ISPRS Council Meeting in Stuttgart, Germany, September 1998

5-6 SEPTEMBER 1998

Council Attendees

President:              Lawrence Fritz (LF)
Secretary General:      John Trinder (JT)
First Vice President:   Shunji Murai (SM)
Second Vice President:  Marcio Barbosa (MB)
Congress Director:      Klaas Beek (KB)
Treasurer:              Heinz Rüther (HR)

In attendance
Journal Editor:                Emmanuel Baltsavias (EB)(Item 6.1)
Chair, Financial Commission:   Armin Gruen (Item 11)


  1. Opening (LF)
  2. Approval of Agenda (LF)
  3. Review of previous Council meeting in Bangalore, India (JT)
  4. Actions of Council (JT)
  5. Policy Discussions
    1. Strategy meeting
    2. Education Program (MB)
    3. Awards (Council)
    4. Statutes and Bylaws revision
    5. Unispace III
    6. World Science Conference
    7. Others
  6. ISPRS Publications
    1. Journal (LF/Manos)
    2. Bulletin (JT/LJ)
    3. Home Page (JT)
  7. Inter-Organizational Activities (LF/JT)
    1. COPUOS
    2. CIPA
    3. CEOS
    4. ICSU
    5. ICET/UATI
    6. Standards
    7. Others (FAO)
  8. Amsterdam Congress Plans (KB)
    1. Approval of Scientific and Workshop program
    2. Congress plans
    3. ISPRS Exhibit
  9. Council Activities Reports (Council)
    (Council to provide reports in writing at the meeting)
  10. ISPRS Membership (JT)
    1. Ordinary Members
    2. Associate Members
    3. Sustaining Members
    4. Regional Members
  11. Financial Affairs (HR/AG)
    1. Treasurer's Report
    2. Financial Commission Report
    3. Financial Commission Guidelines
  12. Review of Technical Commissions (LF/JT) (Discussed after the JM)
    1. Resolutions Guidelines (SM)
    2. Working Groups
    3. Symposia, tutorials and other meetings
  13. Other Business
  14. Next Meeting (JT)
    1. Istanbul, Turkey, April-May 1999
    2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 13-17 September 1999


1. Opening

President Lawrence Fritz welcomed all Council to the meeting, and thanked Professor Dieter Fritsch and the German Society for their hospitality and excellent arrangements. LF expressed pleasure with the progression of change in a positive direction for the Society. He then stated the objectives of the meeting are to:
(1) Review the Strategic Planning activity;
(2) Coordinate process for Joint Meeting; and
(3) Coordinate Council coverage of key events.

2. Approval of Agenda

The Agenda was adopted, but there was a rearrangement in the order in which items were discussed. It was agreed to set time limits for each agenda item to insure sufficient discussion on all agenda items.

3. Review of previous Council meeting in Bangalore, India

No items were raised.

4. Actions of Council

Council has completed 45 Action Items, 4 were overcome by events, and 18 remain to be completed. Council are reminded of the action item to share travel details.

Action 98/157: JT to send letter to Zimbabwe.

5. Policy Discussions

5.1 Strategy meeting

The meeting reviewed the small number of responses received from ISPRS officers, following the distribution in July of the Minutes of the Strategy Meeting by LF. The general view was that the details in the Minutes were inadequate for in-depth comments, particularly in respect of the rationale for the conclusions and the decisions. A new document will be prepared for distribution to ISPRS members.

5.1.1 Goal 2 "Advancement of Knowledge by Scientific Network Creation" has been modified with the addition of a new sub-Goal 2.2 'Encourage ISPRS Member Organizations (MO's) to provide regular information about their activities'. This Goal recognizes that the MO's have responsibilities to the ISPRS which are often neglected and as a result ISPRS becomes more of a one-way partnership with national MO's.

5.1.2 Goal 4 "Inter-Disciplinary Integration" has been modified with the addition of a new sub-goal 'Develop strategy for coordination of international meetings of like disciplines with objective to form Ad Hoc Committee.'


