ISPRS e-Bulletin: July 2021

ISPRS e-Bulletin
Issue No 4 - 2021


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Ewelina Rupnik
Loïc Landrieu
Sander Oude Elberink

The physical ISPRS Congress is back again!


Call for Papers

The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing invites you to submit your research (extended abstracts and full papers) to the XXIV ISPRS Congress 2022 by January 10, 2022. See details on the Congress website.

The Reviewing Process
By Ewelina Rupnik, Loïc Landrieu, Sander Oude Elberink, Program Chairs

The ISPRS Congress is back again, with the XXIV edition to be held in a hybrid format: digital and in person in Nice, France on June 6-11, 2022. We are thrilled to finally meet again face-to-face, and also to enable virtual attendance for our colleagues who are still unable to travel. The Congress will feature all the ingredients that makes it both a preeminent scientific conference and a must-attend social event, including: scientific and industrial presentations, renowned keynote speakers, sponsor exhibition, forum discussions, gala dinner, and much more.

The year’s reviewing process will see a few changes compared to the last editions.

First, Area Chairs will now write short meta-reviews for full papers, summarizing the reviewers' remarks and highlighting explicitly the list of changes that the authors should make in the camera- ready version. This will help authors to sort through possibly diverging reviews, and understand how to best improve the final version of their paper. This change will also ensure that the reviewers see that their comments were acknowledged and considered in the decision process. 

In previous years, we observed that some submissions presented interesting work that was neverthe-less overshadowed by serious but fixable mistakes. To help mitigate this issue, we added the status of “Conditional Acceptance”, in addition to the original acceptance and rejection decisions. These papers will be included in the conference and the proceedings provided that the authors address a list of clearly-stated changes in the camera-ready version.

All accepted papers will be awarded an oral presentation. In order to handle the increased volume of quality submissions, we propose a three-tier-system for oral presentations: spotlight (10min, pre-recorded), short and long orals (10 and 15 min, live). Longer presentations will provide a focus on the most novel ideas and exciting applications. The International Program Committee will handle the attribution of orals for accepted papers, based on meta-reviews and the general balance between subjects in the program. Note that full papers will be favoured for live presentation to reflect the scrupulous double-blind review they undergo.

Finally, we believe that posters are a valuable form of communication which facilitate networking, and create a unique space for in-depth explanations and discussions. To that end, we will also encourage all authors to present a poster of their work, including papers with short or long oral presentations (on a voluntary basis).

Looking forward to seeing you in Nice,

Program Chairs



The ISPRS Foundation (TIF) News



The ISPRS Foundation (TIF) Travel Grants for XXIV ISPRS Congress 6-11 June 2022

TIF travel grants will be offered to enable deserving young authors,  and officially designated Delegates, especially from developing countries, to participate in the XXIV ISPRS Congress.  Three sources of funds are available:  TIF Funds derived from donations, funds available from the French IRD Research Institute for Development (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement), and those provided by the AGSI North Africa 2022 Award.  Grants will be awarded according to the conditions of each of the awards, but it is unlikely that adequate funds will be available to fully fund requests from applicants.  Therefore, it is recommended that applicants also seek top-up funds from elsewhere.

In addition to this TIF funding for physical participation to the Congress, fee waivers for remote author presentation and/or remote participation will also be awarded.

Important dates are as follows:

  • Deadline for submission of applications for travel grants: March 1, 2022
  • Date for notification of results of assessment of applications: April 4, 2022
  • Deadline to confirm to the Operations Officer that the travel grants will be acceptable: April 11, 2022

Watch out for announcement of availability of travel grants in December 2021 on

The ISPRS Foundation


Society News



Bids and Nominations for the ISPRS Period 2022 - 2026 bar

Council welcomes new bids from Ordinary Members, or confirmation of existing ones:


Ordinary Members in good standing who consider themselves in a position to fulfil the requirements of the respective positions, should send the necessary documents to the Secretary General’s office at least four months prior to the beginning of Congress (latest 5 February 2022).

For further information please contact Lena Halounová at


ISPRS Awards      

Additional Awards offered for 2022

In addition to the awards presented for 2020, some of which were already handed over digitally this summer, ISPRS is pleased to announce a few additional awards. We are very thankful to all donors who have agreed to this additional offer, during this very special time. Details can be found in the Additional Awards offered for 2022 brochure.

Please send in your nominations by the deadline at the latest (1st February 2022 for most awards). 


Batuhan Osmanoglu      

2021 ISPRS Virtual Keynote Speaker Series

The fifth Keynote Speaker in this series is Batuhan Osmanoglu, from NASA-GSFC, whose speech is titled Golden age of SAR? taking place on Thursday, 28.10.2021 at 14:00 CEST (12 p.m. UTC).

Please register here.

The past Keynotes can be viewed at




Reminder: November 1 Deadline approaching for 2022 ISPRS Educational and Capacity Building Initiatives Proposals

The deadline for submitting the proposals for 2022 ISPRS Educational and Capacity Building Initiatives to the Technical Commission Presidents is November 1, 2021. Please refer to the following web page for the Call for Proposals:




ISPRS TC IV – Knowledge Transfer during the Pandemic

In collaboration with the ISPRS Student Consortium, Commission IV - Spatial Information Science - hosts a webinar series leading up to the ISPRS Congress in 2022. The webinars are meant to reconnect and allow each of the working groups to showcase their work and address emerging topics. The webinars are expected to introduce students, researchers, and others from across the world to the state-of-the-art in the geo-spatial sciences.

So far, the webinars have drawn participants from across the world and many questions have been raised and exchanged. The recordings are available at  The next webinar is scheduled for November 4th, and will be organized by WG IV/5 on the subject of "Development of software tools for IndoorGML". We cordially invite everyone to follow the webinar series on


General Announcements

Open Source Geospatial Science, Software and Education      

Call for Contributions

A new Special Issue “Open Source Geospatial Science, Software and Education” of Transaction in GIS [1] has been announced.

Please consider submitting original research contributions on all aspects of open source geospatial science, software and education as well as its applications.

Important Dates

Abstracts Due: 30/11/2021 (by email to: with cc’ing

  • Approved Abstracts: 10/01/2022 (put as planned papers online)
  • Manuscripts Due: 30/06/2022
  • Decision to Authors: 31/08/2022
  • Final Papers Due: 31/12/2022

More information available at [2]





GEO Group on Earth Observations      

At the Group on Earth Observations, the mission is to protect Mother Earth. To protect her means to understand her; to understand her, we measure and monitor her vitals and translate this important information into helpful tools that help you, your governments, and businesses make smart and informed decisions. We use technology in space, in the air, underwater and on the ground as our eyes and ears. 

With the first-ever GEO Art Competition of the Group on Earth Observations, everyone is invited to share through art what you See, Hear and Feel living in your community, or your town, or your country, or our beautiful Mother Earth. 

Students, scientists, artists, and art enthusiasts, send images of your sketch, drawing, painting, photograph, or video to show how you connect with the theme Mother Earth, I See You, I Hear You, I Feel You.

For details, please visit  GEO Art Competition web page.



New Earth Observation and Aerial Surveys 6th Edition Global Guidance Note published

Dear Colleagues, 

We are delighted to announce the online release of the new Earth observation and aerial surveys 6th edition global Guidance Note 

A virtual launch webinar is set for 16.00, Thursday 11th November (more details to follow) with a physical launch at GeoBusiness 2021, 24th- 25th November.

View Guidance Note PDF here…


Announcements of Scientific Meetings                (see also ISPRS Calendar)


Measurement, Visualisation and Processing in BIM for Design and Construction Management II


7-8 February 2022
Prague, Czech Republic


Pecora 22      

Pecora 22 - Opening the Aperture to Innovation: Expanding Our Collective Understanding of a Changing Earth

23-27 October 2022
Denver, CO • Hilton City Center




GWF 2021

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
20-22 Oct 2021

Read the report by Lena Halounová here…



Professor R.B. Singh      

Professor R.B. Singh † 22 July 2021

Read the IGU obituary here…


Martin Isenburg      

Martin Isenburg † 13 September 2021

Read Remembering Martin Isenburg: a friend and inspiration to OpenTopography here…
and the AARS memorium here…


Don Proctor      

Don Proctor † 28th September 2021

Read the Photogrammetric Record obituary here…


Bryan Mercer      

Bryan Mercer † 30 September 2021

In Memoriam
by Charles Toth


ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information — Open Access Journal

ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information — Open Access Journal      

New publications in the ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information
Open Access Journal
Volume 10, Issue 8 (August 2021)

Automatic Road Extraction from Historical Maps Using Deep Learning Techniques: A Regional Case Study of Turkey in a German World War II Map
Ekim, Burak, Sertel, Elif, Kabadayı, M. Erdem
No: 492

Subjectively Measured Streetscape Perceptions to Inform Urban Design Strategies for Shanghai
Qiu, Waishan, Li, Wenjing, Liu, Xun, Huang, Xiaokai
No: 493

Water Yield Modelling, Sensitivity Analysis and Validation: A Study for Portugal
Almeida, Bruna, Cabral, Pedro
No: 494

Using Exploratory Spatial Analysis to Understand the Patterns of Adolescents’ Active Transport to School and Contributory Factors
Chen, Long, Moore, Antoni B., Mandic, Sandra
No: 495

Extending the IFC Standard to Enable Road Operation and Maintenance Management through OpenBIM
Ait-Lamallam, Sara, Yaagoubi, Reda, Sebari, Imane, Doukari, Omar
No: 496

An Integrated Decision Support System for Improving Wildfire Suppression Management
Lourenço, Miguel, Oliveira, Luís B., Oliveira, João P., Mora, André, Oliveira, Henrique, Santos, Rui
No: 497

Spatio-Temporal Machine Learning Analysis of Social Media Data and Refugee Movement Statistics
Havas, Clemens, Wendlinger, Lorenz, Stier, Julian, Julka, Sahib, Krieger, Veronika, Ferner, Cornelia, Petutschnig, Andreas, Granitzer, Michael, Wegenkittl, Stefan, Resch, Bernd
No: 498

