Gervais, Christelle Wauthier, Mark Salvador
Pages: 117-131

Automated street tree inventory using mobile LiDAR point clouds based on Hough transform and active contours
Amir Hossein Safaie, Heidar Rastiveis, Alireza Shams, Wayne A. Sarasua, Jonathan Li
Pages: 19-34

Deep multisensor learning for missing-modality all-weather mapping
Zhuo Zheng, Ailong Ma, Liangpei Zhang, Yanfei Zhong
Pages: 254-264

Atmospheric and sunglint correction for retrieving chlorophyll-a in a productive tropical estuarine-lagoon system using Sentinel-2 MSI imagery
Matheus Henrique Tavares, Regina Camara Lins, Tristan Harmel, Carlos Ruberto {Fragoso Jr.}, Jean-Michel Martínez, David Motta-Marques
Pages: 215-236

Change in the Editors-in-Chief team of the ISPRS Journal for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Qihao Wen
Pages: 18

Using a fully polarimetric SAR to detect landslide in complex surroundings: Case study of 2015 Shenzhen landslide
Chaoyang Niu, Haobo Zhang, Wei Liu, Runsheng Li, Tao Hu
Pages: 56-67

VPC-Net: Completion of 3D vehicles from MLS point clouds
Yan Xia, Yusheng Xu, Cheng Wang, Uwe Stilla
Pages: 166-181

A nested drone-satellite approach to monitoring the ecological conditions of wetlands
Saheba Bhatnagar, Laurence Gill, Shane Regan, Stephen Waldren, Bidisha Ghosh
Pages: 151-165

A hybrid global structure from motion method for synchronously estimating global rotations and global translations
Xin Wang, Teng Xiao, Yoni Kasten
Pages: 35-55

Open-air grape classification and its application in parcel-level risk assessment of late frost in the eastern Helan Mountains
Wei Liu, Xiaodong Zhang, Fei He, Quan Xiong, Xuli Zan, Zhe Liu, Dexuan Sha, Chaowei Yang, Shaoming Li, Yuanyuan Zhao
Pages: 132-150

Field-scale crop yield prediction using multi-temporal WorldView-3 and PlanetScope satellite data and deep learning
Vasit Sagan, Maitiniyazi Maimaitijiang, Sourav Bhadra, Matthew Maimaitiyiming, Davis R. Brown, Paheding Sidike, Felix B. Fritschi
Pages: 265-281

Zanthoxylum bungeanum Maxim mapping with multi-temporal Sentinel-2 images: The importance of different features and consistency of results
Mingxing Liu, Jianhong Liu, Clement Atzberger, Ya Jiang, Minfei Ma, Xunmei Wang
Pages: 68-86

Editorial Board

Pages: ii

Large-scale rice mapping under different years based on time-series Sentinel-1 images using deep semantic segmentation model
Pengliang Wei, Dengfeng Chai, Tao Lin, Chao Tang, Meiqi Du, Jingfeng Huang
Pages: 198-214

A geographic information-driven method and a new large scale dataset for remote sensing cloud/snow detection
Xi Wu, Zhenwei Shi, Zhengxia Zou
Pages: 87-104

Evaluation of Landsat-8 TIRS data recalibrations and land surface temperature split-window algorithms over a homogeneous crop area with different phenological land covers
Raquel Niclòs, Jesús Puchades, César Coll, María J. Barberà, Lluís Pérez-Planells, José A. Valiente, Juan M. Sánchez
Pages: 237-253

Application of UAV-based orthomosaics for determination of horizontal displacement caused by underground mining
Edyta Puniach, Wojciech Gruszczyński, Paweł Ćwiąkała, Wojciech Matwij
Pages: 282-303



New publications in the ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Volume 175 (May 2021)

Editorial Board
Pages: ii

Efficient interactions for reconstructing complex buildings via joint photometric and geometric saliency segmentation
Bo Xu, Han Hu, Qing Zhu, Xuming Ge, Yigao Jin, Haojia Yu, Ruofei Zhong
Pages: 416-430

Floorplan generation from 3D point clouds: A space partitioning approach
Hao Fang, Florent Lafarge, Cihui Pan, Hui Huang
Pages: 44-55

Greenness, texture, and spatial relationships predict floristic diversity across wetlands of the conterminous United States
Sophie Taddeo, Iryna Dronova, Kendall Harris
Pages: 236-246

Validation of baseline and modified Sentinel-2 Level 2 Prototype Processor leaf area index retrievals over the United States
Luke A. Brown, Richard Fernandes, Najib Djamai, Courtney Meier, Nadine Gobron, Harry Morris, Francis Canisius, Gabriele Bai, Christophe Lerebourg, Christian Lanconelli, Marco Clerici, Jadunandan Dash
Pages: 71-87

Detecting individual abandoned houses from google street view: A hierarchical deep learning approach
Shengyuan Zou, Le Wang
Pages: 298-310

Building outline delineation: From aerial images to polygons with an improved end-to-end learning framework
Wufan Zhao, Claudio Persello, Alfred Stein
Pages: 119-131

Attention aware cost volume pyramid based multi-view stereo network for 3D reconstruction
Anzhu Yu, Wenyue Guo, Bing Liu, Xin Chen, Xin Wang, Xuefeng Cao, Bingchuan Jiang
Pages: 448-460