5.2 Education Program

MB reported that the Pilot Program was not successful because attempts to communicate with Ordinary Members in Latin America had failed. Hence no students have enrolled in the INPE course as part of the Pilot Program. The Task Force meeting will consider the options to improve the communication with Ordinary Members during its meeting in Sao Paulo on 16 September 1998. An attempt will be made to run the Pilot Program in 1999.


5.3 Awards

The Helava Award Terms of Reference were approved subject to the modification of Article 6 to read ' an appropriate event at the Congress', instead of ' a plenary session of the Congress.'

Jury members were selected, as reported in Item 6.1.

The jury will commence its work in October 1998 to review papers published in the Journal in 1996 and 1997 and recommend winners of 'best papers' for those years.

The draft Press Release prepared by Dr Stewart Walker of LH Systems will to be revised with the addition of details of Elsevier Scientific Publishers (ESP).

Action 98/158: EB to provide statement for Press release from ESP

Action 98/159 :JT to put Helava Award on the Awards brochure.


5.4 Statutes and Bylaws Revision

The following further points were considered.

5.4.1 It was agreed that the Ordinary Member responsibilities were not adequately described in the Statutes and Bylaws and hence an amendment to the Bylaws is recommended. Typical responsibilities of Ordinary Members should be:

  • Payment of annual dues
  • Appointment of Technical Commission Correspondents
  • Produce reports of activities in photogrammetry, remote sensing and SIS
  • Serve as a focal point for distribution of information about ISPRS amongst its members
  • Produce periodic reports of activities in ISPRS Highlights
  • Promote ISPRS objectives
  • Stimulate the creation of a local Home Page
  • Demonstrate their representation of the whole of the membership in their country, and encourage cooperation within all disciplines
  • Actively participate and vote in the ISPRS Quadrennial General Assembly
  • Establish links with other groups in the region
  • Encourage interaction within the region in science and technology activities

Council should retain the right to replace an organisation as Ordinary Member in a country or region by another organisation, which is more representative of the individuals in that country or region.

5.4.2 Associate Members should be admitted for a trial period, during which time they must achieve certain milestones, which would include preparation of a Society Report. Based on the achievement of the milestones, Council could recommend the ratification of their membership to the General Assembly. Council could also recommend the replacement of one Ordinary Member by a current Associate Member of the same country or region.

Action: 98/160: MB to prepare a first draft of plans for modification of Statutes and Bylaws by 31 December 1998 as follows:

5.4.3 Bylaw VI - Provide Associate Members with a vote up to a maximum of the vote of the Ordinary Member in the country. As a consequence, review the level of dues appropriate for Associate Members.

5.4.4 Define the rights of Council to determine if an Ordinary Member satisfies the minimum requirements of membership in Bylaw VI.1.

Action 98/161: Council to provide feedback to MB by 31 October on their views of the procedures for, and implications of the increase in Associate Members' voting rights and dues.

Action: 98/162: Council to provide JT with their views on guidelines for National Correspondents

Action: 98/163: SM to prepare 1st draft of plans to include SIS in all ISPRS activities by 31st October

Action: 98/164: LF and JT to discuss and prepare proposals for closer cooperation with SDH.

Action: 98/165: LF to prepare a draft document on IPS


5.5 Unispace III

NASA and EARSeL wish to collaborate with ISPRS in the Technical Forum of UNISPACE III. These organizations will help prepare the documents describing the contents of the workshops, for submission to OOSA. In addition, it was agreed that ISPRS should present its own workshop on 'Resource Mapping from Space', comprising a 120 minute session followed by a 60 minute panel discussion. Topics discussed will include sensors and their applications for resource mapping for land use/land cover studies, data fusion and integration, and cost/benefits. A one page document describing the content and length of the session, as well as speakers must be submitted to OOSA by 30 September.

Action 98/166: JT and KB to prepare the one page document by 30 September.

The preparatory meeting in Chile 12-16 October will be attended by MB. Guidelines for the program have already been prepared. ISPRS can advertise the Educational Opportunities program at this meeting. A meeting with ISPRS related groups was suggested, and the ISPRS display could be placed at the meeting by Tania Sausen (INPE).

The preparatory meeting in Africa will be held on 26-30 October in Rabat Morocco. ISPRS could be represented by LF, KB, or T. Waldai.