A Multi-Zone Staged Indoor Emergency Evacuation Algorithm Based on Time Equalization
Han, Litao, Gong, Cheng, Gu, Lei, Qiao, Hu, Zhang, Aiguo, Liu, Mengfan
No: 499

A Process-Oriented Approach to Identify Evolutions of Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies with a Time-Series of a Raster Dataset
Li, Lianwei, Xu, Yangfeng, Xue, Cunjin, Fu, Yuxuan, Zhang, Yuanyu
No: 500

RSPCN: Super-Resolution of Digital Elevation Model Based on Recursive Sub-Pixel Convolutional Neural Networks
Zhang, Ruichen, Bian, Shaofeng, Li, Houpu
No: 501

Using Geomatic Techniques to Estimate Volume–Area Relationships of Watering Ponds
Marín-Comitre, Ubaldo, Gómez-Gutiérrez, Álvaro, Lavado-Contador, Francisco, Sánchez-Fernández, Manuel, Alfonso-Torreño, Alberto
No: 502

The Importance of School World Atlases According to Czech Geography Teachers
Beitlova, Marketa, Popelka, Stanislav, Voženílek, Vít, Fačevicová, Kamila, Janečková, Barbora Anna, Matlach, Vladimír
No: 504

Multi-Scenario Prediction of Intra-Urban Land Use Change Using a Cellular Automata-Random Forest Model
Liu, Hang, Homma, Riken, Liu, Qiang, Fang, Congying
No: 503

Efficient Interactive Tactile Maps: A Semi-Automated Workflow Using the TouchIt3D Technology and OpenStreetMap Data
Barvir, Radek, Vondrakova, Alena, Brus, Jan
No: 505

Using Prospective Methods to Identify Fieldwork Locations Favourable to Understanding Divergences in Health Care Accessibility
Rød, Jan Ketil, Eide, Arne H., Halvorsen, Thomas, Munthali, Alister
No: 506

Random Forests with Bagging and Genetic Algorithms Coupled with Least Trimmed Squares Regression for Soil Moisture Deficit Using SMOS Satellite Soil Moisture
Srivastava, Prashant K., Petropoulos, George P., Prasad, Rajendra, Triantakonstantis, Dimitris
No: 507

Beautiful China Construction Evaluation Method Based on POIs: Case Study of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
Liang, Yuting, Hu, Yunfeng
No: 508

3D Agent-Based Model of Pedestrian Movements for Simulating COVID-19 Transmission in University Students
Alvarez Castro, David, Ford, Alistair
No: 509

Spatiotemporal Dynamic of COVID-19 Diffusion in China: A Dynamic Spatial Autoregressive Model Analysis
Yu, Hanchen, Li, Jingwei, Bardin, Sarah, Gu, Hengyu, Fan, Chenjing
No: 510

Burned Area Mapping over the Southern Cape Forestry Region, South Africa Using Sentinel Data within GEE Cloud Platform
Xulu, Sifiso, Mbatha, Nkanyiso, Peerbhay, Kabir
No: 511

The Role of Participatory Village Maps in Strengthening Public Participation Practice
Akbar, Aulia, Flacke, Johannes, Martinez, Javier, van Maarseveen, Martin F. A. M.
No: 512

Assessing Health Resources Equipped with Hemodynamic Rooms in the Portuguese-Spanish Borderland: Cross-Border Cooperation Strategies as a Possible Solution
Gómez, José Manuel Naranjo, Castanho, Rui Alexandre, Cabezas Fernández, José, Loures, Luís
No: 514

Prediction of Urban Area Expansion with Implementation of MLC, SAM and SVMs’ Classifiers Incorporating Artificial Neural Network Using Landsat Data
Zare Naghadehi, Saeid, Asadi, Milad, Maleki, Mohammad, Tavakkoli-Sabour, Seyed-Mohammad, Van Genderen, John Lodewijk, Saleh, Samira-Sadat
No: 513

Quantifying the Contributions of Environmental Factors to Wind Characteristics over 2000–2019 in China
Lu, Yuming, Wu, Bingfang, Yan, Nana, Zhu, Weiwei, Zeng, Hongwei, Ma, Zonghan, Xu, Jiaming, Wu, Xinghua, Pang, Bo
No: 515

Accuracy Evaluation of Ionospheric Delay from Multi-Scale Reference Networks and Its Augmentation to PPP during Low Solar Activity
Zhao, Lewen, Douša, Jan, Václavovic, Pavel
No: 516

Smartphone GPS Locations of Students’ Movements to and from Campus
Doyle-Baker, Patricia K., Ladle, Andrew, Rout, Angela, Galpern, Paul
No: 517

A Multi-Perspective View on Immersive Virtual Environments (IVEs)
Kühne, Olaf, Edler, Dennis, Jenal, Corinna
No: 518

Spatiotemporal Evolution Patterns of the COVID-19 Pandemic Using Space-Time Aggregation and Spatial Statistics: A Global Perspective
Huang, Zechun
No: 519

A Three-Dimensional Buffer Analysis Method Based on the 3D Discrete Global Grid System
Wang, Jinxin, Shi, Yan, Qin, Zilong, Chen, Yihang, Cao, Zening
No: 520

Analysis of the Temporal Changes of Inland Ramsar Sites in Turkey Using Google Earth Engine
Dervisoglu, Adalet
No: 521

Annual Actual Evapotranspiration Estimation via GIS Models of Three Empirical Methods Employing Remotely Sensed Data for the Peloponnese, Greece, and Comparison with Annual MODIS ET and Pan Evaporation Measurements
Dimitriadou, Stavroula, Nikolakopoulos, Konstantinos G.
No: 522

Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation of Historical Panchromatic Orthomosaics in Central Africa
Mboga, Nicholus, D’Aronco, Stefano, Grippa, Tais, Pelletier, Charlotte, Georganos, Stefanos, Vanhuysse, Sabine, Wolff, Eléonore, Smets, Benoît, Dewitte, Olivier, Lennert, Moritz, Wegner, Jan Dirk
No: 523

The Geographies of Expatriates’ Cultural Venues in Globalizing Shanghai: A Geo-Information Approach Applied to Social Media Data Platform
Feng, Xiang, Wu, Peipei, Shen, Wei, Huang, Qian
No: 524

SPPD: A Novel Reassembly Method for 3D Terracotta Warrior Fragments Based on Fracture Surface Information
Yao, Wenmin, Chu, Tong, Tang, Wenlong, Wang, Jingyu, Cao, Xin, Zhao, Fengjun, Li, Kang, Geng, Guohua, Zhou, Mingquan
No: 525

Map-Aided Indoor Positioning Algorithm with Complex Deployed BLE Beacons
Liu, Wuping, Guo, Wei, Zhu, Xinyan
No: 526

Modeling Patterns in Map Use Contexts and Mobile Map Design Usability
Bartling, Mona, Havas, Clemens R., Wegenkittl, Stefan, Reichenbacher, Tumasch, Resch, Bernd
No: 527

Analysing the Impact of Large Data Imports in OpenStreetMap
Witt, Raphael, Loos, Lukas, Zipf, Alexander
No: 528

The Spatial Concentration and Dispersion of Homicide during a Period of Homicide Increase in Brazil
Chainey, Spencer P., Gomes de Almeida, Franklin Epiphanio
No: 529

Time-Series-Based Queries on Stable Transportation Networks Equipped with Sensors
Bollen, Erik, Hendrix, Rik, Kuijpers, Bart, Vaisman, Alejandro
No: 531

A Novel Urban Tourism Path Planning Approach Based on a Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm
Damos, Mohamed A., Zhu, Jun, Li, Weilian, Hassan, Abubakr, Khalifa, Elhadi
No: 530

A Review of Recent Spatial Accessibility Studies That Benefitted from Advanced Geospatial Information: Multimodal Transportation and Spatiotemporal Disaggregation
Park, Jinwoo, Goldberg, Daniel W.
No: 532

Improving Urban Land Cover Classification with Combined Use of Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-1 Imagery
Hu, Bin, Xu, Yongyang, Huang, Xiao, Cheng, Qimin, Ding, Qing, Bai, Linze, Li, Yan
No: 533

Predict the Suitable Places to Run in the Urban Area of Beijing by Using the Maximum Entropy Model
Song, Liuyi, Zhang, An
No: 534

DEM-Based UAV Flight Planning for 3D Mapping of Geosites: The Case of Olympus Tectonic Window, Lesvos, Greece
Papadopoulou, Ermioni-Eirini, Vasilakos, Christos, Zouros, Nikolaos, Soulakellis, Nikolaos
No: 535

A Methodological Proposal for the Analysis of Lighting the House Building Façades
Castro Noblejas, Hugo, Sortino Barrionuevo, Juan Francisco, Gumiel Muñoz, Darío, Mérida Rodríguez, Matías Francisco
No: 536

Fast Geo-Location Method Based on Panoramic Skyline in Hilly Area
Pan, Zhibin, Tang, Jin, Tjahjadi, Tardi, Guo, Fan
No: 537

Whose Urban Green? Mapping and Classifying Public and Private Green Spaces in Padua for Spatial Planning Policies
Pristeri, Guglielmo, Peroni, Francesca, Pappalardo, Salvatore Eugenio, Codato, Daniele, Masi, Antonio, De Marchi, Massimo
No: 538

Urban Overheating Assessment through Prediction of Surface Temperatures: A Case Study of Karachi, Pakistan
Aslam, Bilal, Maqsoom, Ahsen, Khalid, Nauman, Ullah, Fahim, Sepasgozar, Samad
No: 539

Spatial Analysis of Gunshot Reports on Twitter in Mexico City
García-Tejeda, Enrique, Fondevila, Gustavo, Siordia, Oscar S.
No: 540

Leveraging Spatio-Temporal Graphs and Knowledge Graphs: Perspectives in the Field of Maritime Transportation
Del Mondo, Géraldine, Peng, Peng, Gensel, Jérôme, Claramunt, Christophe, Lu, Feng
No: 541

