The Schermerhorn Award


Willem Schermerhorn

In 1988 the "Nederlandse Vereniging voor Fotogrammetrie" instituted the Schermerhorn Award in memory of Prof. Dr. Ir. Willem Schermerhorn for the promotion of international activities in various areas of specialization of the photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information sciences.

Rules governing the award

Article 1.
The scientific, technical and professional achievements of ISPRS depend to a very large extent on the results presented by working groups at symposia and congresses. Activities of working groups are the corner-stone of the functioning of ISPRS. The Schermerhorn Award will recognize contributions on the working group level and can be made to a Working Group Chair, Co-chair, Secretary or member of a working group.

Article 2.
The Schermerhorn Award is granted to a member of a working group who, through his/her commitment, has achieved extremely worthwhile and successful scientific meeting(s) of a very high level, gaining sufficient interest (participation by a broad range of countries worldwide) and high level of reporting throughout the four year period up to an ISPRS Congress.

Article 3.
The Schermerhorn Award shall consist of a plaque and monetary grant of 1,250 CHF provided by the Society "Geo-Information Netherlands."

Article 4.
Normally, the award shall be presented to the winner at each quadrennial Congress of ISPRS.

Article 5.
The Jury of five individuals is composed of the President of ISPRS (Chair), a board member of Geo-Information Netherlands, the Rector of ITC, and a professor in the field of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and GIS of Wageningen University and Research Centre, and of Delft University of Technology.

Article 6.
Nominations for the Award shall reach the President of ISPRS not later than six months prior to the Congress at which it will be presented. The Jury may itself nominate candidates. Candidates may not self nominate.

Article 7.
The Jury may decide not to present any award. Decisions are made by simple majority vote. In case of a tie, the vote of the Chairman shall be decisive. The decision of the Jury is final.

Amendments approved by GIN and ISPRS Council in April and ratified by ISPRS GA in July 2004.
Amendments approved by GIN and ISPRS Council in September 2009 and ratified by ISPRS GA in August 2012

The winners of the award

  • 1988 G. Guyot, France
  • 1992 Ian Dowman, United Kingdom
  • 1996 D.M. McKeown, USA
  • 2000 T. Woldai, The Netherlands
  • 2004 Marguerite Madden, USA
  • 2008 Sisi Zlatanova, Netherlands
  • 2012 Cemal Özgür Kıvılcım, Turkey
  • 2016 Uwe Stilla, Germany
  • 2020 Michael Yang, The Netherlands



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