5.6 World Science Conference

ISPRS has been invited to participate in the World Science Conference scheduled for July 1999.

Action 98/167: LF to contact proposed speaker.


5.7 Other Matters

HR and Clive Fraser will prepare an appropriate response to the patent on digital photogrammetry.

Action 98/168: HR and CF to prepare response

6. ISPRS Publications

6.1 Journal

The report on the Journal was presented by EB, who was complimented for his excellent management of the Journal. The following actions were agreed upon:

Action 98/169: EB to request ESP to send a letter to Sustaining Members asking them to place advertisements in, and to subscribe to the Journal.

Action 98/170: EB to send a letter to some Members asking them to include free advertisements of the Journal in their publications.

EB will initiate the negotiations between ESP for the Journal, and GITC for ISPRS Highlights, to exchange free advertisements. A new brochure on the Journal with a different colour will be printed.

Action 98/171: EB to initiate negotiations between GITC and ESP.


6.2 Bulletin

LF reported on the new GITC contract for publication of ISPRS Highlights. A report was also given on the final edition (April 1998) of ISPRS Highlights that has been published in Chile by Mauricio Araya. Both the April and September editions were received in Stuttgart during the meeting. Council were very pleased with their quality.

In order to provide the Annual Report in a single issue of ISPRS Highlights, Council agreed to limit the length of reports to one page for each Commission and one page for each Working Group. Photographs of Working Group officers and WG events are encouraged to be provided to GITC.


6.3 Home Page

Action 98/172: AS to investigate the naming of the Web Page ''

The Guidelines for ISPRS Home Pages were approved.

Action 98/173: JT to request WG VI/4 to continue its work on developing information rich home pages by compiling details of databases and other information available on the Web for distribution to members.

Action 98/174: JT to request complimentary copies of all ISPRS Archives to be provided to Council.

Action 98/175: JT to add into Guidelines the requirement for complimentary copies of all ISPRS Archives to be provided to Council and encourage TCPs to provide complimentary copies of their Symposium Archives to one another

Action 98/176: JT to advise Tania Sausen to arrange for links between the INPE list server and Core Curriculum Home Page.

JT reported that the 'Jobs Directory' will become operational very soon.

It was agreed the ISPRS Home Page address should be redesignated to and that General Assembly mail ballots should utilize electronic mail when possible.

7. Inter-Organizational Activities


LF reported on the plans for Unispace III conference in Vienna in July 1999. There will be about 10 days of COPUOS meetings in Vienna before Unispace III, comprising 5 days each for the legal and S&T sub-committees. ISPRS will install its static exhibit during Unispace III, but help will be needed to replenish supplies of brochures etc. ISPRS involvement in the conference has been described in Item 5.5.


7.2 CIPA

Hiro Chikatsu will be requested to recommend a representative to replace him as an ex-officio member of the CIPA Committee, for ratification by Council. ISPRS will not support travel of an ISPRS representative on CIPA Committee.


7.3 CEOS

LF and JT may both go to CEOS Plenary in Bangalore India. It may be possible to display the ISPRS exhibit during the CEOS meeting. Contact could also be made with Eumetsat to work jointly for a ISPRS/CEOS Workshop for Unispace III.



7.4 ICSU

LF met with ICSU Executive Secretariat and received assurance that the ISPRS application and legal questions will be addressed soon.



Council will raise the issue of presenting an article in the UATI Newsletter with TCPs, with Council making a final decision of an author. ISPRS must aim to respond to UATI requests for information from time to time. Publishing an article in their Newsletter could assist in raising funds for Remote Sensing.

Action 98/177: LF and JT to prepare suggestions for a document for the UATI Newsletter

Action 98/178: MB to provide details of cost/benefits of Remote Sensing, based on the INPE study.


7.6 Standards

An ISPRS RPF (rational polynomial function) group will be formed to consider the issues of using the rational functions for formulating camera models for commercial space systems. Test fields are being developed to study their use. DF will take responsibility for forming a group to study impact of using RPF, which should include Ed Mikhail. LF will provide further information to DF.