The Regional and Local Scale Evolution of the Spatial Structure of High-Speed Railway Networks—A Case Study Focused on Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Urban Agglomeration
He, Dan, Chen, Zixuan, Pei, Tao, Zhou, Jing
No: 543

Site Selection of Fire Stations in Large Cities Based on Actual Spatiotemporal Demands: A Case Study of Nanjing City
Han, Bing, Hu, Mingxing, Zheng, Jiemin, Tang, Tan
No: 542

A Hybrid Population Distribution Prediction Approach Integrating LSTM and CA Models with Micro-Spatiotemporal Granularity: A Case Study of Chongming District, Shanghai
Wang, Pengyuan, Huang, Xiao, Mango, Joseph, Zhang, Di, Xu, Dong, Li, Xiang
No: 544

Semantic Enhancement of Human Urban Activity Chain Construction Using Mobile Phone Signaling Data
Liu, Shaojun, Long, Yi, Zhang, Ling, Liu, Hao
No: 545

A Fully Automatic, Interpretable and Adaptive Machine Learning Approach to Map Burned Area from Remote Sensing
Stroppiana, Daniela, Bordogna, Gloria, Sali, Matteo, Boschetti, Mirco, Sona, Giovanna, Brivio, Pietro Alessandro
No: 546

Spatial Distribution Assessment of Terrorist Attack Types Based on I-MLKNN Model
Zhao, Ruifang, Xie, Xiaolan, Zhang, Xun, Jin, Min, Hao, Mengmeng
No: 547

DeepDBSCAN: Deep Density-Based Clustering for Geo-Tagged Photos
Park, Jang You, Ryu, Dong June, Nam, Kwang Woo, Jang, Insung, Jang, Minseok, Lee, Yonsik
No: 548

Vehicle Detection in Very-High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images Based on an Anchor-Free Detection Model with a More Precise Foveal Area
Li, Xungen, Men, Feifei, Lv, Shuaishuai, Jiang, Xiao, Pan, Mian, Ma, Qi, Yu, Haibin
No: 549

3D Perspective towards the Development of a Metadata-Driven Sharing Mechanism for Heterogeneous CCTV Systems
Hong, Jung-Hong, Shi, Yi-Tin
No: 550

Development of a City-Scale Approach for Façade Color Measurement with Building Functional Classification Using Deep Learning and Street View Images
Zhang, Jiaxin, Fukuda, Tomohiro, Yabuki, Nobuyoshi
No: 551

Erratum: Kadhim, I.; Abed, F.M. The Potential of LiDAR and UAV-Photogrammetric Data Analysis to Interpret Archaeological Sites: A Case Study of Chun Castle in South-West England. ISPRS Int. J. Geo-Inf. 2021, 10, 41
Kadhim, Israa, Abed, Fanar M.
No: 552

FARMs: A Geospatial Crop Modeling and Agricultural Water Management System
Kim, Jae Sung, Kisekka, Isaya
No: 553

A Systematic Review of Station Location Techniques for Bicycle-Sharing Systems Planning and Operation
Bahadori, Mohammad Sadegh, Gonçalves, Alexandre B., Moura, Filipe
No: 554

Deep Fusion of DOM and DSM Features for Benggang Discovery
Shen, Shengyu, Chen, Jiasheng, Zhang, Shaoyi, Cheng, Dongbing, Wang, Zhigang, Zhang, Tong
No: 556

Predicting User Activity Intensity Using Geographic Interactions Based on Social Media Check-In Data
Li, Jing, Guo, Wenyue, Liu, Haiyan, Chen, Xin, Yu, Anzhu, Li, Jia
No: 555

Multistage Impacts of the Heavy Rain Process on the Travel Speeds of Urban Roads
Li, Qiuping, Luo, Haowen, Luan, Xuechen
No: 557

Application of GIS Tools in the Measurement Analysis of Urban Spatial Layouts Using the Square Grid Method
Musiaka, Łukasz, Nalej, Marta
No: 558

Zero Watermarking for the TIN DEM Data Based on the Edge Length
Zhou, Qifei, Zhu, Changqing, Ren, Na
No: 559

Improving the Creation of Hot Spot Policing Patrol Routes: Comparing Cognitive Heuristic Performance to an Automated Spatial Computation Approach
Chainey, Spencer P., Matias, Jhonata A. S., Nunes Junior, Francisco Carlos F., Coelho da Silva, Ticiana L., de Macêdo, José Antônio F., Magalhães, Regis P., de Queiroz Neto, José F., Silva, Wellington C. P.
No: 560

Big Data-Driven Pedestrian Analytics: Unsupervised Clustering and Relational Query Based on Tencent Street View Photographs
Xue, Fan, Li, Xiao, Lu, Weisheng, Webster, Christopher J., Chen, Zhe, Lin, Lvwen
No: 561

Heat Maps: Perfect Maps for Quick Reading? Comparing Usability of Heat Maps with Different Levels of Generalization
Słomska-Przech, Katarzyna, Panecki, Tomasz, Pokojski, Wojciech
No: 562

Impact of Digital and Non-Digital Urban Participatory Approaches on Public Access Conditions: An Evaluation Framework
Chassin, Thibaud, Cherqui, Adeline, Ingensand, Jens, Joerin, Florent
No: 563

A Survey of Scan-to-BIM Practices in the AEC Industry—A Quantitative Analysis
Rocha, Gustavo, Mateus, Luís
No: 564

Defining a Model for Integrating Indoor and Outdoor Network Data to Support Seamless Navigation Applications
Claridades, Alexis Richard C., Lee, Jiyeong
No: 565

Refinement Proposals for Geodiversity Assessment—A Case Study in the Bakony–Balaton UNESCO Global Geopark, Hungary
Pál, Márton, Albert, Gáspár
No: 566

An In-Depth Analysis of Parking Patterns in a Typical Chinese Danwei via Customized Data Collection App
Kong, Wenyuan, Liao, Caiying, Xu, Qian, Wang, Jiabei, Fei, Teng
No: 567

Effect of Compositions of MRT System Route Maps on Cognitive Mapping
Zheng, Meng-Cong, Liu, Yao-Wei
No: 569

Spatiotemporal Dynamic Analysis of A-Level Scenic Spots in Guizhou Province, China
Qiu, Yuanhong, Yin, Jian, Zhang, Ting, Du, Yiming, Zhang, Bin
No: 568

Exploring the Planning and Configuration of the Hospital Wayfinding System by Space Syntax: A Case Study of Cheng Ching Hospital, Chung Kang Branch in Taiwan
Chen, Ming-Shih, Ko, Yao-Tsung, Hsieh, Wen-Che
No: 570

Application-Based COVID-19 Micro-Mobility Solution for Safe and Smart Navigation in Pandemics
Mishra, Sumit, Singh, Nikhil, Bhattacharya, Devanjan
No: 571


New publications in the ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information
Open Access Journal
Volume 10, Issue 09 (September 2021)

The Integration of Linguistic and Geospatial Features Using Global Context Embedding for Automated Text Geocoding
Yan, Zheren, Yang, Can, Hu, Lei, Zhao, Jing, Jiang, Liangcun, Gong, Jianya
No: 572

Towards Resilient Critical Infrastructures: Understanding the Impact of Coastal Flooding on the Fuel Transportation Network in the San Francisco Bay
He, Yiyi, Lindbergh, Sarah, Ju, Yang, Gonzalez, Marta, Radke, John
No: 573

Gaussian Process Regression-Based Structural Response Model and Its Application to Regional Damage Assessment
Park, Sangki, Jung, Kichul
No: 574

Integration and Analysis of Multi-Modal Geospatial Secondary Data to Inform Management of at-Risk Archaeological Sites
Guiney, Rebecca, Santucci, Elettra, Valman, Samuel, Booth, Adam, Birley, Andrew, Haynes, Ian, Marsh, Stuart, Mills, Jon
No: 575

Searching for an Optimal Hexagonal Shaped Enumeration Unit Size for Effective Spatial Pattern Recognition in Choropleth Maps
Karsznia, Izabela, Gołębiowska, Izabela Małgorzata, Korycka-Skorupa, Jolanta, Nowacki, Tomasz
No: 576

The Use of Interactive Virtual BIM to Boost Virtual Tourism in Heritage Sites, Historic Jeddah
Baik, Ahmad
No: 577

GIS-Based Spatial and Multi-Criteria Assessment of Riverine Flood Potential: A Case Study of the Nitra River Basin, Slovakia
Vojtek, Matej, Vojteková, Jana, Pham, Quoc Bao
No: 578

Influential Factor Detection for Tourism on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Based on Social Media Data
Hu, Lei, Xu, Jun, Bao, Chao, Pei, Tao
No: 579

Geospatial Analysis of the Non-Surveyed (Estimated) Coastlines in Inoh’s Map, 1821
Iwai, Yuki, Murayama, Yuji
No: 580

The Use of PPGIS: Towards Reaching a Meaningful Public Participation in Spatial Planning
Bąkowska-Waldmann, Edyta, Kaczmarek, Tomasz
No: 581

An Efficient 2.5D Shadow Detection Algorithm for Urban Planning and Design Using a Tensor Based Approach
Bhattacharya, Sukriti, Braun, Christian, Leopold, Ulrich
No: 583

The Asymmetric Pattern of Population Mobility during the Spring Festival in the Yangtze River Delta Based on Complex Network Analysis: An Empirical Analysis of “Tencent Migration” Big Data
Lin, Jinping, Wu, Kangmin, Yang, Shan, Liu, Qianqian
No: 582

Spatiotemporal Characteristics of Urban Land Expansion and Population Growth in Africa from 2001 to 2019: Evidence from Population Density Data
Jiang, Shengnan, Zhang, Zhenke, Ren, Hang, Wei, Guoen, Xu, Minghui, Liu, Binglin
No: 584

#AllforJan: How Twitter Users in Europe Reacted to the Murder of Ján Kuciak—Revealing Spatiotemporal Patterns through Sentiment Analysis and Topic Modeling
Kovács, Tamás, Kovács-Győri, Anna, Resch, Bernd
No: 585