Learning from multimodal and multitemporal earth observation data for building damage mapping
Bruno Adriano, Naoto Yokoya, Junshi Xia, Hiroyuki Miura, Wen Liu, Masashi Matsuoka, Shunichi Koshimura
Pages: 132-143

Forest height retrieval using P-band airborne multi-baseline SAR data: A novel phase compensation method
Hongliang Lu, Heng Zhang, Huaitao Fan, Dacheng Liu, Jili Wang, Xiangxing Wan, Lei Zhao, Yunkai Deng, Fengjun Zhao, Robert Wang
Pages: 99-118

A Global Context-aware and Batch-independent Network for road extraction from VHR satellite imagery
Qiqi Zhu, Yanan Zhang, Lizeng Wang, Yanfei Zhong, Qingfeng Guan, Xiaoyan Lu, Liangpei Zhang, Deren Li
Pages: 353-365

Sentinel SAR-optical fusion for crop type mapping using deep learning and Google Earth Engine
Jarrett Adrian, Vasit Sagan, Maitiniyazi Maimaitijiang
Pages: 215-235

Individual tree extraction from urban mobile laser scanning point clouds using deep pointwise direction embedding
Haifeng Luo, Kourosh Khoshelham, Chongcheng Chen, Hanxian He
Pages: 326-339

Structure-aware completion of photogrammetric meshes in urban road environment
Qing Zhu, Qisen Shang, Han Hu, Haojia Yu, Ruofei Zhong
Pages: 56-70

CLNet: Cross-layer convolutional neural network for change detection in optical remote sensing imagery
Zhi Zheng, Yi Wan, Yongjun Zhang, Sizhe Xiang, Daifeng Peng, Bin Zhang
Pages: 247-267

Estimating daily full-coverage near surface O3, CO, and NO2 concentrations at a high spatial resolution over China based on S5P-TROPOMI and GEOS-FP
Yuan Wang, Qiangqiang Yuan, Tongwen Li, Liye Zhu, Liangpei Zhang
Pages: 311-325

Mapping crop types in complex farming areas using SAR imagery with dynamic time warping
Getachew Workineh Gella, Wietske Bijker, Mariana Belgiu
Pages: 171-183

GAMSNet: Globally aware road detection network with multi-scale residual learning
Xiaoyan Lu, Yanfei Zhong, Zhuo Zheng, Liangpei Zhang
Pages: 340-352

Center pivot field delineation and mapping: A satellite-driven object-based image analysis approach for national scale accounting
Kasper Johansen, Oliver Lopez, Yu-Hsuan Tu, Ting Li, Matthew Francis McCabe
Pages: 1-19

Detecting inconsistent information in crowd-sourced street networks based on parallel carriageways identification and the rule of symmetry
Xiang Zhang, Tianfu Wang, Delin Jiao, Zhiying Zhou, Jianwei Yu, Xiao Cheng
Pages: 386-402

Validation and consistency assessment of land surface temperature from geostationary and polar orbit platforms: SEVIRI/MSG and AVHRR/Metop
Isabel F. Trigo, Sofia L. Ermida, João P.A. Martins, Célia M. Gouveia, Frank-M. Göttsche, Sandra C. Freitas
Pages: 282-297

Urban functional zone mapping by integrating high spatial resolution nighttime light and daytime multi-view imagery
Xin Huang, Junjing Yang, Jiayi Li, Dawei Wen
Pages: 403-415

Regional evaluation of satellite-based methods for identifying leaf unfolding date
Ruoque Shen, Xiuzhi Chen, Lei Chen, Bin He, Wenping Yuan
Pages: 88-98

Metrics for aerial, urban lidar point clouds
Michael H. Stanley, Debra F. Laefer
Pages: 268-281

Artificial and beneficial – Exploiting artificial images for aerial vehicle detection
Immanuel Weber, Jens Bongartz, Ribana Roscher
Pages: 158-170

A spectral index for winter wheat mapping using multi-temporal Landsat NDVI data of key growth stages
Chang Qu, Peijun Li, Chengming Zhang
Pages: 431-447

Refinement of interferometric SAR parameters using digital terrain model as an external reference
Jyunpei Uemoto
Pages: 34-43

A point-based deep learning network for semantic segmentation of MLS point clouds
Xu Han, Zhen Dong, Bisheng Yang
Pages: 199-214

Learning deep semantic segmentation network under multiple weakly-supervised constraints for cross-domain remote sensing image semantic segmentation
Yansheng Li, Te Shi, Yongjun Zhang, Wei Chen, Zhibin Wang, Hao Li
Pages: 20-33

Registration of multi-platform point clouds using edge detection for rockfall monitoring
Dimitrios Bolkas, Gabriel Walton, Ryan Kromer, Timothy Sichler
Pages: 366-385

DDRNet: Fast point cloud registration network for large-scale scenes
Zhenghua Zhang, Guoliang Chen, Xuan Wang, Mingcong Shu
Pages: 184-198

Mapping trees along urban street networks with deep learning and street-level imagery
Stefanie Lumnitz, Tahia Devisscher, Jerome R. Mayaud, Valentina Radic, Nicholas C. Coops, Verena C. Griess
Pages: 144-157


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