Action 98/179: DF to develop response on RPF


7.7 Others

7.7.1. FAO

LF visited Dr He Chanchui - Chief of Environment & Natural Resources Service, FAO in Rome. Dr He invited coordination between FAO and ISPRS activities. FAO is downsizing and tending to place more emphasis on environmental issues and indicators to support sustainable development. Hence FAO will be able to cooperate with ISPRS in the aspects of its programs that consider environmental issues.

Action 98/180: JT to put He Chanchui on mailing list for ISPRS Highlights.

7.7.2 OICC

The UN Energy and Transport Branch requests closer relationship with ISPRS to help identify remote sensing solutions for issues such as mapping regional and local transport routes and monitoring local air pollution. A UN Conference will convene in Abu Dhabi and ISPRS is encouraged to present papers. A Memorandum of Understanding with the UN is being considered.

Action 98/181 :LF to discuss relationships with UN.

7.7.3 Global Change Activities

ISPRS is not undertaking any activities on Global Change. To achieve greater involvement in Global Change studies, ISPRS should collaborate with experts who are involved in environmental programs such as in Europe, Japan and USA.

UNESCAP will hold a conference in October/November 1999 on Sustainable Development using space technologies. SM has requested ISPRS to be represented.

HR has requested a letter of support from ISPRS for Remote Sensing activities in Africa through SADC (Southern African Development Corporation)

LF reported on the ISPRS initiative for providing 50 recent texts from ASPRS to 72 institutions in Africa. A press release is expected.

8. Amsterdam Congress Plans

8.1 Approval of Scientific and Workshop program

Following the completion of the Joint Meeting on 12 September, the plans for the scientific program of the Congress were approved. KB will compile the submissions of TCPs on the content of the theme sessions at the JM and distribute them to Council and TCPs.


8.2 Congress Plans

The program for the Congress was reviewed. Press releases are being planned at appropriate times. The Second Announcement and Call for Papers will be distributed early in 1999.

KB will determine whether infrastructure and staff can be provided for the preparation of short summaries of all technical sessions.

It was agreed that:
(a) the proceedings (Archives B) containing full papers will be produced only on CD-ROM;
(b) the summary of each session will be prepared by the Congress Committee for hardcover Archives A;
(c) the abstracts will be posted in advance on the world wide web; and
(d) a book of abstracts will be provided to all participants.

The next Council Meeting will consider whether to charge for access to Internet version of proceedings.

Six special sessions will be determined by Council. They will comprise speakers and/or a panel discussion. Responsibilities are as follows:

Topic Responsibility
Unispace III JT
Agenda 21/Sustainable development - user v provider of space systems KB
Global Change MB
Education and the Profession HR
Data Availability/Policy LF
Business opportunities, terrabyte technology, Commission V SM


8.3 ISPRS Exhibit

The exhibit is now completed.

9. Council Activities Reports

See attachments A to E.

10. ISPRS Membership

10.1 Ordinary Members

The change of Ordinary Membership in Belarus was endorsed. The admission of El Salvador as an Ordinary Member was endorsed by Council. A Press Release should be issued in ISPRS Highlights and other Journals, announcing the 100th Ordinary Member of ISPRS.

Action 98/182: JT to arrange issue of press release

Action 98/183: HR to invoice El Salvador for 1998.

Action 98/184: JT to send letter to all Ordinary Members that have been in arrears since 1992.

Council agreed to proceed with the ballot to admit IGIS II of Bangladesh as an Ordinary Member.

An application has also been received from Benin in Africa. The ballot will be proceeded once sufficient details are available.

Action 98/187: JT to distribute ballots.


10.2 Associate Members

AARSE and SELPER to be reminded of non-payment of dues.


10.3 Sustaining Members

Shin Gijutsu requested to be deleted as a member from 1999. HR to send invoice for 1998.

New Sustaining Membership applications were received from ETH Zurich, UCL London, IFP Stuttgart and UNSW and were approved.


10.4 Regional Members

There were no matters considered.

11. Financial Affairs

11.1 Treasurer's Report

Council agreed to the investment plans presented by HR, comprising investments in Swf and $US Obligations and a shares portfolio.

Action 98/189: HR to revise budget following change in expenses for ISPRS Highlights

ISPRS accounts current total approximately Swf 460,000.