Transparency for Participation through the Communication Approach
Molina Rodríguez-Navas, Pedro, Medranda Morales, Narcisa, Muñoz Lalinde, Johamna
No: 586

Development of a New Phenology Algorithm for Fine Mapping of Cropping Intensity in Complex Planting Areas Using Sentinel-2 and Google Earth Engine
Guo, Yan, Xia, Haoming, Pan, Li, Zhao, Xiaoyang, Li, Rumeng, Bian, Xiqing, Wang, Ruimeng, Yu, Chong
No: 587

Towards Culture-Aware Smart and Sustainable Cities: Integrating Historical Sources in Spatial Information Infrastructures
Bucher, Bénédicte, Hein, Carola, Raines, Dorit, Gouet Brunet, Valérie
No: 588

A Density-Peak-Based Clustering Method for Multiple Densities Dataset
Shi, Zhicheng, Ma, Ding, Yan, Xue, Zhu, Wei, Zhao, Zhigang
No: 589

Understanding the Role of Urbanization on Vegetation Dynamics in Mountainous Areas of Southwest China: Mechanism, Spatiotemporal Pattern, and Policy Implications
Peng, Li, Deng, Wei, Liu, Ying
No: 590

MCCRNet: A Multi-Level Change Contextual Refinement Network for Remote Sensing Image Change Detection
Ke, Qingtian, Zhang, Peng
No: 591

Multi-Level and Multiple Aspect Semantic Trajectory Model: Application to the Tourism Domain
Cayèré, Cécile, Sallaberry, Christian, Faucher, Cyril, Bessagnet, Marie-Noëlle, Roose, Philippe, Masson, Maxime, Richard, Jérémy
No: 592

An Efficient, Platform-Independent Map Rendering Framework for Mobile Augmented Reality
Huang, Kejia, Wang, Chenliang, Wang, Shaohua, Liu, Runying, Chen, Guoxiong, Li, Xianglong
No: 593

A Unifying Framework for Analysis of Spatial-Temporal Event Sequence Similarity and Its Applications
Xu, Fuyu, Beard, Kate
No: 594

Can Live Streaming Save the Tourism Industry from a Pandemic? A Study of Social Media
Qiu, Qihang, Zuo, Yifan, Zhang, Mu
No: 595

Spatially Varying Effects of Street Greenery on Walking Time of Older Adults
Yang, Linchuan, Liu, Jixiang, Liang, Yuan, Lu, Yi, Yang, Hongtai
No: 596

Considerations for Developing Predictive Spatial Models of Crime and New Methods for Measuring Their Accuracy
Joshi, Chaitanya, Curtis-Ham, Sophie, D’Ath, Clayton, Searle, Deane
No: 597

GIS Models for Vulnerability of Coastal Erosion Assessment in a Tropical Protected Area
Vieira, Luís Russo, Vieira, José Guilherme, Silva, Isabel Marques da, Barbieri, Edison, Morgado, Fernando
No: 598

A Mechanistic Data-Driven Approach to Synthesize Human Mobility Considering the Spatial, Temporal, and Social Dimensions Together
Cornacchia, Giuliano, Pappalardo, Luca
No: 599

Machine Learning of Spatial Data
Nikparvar, Behnam, Thill, Jean-Claude
No: 600

A Geometric Layout Method for Synchronous Pseudolite Positioning Systems Based on a New Weighted HDOP
Zhao, Xinyang, Shuai, Qiangqiang, Li, Guangchen, Lu, Fangzhou, Zhu, Bocheng
No: 601

Geospatial Analysis and Mapping Strategies for Fine-Grained and Detailed COVID-19 Data with GIS
Carballada, Angel Miramontes, Balsa-Barreiro, Jose
No: 602

A Comparative Study of Frequency Ratio, Shannon’s Entropy and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Models for Landslide Susceptibility Assessment
Panchal, Sandeep, Shrivastava, Amit K.
No: 603

Formalizing Parameter Constraints to Support Intelligent Geoprocessing: A SHACL-Based Method
Hou, Zhi-Wei, Qin, Cheng-Zhi, Zhu, A-Xing, Wang, Yi-Jie, Liang, Peng, Wang, Yu-Jing, Zhu, Yun-Qiang
No: 605

Using Multiple Scale Space-Time Patterns to Determine the Number of Replicates and Burn-In Periods in Spatially Explicit Agent-Based Modeling of Vector-Borne Disease Transmission
Kang, Jeon-Young, Aldstadt, Jared
No: 604

Semantic-Linked Data Ontologies for Indoor Navigation System in Response to COVID-19
Alamri, Abdullah
No: 607

Automatic Building Detection with Polygonizing and Attribute Extraction from High-Resolution Images
Daranagama, Samitha, Witayangkurn, Apichon
No: 606

Exploring Spatial Distribution of Urban Park Service Areas in Shanghai Based on Travel Time Estimation: A Method Combining Multi-Source Data
Li, Zihao, Chen, Hui, Yan, Wentao
No: 608

Exploring the Spatial–Temporal Analysis of Coastline Changes Using Place Name Information on Hainan Island, China
Xia, Jisheng, Luan, Guize, Zhao, Fei, Peng, Zhiyan, Song, Lu, Tan, Shucheng, Zhao, Zhifang
No: 609

Geospatial Data Utilisation in National Disaster Management Frameworks and the Priorities of Multilateral Disaster Management Frameworks: Case Studies of India and Bulgaria
Ghawana, Tarun, Pashova, Lyubka, Zlatanova, Sisi
No: 610

How Did Built Environment Affect Urban Vitality in Urban Waterfronts? A Case Study in Nanjing Reach of Yangtze River
Fan, Zhengxi, Duan, Jin, Luo, Menglin, Zhan, Huanran, Liu, Mengru, Peng, Wangchongyu
No: 611

Rice Yield Simulation and Planting Suitability Environment Pattern Recognition at a Fine Scale
Li, Daichao, Liang, Jianqin, Wang, Xingfeng, Wu, Sheng, Xie, Xiaowei, Lu, Jiaqi
No: 612

Improved Indoor Fingerprinting Localization Method Using Clustering Algorithm and Dynamic Compensation
Bi, Jingxue, Huang, Lu, Cao, Hongji, Yao, Guobiao, Sang, Wengang, Zhen, Jie, Liu, Yuying
No: 613

An Analysis of the Work Resumption in China under the COVID-19 Epidemic Based on Night Time Lights Data
Tian, Suzheng, Feng, Ruyi, Zhao, Ji, Wang, Lizhe
No: 614

Assessing the Impacts of Hierarchical Healthcare System on the Accessibility and Spatial Equality of Healthcare Services in Shenzhen, China
Tao, Zhuolin, Han, Wenchao
No: 615

Indoor Traveling Salesman Problem (ITSP) Path Planning
Yan, Jinjin, Zlatanova, Sisi, Lee, Jinwoo (Brian), Liu, Qingxiang
No: 616

Modeling and Processing of Smart Point Clouds of Cultural Relics with Complex Geometries
Yang, Su, Hou, Miaole, Shaker, Ahmed, Li, Songnian
No: 617

Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm for Unmanned Surface Vehicles Based on an Improved Velocity Obstacle Method
Ren, Jia, Zhang, Jing, Cui, Yani
No: 618

Geospatial Data Disaggregation through Self-Trained Encoder–Decoder Convolutional Models
Monteiro, João, Martins, Bruno, Costa, Miguel, Pires, João M.
No: 619

Improving Room-Level Location for Indoor Trajectory Tracking with Low IPS Accuracy
Kim, Taehoon, Kim, Kyoung-Sook, Li, Ki-Joune
No: 620

Land-Use Suitability Assessment Using Delphi and Analytical Hierarchy Process (D-AHP) Hybrid Model for Coastal City Management: Kuala Terengganu, Peninsular Malaysia
Bagheri, Milad, Zaiton Ibrahim, Zelina, Mansor, Shattri, Manaf, Latifah Abd, Akhir, Mohd Fadzil, Talaat, Wan Izatul Asma Wan, Beiranvand Pour, Amin
No: 621

Exploring the Factors of Intercity Ridesplitting Based on Observed and GIS Data: A Case Study in China
Wang, Jincheng, Wu, Qunqi, Chen, Zilin, Ren, Yilong, Gao, Yaqun
No: 622

High Spatial-Temporal Resolution Estimation of Ground-Based Global Navigation Satellite System Interferometric Reflectometry (GNSS-IR) Soil Moisture Using the Genetic Algorithm Back Propagation (GA-BP) Neural Network
Shi, Yajie, Ren, Chao, Yan, Zhiheng, Lai, Jianmin
No: 623

A Temporal Directed Graph Convolution Network for Traffic Forecasting Using Taxi Trajectory Data
Chen, Kaiqi, Deng, Min, Shi, Yan
No: 624

Investigating Eco-Environmental Vulnerability for China–Pakistan Economic Corridor Key Sector Punjab Using Multi-Sources Geo-Information
Kamran, Muhammad, Bian, Jinhu, Li, Ainong, Lei, Guangbin, Nan, Xi, Jin, Yuan
No: 625

Assessing Place Type Similarities Based on Functional Signatures Extracted from Social Media Data
Oh, Doori, Yao, Xiaobai A.
No: 626

Spatiotemporal Characteristics and Risk Factors of the COVID-19 Pandemic in New York State: Implication of Future Policies
Zheng, Anran, Wang, Tao, Li, Xiaojuan
No: 627

A Smart Tourism Recommendation Algorithm Based on Cellular Geospatial Clustering and Multivariate Weighted Collaborative Filtering
Zhou, Xiao, Tian, Jiangpeng, Peng, Jian, Su, Mingzhan
No: 628

Application of Random Forest and SHAP Tree Explainer in Exploring Spatial (In)Justice to Aid Urban Planning
Deb, Debzani, Smith, Russell M.
No: 629

Diffuse Anthropization Impacts in Vulnerable Protected Areas: Comparative Analysis of the Spatial Correlation between Land Transformation and Ecological Deterioration of Three Wetlands in Spain
Garcia-Ayllon, Salvador, Radke, John
No: 630


New publications in the ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information
Open Access Journal
Volume 10, Issue 10 (October 2021)

Efficient and High Path Quality Autonomous Exploration and Trajectory Planning of UAV in an Unknown Environment
Zhao, Leyang, Yan, Li, Hu, Xiao, Yuan, Jinbiao, Liu, Zhenbao
No: 631

Assessing Impacts of New Subway Stations on Urban Thefts in the Surrounding Areas
Xu, Chong, Chen, Xi, Liu, Lin, Lan, Minxuan, Chen, Debao
No: 632

Analysis of the Possibilities of Using HBIM Technology in the Protection of Cultural Heritage, Based on a Review of the Latest Research Carried out in Poland
Janisio-Pawłowska, Dorota
No: 633

A Novel Ultra-Wideband Double Difference Indoor Positioning Method with Additional Baseline Constraint
Zhao, Yinzhi, Zou, Jingui, Guo, Jiming, Huang, Gege, Cai, Lixian
No: 634

Spatiotemporal Analysis of Land Cover and the Effects on Ecosystem Service Values in Rupandehi, Nepal from 2005 to 2020
KC, Aman, Wagle, Nimisha, Acharya, Tri Dev
No: 635

Disaster Image Classification by Fusing Multimodal Social Media Data
Zou, Zhiqiang, Gan, Hongyu, Huang, Qunying, Cai, Tianhui, Cao, Kai
No: 636

Spatial and Temporal Characteristic Analysis of Imbalance Usage in the Hangzhou Public Bicycle System
Zhang, Xiaoyi, Chen, Yurong, Zhong, Yang
No: 637

Investigating the Urban Spatial Growth by Using Space Syntax and GIS—A Case Study of Famagusta City
Atakara, Cemil, Allahmoradi, Mitra
No: 638

Exploring Complementary Models Consisting of Machine Learning Algorithms for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping
Hu, Han, Wang, Changming, Liang, Zhu, Gao, Ruiyuan, Li, Bailong
No: 639

Functional Area Recognition and Use-Intensity Analysis Based on Multi-Source Data: A Case Study of Jinan, China
Yu, Mingyang, Li, Jingqi, Lv, Yongqiang, Xing, Huaqiao, Wang, Huimeng
No: 640

A Virtual Space Built on a Canvas Painting for an “Augmented” Experience to Catch the Artist’s Message
Capotorto, Salvatore, Lepore, Maria, Varasano, Antonietta
No: 641

Accuracy of Regional Centrality Using Social Network Analysis: Evidence from Commuter Flow in South Korea
Lee, Jongsang, Seo, Ducksu
No: 642

Efficient Visualization of Large-Scale Oblique Photogrammetry Models in Unreal Engine
Huo, Yuhao, Yang, Anran, Jia, Qingren, Chen, Yebin, He, Biao, Li, Jun
No: 643

Spatiotemporal Evolution and Trend Prediction of Tourism Economic Vulnerability in China’s Major Tourist Cities
Huang, Chengkun, Lin, Feiyang, Chu, Deping, Wang, Lanlan, Liao, Jiawei, Wu, Junqian
No: 644

Estimating the Soil Erosion Cover-Management Factor at the European Part of Russia
Mukharamova, Svetlana, Saveliev, Anatoly, Ivanov, Maxim, Gafurov, Artur, Yermolaev, Oleg
No: 645

HiIndex: An Efficient Spatial Index for Rapid Visualization of Large-Scale Geographic Vector Data
Liu, Zebang, Chen, Luo, Yang, Anran, Ma, Mengyu, Cao, Jingzhi
No: 647

Multiclassification Method of Landslide Risk Assessment in Consideration of Disaster Levels: A Case Study of Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province
Xu, Shenghua, Zhang, Meng, Ma, Yu, Liu, Jiping, Wang, Yong, Ma, Xinrui, Chen, Jie
No: 646

A GIS-Based Bivariate Logistic Regression Model for the Site-Suitability Analysis of Parcel-Pickup Lockers: A Case Study of Guangzhou, China
Zheng, Zilai, Morimoto, Takehiro, Murayama, Yuji
No: 648

Regression and Evaluation on a Forward Interpolated Version of the Great Circle Arcs–Based Distortion Metric of Map Projections
Yan, Jin, Xu, Tiansheng, Li, Ni, Gong, Guanghong
No: 649

Ming and Qing Dynasty Official-Style Architecture Roof Types Classification Based on the 3D Point Cloud
Dong, Youqiang, Hou, Miaole, Xu, Biao, Li, Yihao, Ji, Yuhang
No: 650

GIS Mapping Evaluation of Stroke Service Areas in Bangkok Using Emergency Medical Services
Sreemongkol, Kiatirat, Lohatepanont, Manoj, Cheewinsiriwat, Pannee, Bunlikitkul, Tanyaluk O., Supasaovapak, Jirapong
No: 651

Exploring the Influence Mechanism of Attractiveness on Wuhan’s Urban Commercial Centers by Modifying the Classic Retail Model
Shan, Zhuoran, Wu, Zhe, Yuan, Man
No: 652

The Architecture of Mass Customization-Social Internet of Things System: Current Research Profile
Dou, Zixin, Sun, Yanming, Wu, Zhidong, Wang, Tao, Fan, Shiqi, Zhang, Yuxuan
No: 653

Strategic Analysis for Governance Development of National Spatial Data Infrastructure Portal in Korea
Yoo, Yejin, Kim, Seong-sig
No: 654

Topology Conflict Detection Considering Incremental Updating of Multi-Scale Road Networks
Zhang, Jianchen, Wang, Jiayao, Li, Heying
No: 655

What Would Happen If the M 7.3 (1721) and M 7.4 (1780) Historical Earthquakes of Tabriz City (NW Iran) Occurred Again in 2021?
Ghasemi, Mohammad, Karimzadeh, Sadra, Matsuoka, Masashi, Feizizadeh, Bakhtiar
No: 657

Towards Managing Visual Pollution: A 3D Isovist and Voxel Approach to Advertisement Billboard Visual Impact Assessment
Chmielewski, Szymon
No: 656

Extracting Terrain Texture Features for Landform Classification Using Wavelet Decomposition
Xu, Yuexue, Zhang, Shengjia, Li, Jinyu, Liu, Haiying, Zhu, Hongchun
No: 658

Spatial Distribution and Mechanism of Urban Occupation Mixture in Guangzhou: An Optimized GeoDetector-Based Index to Compare Individual and Interactive Effects
Deng, Xingdong, Liu, Yang, Gao, Feng, Liao, Shunyi, Zhou, Fan, Cai, Guanfang
No: 659

Machine Learning Reveals a Significant Shift in Water Regime Types Due to Projected Climate Change
Ayzel, Georgy
No: 660

Integrating Evacuation and Storm Surge Modeling Considering Potential Hurricane Tracks: The Case of Hurricane Irma in Southeast Florida
Ghorbanzadeh, Mahyar, Vijayan, Linoj, Yang, Jieya, Ozguven, Eren Erman, Huang, Wenrui, Ma, Mengdi
No: 661

Population Disaggregation on the Building Level Based on Outdated Census Data
Pajares, Elias, Muñoz Nieto, Rafael, Meng, Liqiu, Wulfhorst, Gebhard
No: 662

Predicting the Place Visited of Floating Car: A Three-Layer Framework Using Spatiotemporal Probability
He, Wenwen, Ren, Fu
No: 663

A Visual Attention Model Based on Eye Tracking in 3D Scene Maps
Yang, Bincheng, Li, Hongwei
No: 664

Micro-Topography Mapping through Terrestrial LiDAR in Densely Vegetated Coastal Environments
Zhang, Xukai, Meng, Xuelian, Li, Chunyan, Shang, Nan, Wang, Jiaze, Xu, Yaping, Wu, Tao, Mugnier, Cliff
No: 665

A Method of Optimizing Terrain Rendering Using Digital Terrain Analysis
Zhang, Lei, Wang, Ping, Huang, Chengyi, Ai, Bo, Feng, Wenjun
No: 666

Particle System-Based Multi-Hierarchy Dynamic Visualization of Ocean Current Data
Shi, Qingtong, Ai, Bo, Wen, Yubo, Feng, Wenjun, Yang, Chenxi, Zhu, Hongchun
No: 667

Clustering Indoor Positioning Data Using E-DBSCAN
Cheng, Dayu, Yue, Guo, Pei, Tao, Wu, Mingbo
No: 669

To Drive or to Be Driven? The Impact of Autopilot, Navigation System, and Printed Maps on Driver’s Cognitive Workload and Spatial Knowledge
Brishtel, Iuliia, Schmidt, Thomas, Vozniak, Igor, Rambach, Jason Raphael, Mirbach, Bruno, Stricker, Didier
No: 668

Construction of a WebGIS Tool Based on a GIS Semiautomated Processing for the Localization of P2G Plants in Sicily (Italy)
La Guardia, Marcello, D’Ippolito, Filippo, Cellura, Maurizio
No: 671

Rapid Mapping and Annual Dynamic Evaluation of Quality of Urban Green Spaces on Google Earth Engine
Chen, Qiang, Zhong, Cuiping, Jing, Changfeng, Li, Yuanyuan, Cao, Beilei, Cheng, Qianhao
No: 670

HA-MPPNet: Height Aware-Multi Path Parallel Network for High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Image Semantic Seg-Mentation
Chen, Suting, Wu, Chaoqun, Mukherjee, Mithun, Zheng, Yujie
No: 672

A Visual SLAM Robust against Dynamic Objects Based on Hybrid Semantic-Geometry Information
Miao, Sheng, Liu, Xiaoxiong, Wei, Dazheng, Li, Changze
No: 673

Nanjing’s Intracity Tourism Flow Network Using Cellular Signaling Data: A Comparative Analysis of Residents and Non-Local Tourists
Wang, Lingjin, Wu, Xiao, He, Yan
No: 674