11.2 Financial Commission Report

The report was presented and accepted.


11.3 Financial Commission Guidelines

No guidelines were determined yet. The guidelines should include inter alia:
  • How the Financial Commission should conduct its annual examination and audit of Society finances.
  • Details of 'proper spending' by Council.
  • A schedule for submission of accounts, auditing etc

Action 98/190: AG to prepare Financial Commission Guidelines

12. Review of Technical Commissions (Discussed after the JM)

12.1 Resolution Guidelines

The Guidelines for Resolutions prepared by SM were finalised for distribution to TCPs at the Joint Meeting.


12.2 Working Groups

Council reviewed need to replace some inactive or ineffective officers in cooperation with TCPs.


12.3 Symposia, tutorials and other meetings

HR to request Mussio to change the venue and/or the date of the planned meeting in Cape Town in February 1999, which is now only 2 months before the Commission VI Symposium, to Bandung.

The conference on Remote Sensing of the Environment planned by Jim Weber, should be kept clear of the Amsterdam Congress. November 2000 is suggested.

Action 98/191: LF to negotiate with Weber

13. Other Business

ISPRS should recognise the achievements of WG officers at the end of their 4-year term by a formal letter from the President, with a copy to their employers.

Revised Guidelines for Publication of the International Archives of P&RS (to cover CD-ROM publications) were presented by JT for approval.

14. Next Meeting

14.1 April-May 1999 - Bangkok

Schedule is as follows:
  • 15-17 April Commission VI Symposium in Bandung
  • Depart Bandung for Bangkok on the evening of 17 April or morning of 18 April.
  • The Council Meeting will be held in Bangkok on 18-20 April and afternoon of 21 April and will be arranged by SM.

14.2 Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 10-20 September 1999

The schedule is as follows:
  • 10 September Arrive in Enschede
  • 11-13 September JM meeting in Enschede
  • 14 September Travel to Amsterdam to visit Congress Centre, depart Amsterdam

J. C. Trinder September 1998


Report of the ISPRS President
Lawrence W. Fritz
5-6 September 1998
Stuttgart, Germany

1. Represented ISPRS in following Activities (Since February 1998 Council Meeting in Bangalore, India)

11 March Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany TU Delft-SpaceTech Program Lecturer
18-19 March Greenbelt, USA NASA 36th Goddard Memorial Symposium
25-27 March Aquascalientes, Mexico UN Special WG on Regional Carto. Confs.
30 Mar-3Apr Tampa, USA UN/ISPRS Conf. on Spin-off Benefits of Space Technology - Organizer/speaker
30 Mar-3Apr Tampa, USA ASPRS-RTI Annual Conference
21-22 April Tysons, USA OGC Board of Directors Meeting
1-3 May Bethesda, USA ISPRS Strategic Planning Meeting
20 May Silver Spring, USA US C&GS Anniversary Event
4 June Paris, France ICSU Coordination Meeting
5 June Paris, France UATI Legal Meeting
6 June Amsterdam, Netherlands ISPRS-GITC Highlights coordination
8-10 June Vienna, Austria 41st Session of UN COPUOS
11 June Rome, Italy UN FAO Coordination Meeting
12 June Belfast, Ireland N. Ireland Ordnance Survey tech. Review
6-10 July Columbus, USA ISPRS Commission III Symposium
10 July Columbus, USA Duane Brown Conference Lecturer
13-16 July Cambridge, UK ISPRS Commission II Symposium
20-24 July Sydney, Australia 9th Australasian RS Conf.-Opening Keynote & High-Res. Satellites Workshop Lecturer
6 August Washington, DC, USA NASA coordination meeting-UNISPACE III
17-18 August Reston, USA OGC Board of Directors Meeting
1-4 September Budapest, Hungary ISPRS Commission VII Symposium
5-6 September Stuttgart, Germany Council Meeting