Spatio-Temporal Variation Analysis of the Biological Boundary Temperature Index Based on Accumulated Temperature: A Case Study of the Yangtze River Basin
Shi, Guangxun, Ye, Peng, Yang, Xianwu
No: 675

Mapping Seasonal High-Resolution PM2.5 Concentrations with Spatiotemporal Bagged-Tree Model across China
He, Junchen, Jin, Zhili, Wang, Wei, Zhang, Yixiao
No: 676

Performance Evaluation of Parallel Structure from Motion (SfM) Processing with Public Cloud Computing and an On-Premise Cluster System for UAS Images in Agriculture
Chang, Anjin, Jung, Jinha, Landivar, Jose, Landivar, Juan, Barker, Bryan, Ghosh, Rajib
No: 677

Study on the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Spatial Behavior of Urban Tourists Based on Commentary Big Data: A Case Study of Nanjing, China
Gao, Yu, Sun, Dongqi, Zhang, Jingxiang
No: 678

Vegetation Coverage Prediction for the Qinling Mountains Using the CA–Markov Model
Cui, Lu, Zhao, Yonghua, Liu, Jianchao, Wang, Huanyuan, Han, Ling, Li, Juan, Sun, Zenghui
No: 679

Gully Erosion Susceptibility Mapping in Highly Complex Terrain Using Machine Learning Models
Yang, Annan, Wang, Chunmei, Pang, Guowei, Long, Yongqing, Wang, Lei, Cruse, Richard M., Yang, Qinke
No: 680

Which Gridded Population Data Product Is Better? Evidences from Mainland Southeast Asia (MSEA)
Yin, Xu, Li, Peng, Feng, Zhiming, Yang, Yanzhao, You, Zhen, Xiao, Chiwei
No: 681

Geospatial Semantics Analysis of the Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau Based on Microblog Short Texts
Xu, Jun, Hu, Lei
No: 682

Exploring the Latent Manifold of City Patterns
Agoub, Amgad, Kada, Martin
No: 683

A Web GIS-Based Integration of 3D Digital Models with Linked Open Data for Cultural Heritage Exploration
Nishanbaev, Ikrom, Champion, Erik, McMeekin, David A.
No: 684

The Evolution of Interactivity, Immersion and Interoperability in HBIM: Digital Model Uses, VR and AR for Built Cultural Heritage
Banfi, Fabrizio
No: 685

Encoding a Categorical Independent Variable for Input to TerrSet’s Multi-Layer Perceptron
Evenden, Emily, Pontius Jr, Robert Gilmore
No: 686

TriangleConv: A Deep Point Convolutional Network for Recognizing Building Shapes in Map Space
Liu, Chun, Hu, Yaohui, Li, Zheng, Xu, Junkui, Han, Zhigang, Guo, Jianzhong
No: 687

A Multi-Criteria Evaluation of the Urban Ecological Environment in Shanghai Based on Remote Sensing
Yan, Yuxiang, Yu, Xianwen, Long, Fengyang, Dong, Yanfeng
No: 688

Comparative Analysis of Spatial–Temporal Distribution between Traditional Taxi Service and Emerging Ride-Hailing
Wang, Di, Miwa, Tomio, Morikawa, Takayuki
No: 690

Exploring the Spatiotemporal Characteristics of COVID-19 Infections among Healthcare Workers: A Multi-Scale Perspective
Ren, Hui, Wang, Peixiao, Guo, Wei, Zhu, Xinyan
No: 691

Regionalization of Rainfall Regimes Using Hybrid RF-Bs Couple with Multivariate Approaches
Ahmad Basri, Muhamad Afdal, Shaharudin, Shazlyn Milleana, Kismiantini, Tan, Mou Leong, Mohd Najib, Sumayyah Aimi, Zainuddin, Nurul Hila, Andayani, Sri
No: 689

Crisis Map Design Considering Map Cognition
Du, Ping, Li, Dingkai, Liu, Tao, Zhang, Liming, Yang, Xiaoxia, Li, Yikun
No: 692

Identification of Shrinking Cities on the Main Island of Taiwan Based on Census Data and Population Registers: A Spatial Analysis
Hu, Di
No: 694

Quantification of Loess Landforms from Three-Dimensional Landscape Pattern Perspective by Using DEMs
Wei, Hong, Li, Sijin, Li, Chenrui, Zhao, Fei, Xiong, Liyang, Tang, Guoan
No: 693

Understanding Plum Rain’s Effects on Urban Public Bicycle Unavailability Considering Both Place Semantics and Riding Distance
Chen, Lijun, Zhang, Haiping, Wang, Haoran, Wu, Peng
No: 695

A Novel Method Based on Deep Learning, GIS and Geomatics Software for Building a 3D City Model from VHR Satellite Stereo Imagery
Pepe, Massimiliano, Costantino, Domenica, Alfio, Vincenzo Saverio, Vozza, Gabriele, Cartellino, Elena
No: 697

High Influencing Pattern Discovery over Time Series Data
Fang, Dianwu, Wang, Lizhen, Wang, Jialong, Wang, Meijiao
No: 696

Integration Development of Urban Agglomeration in Central Liaoning, China, by Trajectory Gravity Model
Li, Ruren, Li, Shoujia, Xie, Zhiwei
No: 698

The Integration of GPS/BDS Real-Time Kinematic Positioning and Visual–Inertial Odometry Based on Smartphones
Niu, Zun, Guo, Fugui, Shuai, Qiangqiang, Li, Guangchen, Zhu, Bocheng
No: 699

Extracting 3D Indoor Maps with Any Shape Accurately Using Building Information Modeling Data
Qiu, Qi, Wang, Mengjun, Xie, Qingsheng, Han, Junjun, Zhou, Xiaoping
No: 700

Accessibility Assessment of Buildings Based on Multi-Source Spatial Data: Taking Wuhan as a Case Study
Yang, Xue, Cao, Yanjia, Wu, Anqi, Guo, Mingqiang, Dong, Zhen, Tang, Luliang
No: 701

City Intelligence Quotient Evaluation System Using Crowdsourced Social Media Data: A Case Study of the Yangtze River Delta Region, China
Wu, Zhiqiang, Li, Xiang, Zhou, Xingang, Yang, Tianren, Lu, Ruiyao
No: 702

A Spatio-Temporal Schedule-Based Neural Network for Urban Taxi Waiting Time Prediction
You, Lan, Guan, Zhengyi, Li, Na, Zhang, Jiahe, Cui, Haibo, Claramunt, Christophe, Cao, Rui
No: 703

Local Climate Zones, Land Surface Temperature and Air Temperature Interactions: Case Study of Hradec Králové, the Czech Republic
Středová, Hana, Chuchma, Filip, Rožnovský, Jaroslav, Středa, Tomáš
No: 704

Influence of Relief Degree of Land Surface on Street Network Complexity in China
Yang, Nai, Jiang, Le, Chao, Yi, Li, Yang, Liu, Pengcheng
No: 705

Fingerprint Positioning Method for Dual-Band Wi-Fi Based on Gaussian Process Regression and K-Nearest Neighbor
Cao, Hongji, Wang, Yunjia, Bi, Jingxue, Sun, Meng, Qi, Hongxia, Xu, Shenglei
No: 706

A Visual Analytics Web Platform for Detecting High Wind Energy Potential in Urban Environments by Employing OGC Standards
Koukofikis, Athanasios, Coors, Volker
No: 707

Accessibility of Vaccination Centers in COVID-19 Outbreak Control: A GIS-Based Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approach
Alemdar, Kadir Diler, Kaya, Ömer, Çodur, Muhammed Yasin, Campisi, Tiziana, Tesoriere, Giovanni
No: 708

Exploring the Connection between Urban 3D Form and Building Energy Performance and the Influencing Mechanism
Wang, Deng, Zhang, Guoqin, Lin, Tao, Hu, Xinyue, Zhao, Zhuoqun, Shi, Longyu
No: 709

Extraction and Visualization of Tourist Attraction Semantics from Travel Blogs
Haris, Erum, Gan, Keng Hoon
No: 710

Soil Moisture Retrieval Using Polarimetric SAR Data and Experimental Observations in an Arid Environment
Gharechelou, Saeid, Tateishi, Ryutaro, Sri Sumantyo, Josaphat Tetuko, Johnson, Brian Alan
No: 711

Geo-L: Topological Link Discovery for Geospatial Linked Data Made Easy
Zinke-Wehlmann, Christian, Kirschenbaum, Amit
No: 712

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ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing      

New publications in the ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Volume 178 (August 2021)

Editorial Board
Pages: ii

Non-Model-Based approach for complete digitization by TLS or mobile scanner
Farouk Achakir, Sanaa {El Fkihi}, El Mustapha Mouaddib
Pages: 314-327

Estimation of daily mean land surface temperature at global scale using pairs of daytime and nighttime MODIS instantaneous observations
Zefeng Xing, Zhao-Liang Li, Si-Bo Duan, Xiangyang Liu, Xiaopo Zheng, Pei Leng, Maofang Gao, Xia Zhang, Guofei Shang
Pages: 51-67

Mapping essential urban land use categories with open big data: Results for five metropolitan areas in the United States of America
Bin Chen, Ying Tu, Yimeng Song, David M. Theobald, Tao Zhang, Zhehao Ren, Xuecao Li, Jun Yang, Jie Wang, Xi Wang, Peng Gong, Yuqi Bai, Bing Xu
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Rapid and large-scale mapping of flood inundation via integrating spaceborne synthetic aperture radar imagery with unsupervised deep learning
Xin Jiang, Shijing Liang, Xinyue He, Alan D. Ziegler, Peirong Lin, Ming Pan, Dashan Wang, Junyu Zou, Dalei Hao, Ganquan Mao, Yelu Zeng, Jie Yin, Lian Feng, Chiyuan Miao, Eric F. Wood, Zhenzhong Zeng
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An enhanced pixel-based phenological feature for accurate paddy rice mapping with Sentinel-2 imagery in Google Earth Engine
Rongguang Ni, Jinyan Tian, Xiaojuan Li, Dameng Yin, Jiwei Li, Huili Gong, Jie Zhang, Lin Zhu, Dongli Wu
Pages: 282-296