2. Other ISPRS Activities

  • Prepared and coordinated the shipment for ISPRS of 80 sets of more than 50 "Books for Africa" each to 72 institutions, universities and organizations in 37 countries, donated by ASPRS, shipped & financed by Lockheed Martin Corp.
  • Reviewed and edited numerous documents such as the Benefits brochure, Resolutions Guidelines, and Home Page Guidelines.
  • Coordinated ISPRS endorsement and co-sponsorship of The Remote Sensing Core Curriculum,
  • Provided ISPRS Co-Sponsor support to "2nd UN Conference on Spin-off Benefits of Space Technology" by fund raising; obtaining speakers, facilities and ASPRS coordination; accounting; hosting; and preparing speeches.
  • Prepared RFP, negotiated, and successfully awarded contract for "ISPRS Highlights" to GITC, bv of the Netherlands. As a result, Highlights will continue to be distributed free, yet financially self-supporting by 1 June 1999.
  • Initiated proposal for ISPRS/UN Seminar on Benefits from Advanced Satellite Imaging Systems in Columbia, South America.
  • Secured all arrangements and hosting for Strategic Planning Meeting by Council and now coordinating all ISPRS officers review of meeting summary.
  • Prepared report on UN Special Working Group activity in Mexico; solicitation of support for project proposals; and periodic Events Calendar for Highlights.
  • Enlisted El Salvador to become ISPRS' 100th Ordinary Member.
  • Enlisted Dr. Bill Clark to become Reports Editor of Highlights.
  • Sent Educational Opportunities Task Force membership invitation letters to prominent regional leaders.
  • Prepared ISPRS Ordinary Membership Plaque for Croatian Society which was presented by Honorary Member & former ISPRS President Konecny.
  • Presented ISPRS Ordinary Membership Plaques to Society Presidents of India, UK, Australia and Hungary. Presented ISPRS Plaque for dedicated service to former Editor-in-Chief, David Tait.

In addition, I have been selected to serve on a US National Research Council, Commission on Geosciences, Environment, and Resources, Committee for the next 18 months.


Report of First Vice President Shunji Murai
From February 1998 (Bangalore Meeting)
to September 1998 (Stuttgart Meeting)

1. International Activities

  • 25 February ~ 1 March : ISPRS Com. I Symposium and ISPRS Council Meeting, Bangalore, India
  • 17~20 March : Survey Academy, Tokyo, Japan
  • 1~3 May : ISPRS Strategic Planning Meeting, Washington D.C. USA
  • 18~22 May : Survey Academy, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2-7 June : ISPRS Com.V Symposium, Hakodate, Japan
  • 17-19 June : Annual Convention, Japan Association of Surveyors, Tokyo, Japan
  • 14-17 July : ISPRS Com. II Symposium, Cambridge, UK
  • 23-24 July : Survey Academy, Tokyo, Japan
  • 28-29 July : Summer Session, International Space University, Cleveland, USA
  • 19-23 August : Workshop on RS, GIS and GPS Data Utilization. Bandung, Indonesia
  • 4-13 September : ISPRS Council/Joint Meeting, ISPRS Com.IV Symposium, Stuttgart, Germany

2. ISPRS Affairs

2.1 General Policy of ISPRS Awards

I made the draft in consultation with Professor Gottfried Konecny, that was approved with some corrections and additions at ISPRS Council Meeting, held in Bangalore, India on the 28th February, 1998.

2.2 Coordination of Helava Award

The revised versions of Helava Award were repeatedly discussed through E-mail and at Bangalore Meeting. Finally the Council agreed the final version with the assistance of Secretary General.

2.3 Financial Support to New Com. VI President

I arranged the financial support for Dr. Lukman Aziz, new Com. VI President to enable to come to Bangalore Council Meeting, in order to achieve smooth transfer of Com.VI business.

2.4 Tutorials of Com.VI Symposium

I drafted the program of the tutorials to be organized in conjunction with Com.VI Symposium. However the tutorials were postponed as the symposium was postponed to the next year.

2.5 Drafting Guidelines for Resolutions

I made a draft of "Guidelines for Resolutions" with the assistance of Secretary General, that will be approved by Stuttgart Joint Meeting.

2.6 Participation in the Inter-congress Symposia

I attended the following symposia

  • Com. I Symposium : end of February, Bangalore
  • Com. V Symposium : beginning of June, Hakodate
  • Com. II Symposium : middle of July, Cambridge
  • (Come. IV Symposium : beginning of September, Stuttgart)

2.7 Mobile Mapping Technology Workshop

I accepted the chairman, local organizing committee for Mobile Mapping Technology Workshop to be held in Bangkok, Thailand, 21-23 April 199 in cooperation with Dr. Ron Li, the Chair of the Workshop. I contributed to the second announcement by arranging the workshop venue and other local arrangement.


From February 1998 (Bangalore Meeting)
to September 1998 (Stuttgart Meeting)

1 ISPRS Documentation

Blue Book for 1998 has been distributed.

The Annual Report is being prepared in 3 parts and published in ISPRS Highlights January, April and September 1998

Arrangements have been completed for the publication of 3 editions of ISPRS highlights.

2. Action items 98/153, 98/122, 98/126, 98/135, 98/136, 98/137, 98/138, 98/143, 98/149, 98/127, 98/131, 98/132, plus ongoing action items have been completed.

I have attended to operational correspondence of ISPRS, amounting to 430 outgoing items .

3. Activities of SG

I have attended the following meetings:

  • ISPRS Council Strategy Meeting from1-3 May 1998
  • ISPRS Commission V Symposium
  • CAGIS Conference in Beijing from 16-19 June 1998
  • ISPRS Commission III Symposium in Columbus, Ohio USA, 6-10 July 1998
  • Duane Brown International Workshop on Geomatics in Columbus, Ohio USA, 8-11 July 1998
  • ISPRS Commission II Symposium in Cambridge UK from 13-17 July 1998
  • Conference of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Association of Australasia in Sydney 20-24 July 1998.


Report of Second Vice President Marcio Barbosa
From February 1998 (Bangalore Meeting)
to September 1998 (Stuttgart Meeting)

1. Coordination of the Placidino Fagundes Award

A new set of draft conditions was prepared according to the new guidelines in cooperation with the SBC. Designs of the certificate and the medal are being prepared for submission to Council in 1999.

2.Educational Task Force Meeting in Brazil

The first meeting of the Educational Opportunities Task Force has been organised in coordination with the Brazilian Remote Sensing Symposium in September 1998. The first draft of the 'Survey of Educational Training Centres is in preparation.

3. Participation in the mid-tem Symposium of Commission VII in Budapest, Hungary.

4. Workshop on Education in Brazil (Commission VI) Support was provided for the organisation of the ISPRS WG VI/1 workshop on education, in cooperation with the organisers of the Brazilian Symposium of Remote Sensing.

5. Update of Travel Plans to the end of 1998.

  • IAF (Melbourne) from 30 September - 3 October
  • Regional Meeting in preparation for UNISPACE III in Concepcion, Chile, 12-16 October
  • Launch of Brazilian SCD-2 satellite, Kennedy Space Center, 26 October
  • Several meetings (NASA, World Bank, etc) Washington 27-28 October
  • IAI (International American Institute for Global Change), Executive Council Meeting, Montivideo, Mid November

Note: INPE will be represented at the 19987 CEOS Plenary in Bangalore, India by Paulo Roberto Serrra.


Report of Treasurer, Heinz Rüther
From February 1998 (Bangalore Meeting)
to September 1998 (Stuttgart Meeting)

During the period between the Council meetings in Bangalore and Stuttgart, my ISPRS activities concentrated on financial matters. Invoices for subscriptions were send out in February and March and reminders were send in August and September. I also initiated and completed the transfer of the ISPRS account from the UBS AG branch in Lugano to the Zurich branch of the same banking group.

In May 1998 I participated in the extraordinary ISPRS Strategic Planning Meeting in Bethesda, USA.

In July 1998 I presented a talk on ISPRS in at the Technion in Haifa, Israel and made two technical presentations, one at the Department of Antiquities in Jerusalem, and the other to the Bet-Saida research team in Ginnosar

Throughout this period I have been involved in negotiations and meetings related to my 'African Initiative'. I am engaged in the process of establishing an education network for Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry and GIS in Africa. This is a slow and complex process which is likely to continue for some time before any tangible success can be reported



The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing is a non-governmental organization devoted to the development of international cooperation for the advancement of photogrammetry and remote sensing and their applications. The Society operates without any discrimination on grounds of race, religion, nationality, or political philosophy.

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