ULSD: Unified line segment detection across pinhole, fisheye, and spherical cameras
Hao Li, Huai Yu, Jinwang Wang, Wen Yang, Lei Yu, Sebastian Scherer
Pages: 187-202

Real-time Semantic Segmentation with Context Aggregation Network
Michael Ying Yang, Saumya Kumaar, Ye Lyu, Francesco Nex
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Wood and leaf separation from terrestrial LiDAR point clouds based on mode points evolution
Zhenyang Hui, Shuanggen Jin, Yuanping Xia, Leyang Wang, Yao {Yevenyo Ziggah}, Penggen Cheng
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Multimodal remote sensing benchmark datasets for land cover classification with a shared and specific feature learning model
Danfeng Hong, Jingliang Hu, Jing Yao, Jocelyn Chanussot, Xiao Xiang Zhu
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Corrigendum to “Empirical validation of photon recollision probability in single crowns of tree seedlings” [ISPRS J. Photogramm. Remote Sens. 169 (2020) 57–72]
Aarne Hovi, Petri Forsström, Giulia Ghielmetti, Michael E. Schaepman, Miina Rautiaine
Pages: 135

Dual-polarimetric descriptors from Sentinel-1 GRD SAR data for crop growth assessment
Narayanarao Bhogapurapu, Subhadip Dey, Avik Bhattacharya, Dipankar Mandal, Juan M. Lopez-Sanchez, Heather McNairn, Carlos López-Martínez, Y.S. Rao
Pages: 20-35

Structure-aware indoor scene reconstruction via two levels of abstraction
Hao Fang, Cihui Pan, Hui Huang
Pages: 155-170

Mathematically optimized trajectory for terrestrial close-range photogrammetric 3D reconstruction of forest stands
Karel Kuželka, Peter Surový
Pages: 259-281

Instance segmentation of fallen trees in aerial color infrared imagery using active multi-contour evolution with fully convolutional network-based intensity priors
Przemyslaw Polewski, Jacquelyn Shelton, Wei Yao, Marco Heurich
Pages: 297-313

The influence of vegetation index thresholding on EO-based assessments of exposed soil masks in Germany between 1984 and 2019
Simone Zepp, Marianne Jilge, Annekatrin Metz-Marconcini, Uta Heiden
Pages: 366-381

Long-term monitoring of evapotranspiration using the SEBAL algorithm and Google Earth Engine cloud computing
Leonardo Laipelt, Rafael {Henrique Bloedow Kayser}, Ayan {Santos Fleischmann}, Anderson Ruhoff, Wim Bastiaanssen, Tyler A. Erickson, Forrest Melton
Pages: 81-96

Active fire detection in Landsat-8 imagery: A large-scale dataset and a deep-learning study
Gabriel Henrique {de Almeida Pereira}, Andre Minoro Fusioka, Bogdan Tomoyuki Nassu, Rodrigo Minetto
Pages: 171-186

M3C2-EP: Pushing the limits of 3D topographic point cloud change detection by error propagation
Lukas Winiwarter, Katharina Anders, Bernhard Höfle
Pages: 240-258

Mapping landscape canopy nitrogen content from space using PRISMA data
Jochem Verrelst, Juan Pablo Rivera-Caicedo, Pablo Reyes-Muñoz, Miguel Morata, Eatidal Amin, Giulia Tagliabue, Cinzia Panigada, Tobias Hank, Katja Berger
Pages: 382-395

Automated tree-crown and height detection in a young forest plantation using mask region-based convolutional neural network (Mask R-CNN)
Zhenbang Hao, Lili Lin, Christopher J. Post, Elena A. Mikhailova, Minghui Li, Yan Chen, Kunyong Yu, Jian Liu
Pages: 112-123

Land use mapping using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 time series in a heterogeneous landscape in Niger, Sahel
Dario Schulz, He Yin, Bernhard Tischbein, Sarah Verleysdonk, Rabani Adamou, Navneet Kumar
Pages: 97-111

Urban road mapping based on an end-to-end road vectorization mapping network framework
Dingyuan Chen, Yanfei Zhong, Zhuo Zheng, Ailong Ma, Xiaoyan Lu
Pages: 345-365

Airborne optical polarization imaging for observation of submarine Kelvin wakes on the sea surface: Imaging chain and simulation
Fuduo Xue, Weiqi Jin, Su Qiu, Jie Yang
Pages: 136-154

A semi-empirical scheme for bathymetric mapping in shallow water by ICESat-2 and Sentinel-2: A case study in the South China Sea
Hsiao-Jou Hsu, Chih-Yuan Huang, Michael Jasinski, Yao Li, Huilin Gao, Tsutomu Yamanokuchi, Cheng-Gi Wang, Tse-Ming Chang, Hsuan Ren, Chung-Yen Kuo, Kuo-Hsin Tseng
Pages: 1-19



New publications in the ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Volume 179 (September 2021)

Editorial Board
Pages: ii

High-accuracy continuous mapping of surface water dynamics using automatic update of training samples and temporal consistency modification based on Google Earth Engine: A case study from Huizhou, China
Kewei Li, Erqi Xu
Pages: 66-80

Live fuel moisture content estimation from MODIS: A deep learning approach
Liujun Zhu, Geoffrey I. Webb, Marta Yebra, Gianluca Scortechini, Lynn Miller, François Petitjean
Pages: 81-91

Mapping salt marsh along coastal South Carolina using U-Net
Huixuan Li, Cuizhen Wang, Yuxin Cui, Michael Hodgson
Pages: 121-132

Urban scene understanding based on semantic and socioeconomic features: From high-resolution remote sensing imagery to multi-source geographic datasets
Yu Su, Yanfei Zhong, Qiqi Zhu, Ji Zhao
Pages: 50-65

Iterative near-infrared atmospheric correction scheme for global coastal waters
Cheng Xue, Shuguo Chen, Zhongping Lee, Lianbo Hu, Xinhao Shi, Mingsen Lin, Jianqiang Liu, Chaofei Ma, Qingjun Song, Tinglu Zhang
Pages: 92-107

Discriminating Xylella fastidiosa from Verticillium dahliae infections in olive trees using thermal- and hyperspectral-based plant traits
T. Poblete, J.A. Navas-Cortes, C. Camino, R. Calderon, A. Hornero, V. Gonzalez-Dugo, B.B. Landa, P.J. Zarco-Tejada
Pages: 133-144

Target-based automated matching of multiple terrestrial laser scans for complex forest scenes
Xuming Ge, Qing Zhu
Pages: 1-13

Multi-task fully convolutional network for tree species mapping in dense forests using small training hyperspectral data
Laura Elena Cué {La Rosa}, Camile Sothe, Raul Queiroz Feitosa, Cláudia Maria {de Almeida}, Marcos Benedito Schimalski, Dário Augusto Borges Oliveira
Pages: 35-49

A deep translation (GAN) based change detection network for optical and SAR remote sensing images
Xinghua Li, Zhengshun Du, Yanyuan Huang, Zhenyu Tan
Pages: 14-34

SUM: A benchmark dataset of Semantic Urban Meshes
Weixiao Gao, Liangliang Nan, Bas Boom, Hugo Ledoux
Pages: 108-120

Robust deep alignment network with remote sensing knowledge graph for zero-shot and generalized zero-shot remote sensing image scene classification
Yansheng Li, Deyu Kong, Yongjun Zhang, Yihua Tan, Ling Chen
Pages: 145-158



New publications in the ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Volume 180 (October 2021)

Editorial Board
Pages: ii

MMFF: Multi-manifold feature fusion based neural networks for target recognition in complex-valued SAR imagery
Qingshu Liu, Liang Lang
Pages: 151-162

Optimal scan planning with enforced network connectivity for the acquisition of three-dimensional indoor models
Youness Dehbi, Johannes Leonhardt, Johannes Oehrlein, Jan-Henrik Haunert
Pages: 103-116

A practical approach to reconstruct high-quality Landsat NDVI time-series data by gap filling and the Savitzky–Golay filter
Yang Chen, Ruyin Cao, Jin Chen, Licong Liu, Bunkei Matsushita
Pages: 174-190

Mapping dominant leaf type based on combined Sentinel-1/-2 data – Challenges for mountainous countries
Lars T. Waser, Marius Rüetschi, Achilleas Psomas, David Small, Nataliia Rehush
Pages: 209-226

Recurrent neural networks for atmospheric noise removal from InSAR time series with missing values
Zhuoyi Zhao, Zherong Wu, Yi Zheng, Peifeng Ma
Pages: 227-237

RectMatch: A novel scan matching method using the rectangle-flattening representation for mobile LiDAR systems
Pengxin Chen, Wenzhong Shi, Wenzheng Fan, Haodong Xiang, Sheng Bao
Pages: 191-208

Improving the accuracy of spring phenology detection by optimally smoothing satellite vegetation index time series based on local cloud frequency
Jiaqi Tian, Xiaolin Zhu, Jin Chen, Cong Wang, Miaogen Shen, Wei Yang, Xiaoyue Tan, Shuai Xu, Zhilin Li
Pages: 29-44

Global clear sky near-surface imagery from multiple satellite daily imagery time series
Karlis Mikelsons, Menghua Wang
Pages: 238-254

LidarCSNet: A Deep Convolutional Compressive Sensing Reconstruction Framework for 3D Airborne Lidar Point Cloud
Rajat C. Shinde, Surya S. Durbha, Abhishek V. Potnis
Pages: 313-334

Identification of mining induced ground fissures using UAV and infrared thermal imager: Temperature variation and fissure evolution
Yixin Zhao, Bo Sun, Shimin Liu, Cun Zhang, Xiang He, Duo Xu, Wei Tang
Pages: 45-64

Corrigendum to “Spatio-temporal linking of multiple SAR satellite data from medium and high resolution Radarsat-2 images” [ISPRS J. Photogramm. Remote Sens. 176 (2021) 222–236]
Bin Zhang, Ling Chang, Alfred Stei
Pages: 335

Phase unmixing of TerraSAR-X staring spotlight interferograms in building scale for PS height and deformation
Peng Liu, Zhenhong Li, Chisheng Wang, Kejie Chen, Xiaofei Chen
Pages: 14-28

Automated building characterization for seismic risk assessment using street-level imagery and deep learning
Patrick {Aravena Pelizari}, Christian Geiß, Paula Aguirre, Hernán {Santa María}, Yvonne {Merino Peña}, Hannes Taubenböck
Pages: 370-386

A two-stage approach for road marking extraction and modeling using MLS point clouds
Xiaoxin Mi, Bisheng Yang, Zhen Dong, Chong Liu, Zeliang Zong, Zhenchao Yuan
Pages: 255-268

Combining data-and-model-driven 3D modelling (CDMD3DM) for small indoor scenes using RGB-D data
Chang Li, Tianrong Guan, Meng Yang, Ce Zhang
Pages: 1-13

Developing bare-earth digital elevation models from structure-from-motion data on barrier islands
Nicholas M. Enwright, Christine J. Kranenburg, Brett A. Patton, P. Soupy Dalyander, Jenna A. Brown, Sarai C. Piazza, Wyatt C. Cheney
Pages: 269-282

A downscaled bathymetric mapping approach combining multitemporal Landsat-8 and high spatial resolution imagery: Demonstrations from clear to turbid waters
Yongming Liu, Jun Zhao, Ruru Deng, Yeheng Liang, Yikang Gao, Qidong Chen, Longhai Xiong, Yingfei Liu, Yuming Tang, Danling Tang
Pages: 65-81

Exploring Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 diversity for flood inundation mapping using deep learning
Goutam Konapala, Sujay V. Kumar, Shahryar {Khalique Ahmad}
Pages: 163-173

Integrating spatio-temporal-spectral information for downscaling Sentinel-3 OLCI images
Yijie Tang, Qunming Wang, Xiaohua Tong, Peter M. Atkinson
Pages: 130-150

Cross-domain road detection based on global-local adversarial learning framework from very high resolution satellite imagery
Xiaoyan Lu, Yanfei Zhong, Zhuo Zheng, Junjue Wang
Pages: 296-312

Tightly-coupled camera/LiDAR integration for point cloud generation from GNSS/INS-assisted UAV mapping systems
Tian Zhou, Seyyed Meghdad Hasheminasab, Ayman Habib
Pages: 336-356

Multi-scale adversarial network for vehicle detection in UAV imagery
Ruiqian Zhang, Shawn Newsam, Zhenfeng Shao, Xiao Huang, Jiaming Wang, Deren Li
Pages: 283-295

Illumination-invariant road detection and tracking using LWIR polarization characteristics
Ning Li, Yongqiang Zhao, Quan Pan, Seong G. Kong, Jonathan Cheung-Wai Chan
Pages: 357-369

Appearance based deep domain adaptation for the classification of aerial images
D. Wittich, F. Rottensteiner
Pages: 82-102

A novel semi-supervised method for airborne LiDAR point cloud classification
Xiang Li, Congcong Wen, Qiming Cao, Yanlei Du, Yi Fang
Pages: 117-129



New publications in the ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Volume 181 (November 2021)

Editorial Board
Pages: ii

Efficient measurement of large-scale decadal shoreline change with increased accuracy in tide-dominated coastal environments with Google Earth Engine
Yongjing. Mao, Daniel L. Harris, Zunyi. Xie, Stuart. Phinn
Pages: 385-399

Simultaneous investigation of surface and canopy urban heat islands over global cities
Huilin Du, Wenfeng Zhan, Zihan Liu, Jiufeng Li, Long Li, Jiameng Lai, Shiqi Miao, Fan Huang, Chenguang Wang, Chunli Wang, Huyan Fu, Lu Jiang, Falu Hong, Sida Jiang
Pages: 67-83

IMGTR: Image-triangle based multi-view 3D reconstruction for urban scenes
Zhihua Hu, Yaolin Hou, Pengjie Tao, Jie Shan
Pages: 191-204

ABCNet: Attentive bilateral contextual network for efficient semantic segmentation of Fine-Resolution remotely sensed imagery
Rui Li, Shunyi Zheng, Ce Zhang, Chenxi Duan, Libo Wang, Peter M. Atkinson
Pages: 84-98

Hybrid phenology matching model for robust crop phenological retrieval
Chunyuan Diao, Zijun Yang, Feng Gao, Xiaoyang Zhang, Zhengwei Yang
Pages: 308-326

Towards a novel approach for Sentinel-3 synergistic OLCI/SLSTR cloud and cloud shadow detection based on stereo cloud-top height estimation
Roberto Fernandez-Moran, Luis Gómez-Chova, Luis Alonso, Gonzalo Mateo-García, Dan López-Puigdollers
Pages: 238-253

Automated LoD-2 model reconstruction from very-high-resolution satellite-derived digital surface model and orthophoto
Shengxi Gui, Rongjun Qin
Pages: 1-19

An unsupervised domain adaptation approach for change detection and its application to deforestation mapping in tropical biomes
Pedro Juan {Soto Vega}, Gilson Alexandre Ostwald Pedro da Costa, Raul Queiroz Feitosa, Mabel Ximena {Ortega Adarme}, Claudio Aparecido de Almeida, Christian Heipke, Franz Rottensteiner
Pages: 113-128

Local climate zone classification using a multi-scale, multi-level attention network
Minho Kim, Doyoung Jeong, Yongil Kim
Pages: 345-366

Infrared dim target detection via mode-k1k2 extension tensor tubal rank under complex ocean environment
Zhaoyang Cao, Xuan Kong, Qiang Zhu, Siying Cao, Zhenming Peng
Pages: 167-190

Simultaneous identification, modeling and registration refinement of poles using laser scanning point clouds
Mostafa Arastounia, Derek D. Lichti
Pages: 327-344

Robust hierarchical structure from motion for large-scale unstructured image sets
Biao Xu, Li Zhang, Yuxuan Liu, Haibin Ai, Baoqian Wang, Yushan Sun, Zhongli Fan
Pages: 367-384

A novel cotton mapping index combining Sentinel-1 SAR and Sentinel-2 multispectral imagery
Lan Xun, Jiahua Zhang, Dan Cao, Shanshan Yang, Fengmei Yao
Pages: 148-166

A comparison between TLS and UAS LiDAR to represent eucalypt crown fuel characteristics
Samuel Hillman, Luke Wallace, Karin Reinke, Simon Jones
Pages: 295-307

A deep learning algorithm to detect and classify sun glint from high-resolution aerial imagery over shallow marine environments
Anna B. Giles, James Edward Davies, Keven Ren, Brendan Kelaher
Pages: 20-26

Robust registration of aerial images and LiDAR data using spatial constraints and Gabor structural features
Bai Zhu, Yuanxin Ye, Liang Zhou, Zhilin Li, Gaofei Yin
Pages: 129-147

Simple loop closing for continuous 6DOF LIDAR&IMU graph SLAM with planar features for indoor environments
S. Karam, V. Lehtola, G. Vosselman
Pages: 413-426

A deep learning semantic template matching framework for remote sensing image registration
Liangzhi Li, Ling Han, Mingtao Ding, Hongye Cao, Huijuan Hu
Pages: 205-217

Pose estimation and 3D reconstruction of vehicles from stereo-images using a subcategory-aware shape prior
Max Coenen, Franz Rottensteiner
Pages: 27-47

Simplified object-based deep neural network for very high resolution remote sensing image classification
Xin Pan, Ce Zhang, Jun Xu, Jian Zhao
Pages: 218-237

Automatic voxel-based 3D indoor reconstruction and room partitioning from triangle meshes
Patrick Hübner, Martin Weinmann, Sven Wursthorn, Stefan Hinz
Pages: 254-278

Combining multi-spectral and thermal remote sensing to predict forest fire characteristics
Carmine Maffei, Roderik Lindenbergh, Massimo Menenti
Pages: 400-412

National-scale greenhouse mapping for high spatial resolution remote sensing imagery using a dense object dual-task deep learning framework: A case study of China
Ailong Ma, Dingyuan Chen, Yanfei Zhong, Zhuo Zheng, Liangpei Zhang
Pages: 279-294

Hierarchical line segment matching for wide-baseline images via exploiting viewpoint robust local structure and geometric constraints
Min Chen, Shaohua Yan, Rongjun Qin, Xi Zhao, Tong Fang, Qing Zhu, Xuming Ge
Pages: 48-66

AProNet: Detecting objects with precise orientation from aerial images
Xianwei Zheng, Wanling Zhang, Linxi Huan, Jianya Gong, Hongyan Zhang
Pages: 99-112


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ISPRS Open Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

ISPRS Open Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing      

New publications in the ISPRS Open Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Volume 1 (September 2021)

A decision-level fusion approach to tree species classification from multi-source remotely sensed data
Baoxin Hu, Qian Li, G. Brent Hall
Pages: 100002

The Hessigheim 3D (H3D) benchmark on semantic segmentation of high-resolution 3D point clouds and textured meshes from UAV LiDAR and Multi-View-Stereo
Michael Kölle, Dominik Laupheimer, Stefan Schmohl, Norbert Haala, Franz Rottensteiner, Jan Dirk Wegner, Hugo Ledoux
Pages: 100001

Mapping sugarcane in Thailand using transfer learning, a lightweight convolutional neural network, NICFI high resolution satellite imagery and Google Earth Engine
Ate Poortinga, Nyein Soe Thwal, Nishanta Khanal, Timothy Mayer, Biplov Bhandari, Kel Markert, Andrea P. Nicolau, John Dilger, Karis Tenneson, Nicholas Clinton, David Saah
Pages: 100003

Towards spherical robots for mobile mapping in human made environments
Fabian Arzberger, Anton Bredenbeck, Jasper Zevering, Dorit Borrmann, Andreas Nüchter
Pages: 100004


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