ISPRS Best Young Author Award

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The ISPRS Best Young Author Award (est. 1988), sponsored by donor organizations and ISPRS, recognizes authors who are less than 35 years old on the opening day of the Congress and are the sole or 1st author of a high quality paper accepted for oral presentation at the Congress. Typically, two award are presented for each ISPRS Commission. Each award consists of a certificate and a SFr. 2,500 grant to enable the awardee to participate in the Congress. To be eligible, young authors must submit their paper by the submission deadline, indicating it should be considered for this award.

One jury for each of the ISPRS Technical Commissions, each appointed by the respective Technical Commission President, evaluates all submissions and selects the awardee for their commission based on the scientific merit of the contribution. The decision of the jury is final.

Approved by Council, September 16, 2021

The winners of the award in 1996

  • X.Yuan, China
  • N.El-Sheimy, Canada
  • W.Cho, USA
  • R.E.Fayek, Canada
  • J.A.Shufelt, USA
  • C.Pohl, Netherlands
  • Y.Zhou, USA
  • G.Danuser, Switzerland
  • C.Tao, Canada
  • X.Yang, USA

The winners of the award in 2000

  • B. Ameri, Germany
  • A. Brunn, Germany
  • M. Honikel, Switzerland
  • Jun Li, Canada
  • S. Priya, Japan
  • J. Schiewe, Germany
  • G. Zalmanson, USA

The winners of the award in 2004

  • Devrim Akca, Switzerland
  • Tinghua Ai, China
  • Michele Crosetto, Spain
  • Andrea Forberg, Germany
  • P.-H. Hsu, China Taipei
  • Derek D. Lichti, Australia
  • Camillo Ressl, Austria
  • Axel Wendt, Germany

The winners of the award in 2008

  • Marta Blazquez, Spain
  • Margarita Kokla, Greece
  • Min Deng, Hong Kong, China
  • Sander Oude Elberink, Netherlands
  • Pengfeng Xiao, China
  • David Belton, Australia
  • Francesco Dell’Endice, Switzerland
  • Long-Qi Zhang, China
  • Yuan Li, China

The winners of the award in 2012

  • Maryam Mohammadi, Germany
  • Rongfu Tang, Germany
  • Shun Hirose, Japan
  • Gay Jane P Perez, Philippines
  • Janja Avbelj, Germany
  • Xiaoliang Meng, China

The winners of the award in 2016

  • Yuanxin Ye, China
  • Christian Kehl, Norway
  • Andreas Ley, Germany
  • Constantin-Ioan Nandra, Romania
  • Ana Djuricic, Austria
  • Raechel Bianchetti, USA
  • Benson Kipkemboi Kenduiywo, Germany
  • Katalin Kiss, Finland

The winners of the award in 2020

  • Emmanuel Cledat, Switzerland
  • Stefan Blaser, Switzerland
  • Dennis Wittich, Germany
  • Eleonora Maset, Italy
  • Rory Clifford Pittman, Canada
  • Jiangyuan Zeng, China
  • Patrick Hübner, Germany
  • Xiaoli Li, China
  • Priyanka Singh, India
  • Recep Can, Turkey

The winners of the award in 2021

  • Jiayuan Li, China
  • Rahima Djahel, France
  • Milad Niroumand-Jadidi, Italy
  • Oskar Wage, Germany
  • Clemence Dubois, Germany

The winners of the award in 2022

  • Kyriaki Mouzakidou, Switzerland
  • Corinne Stucker, Switzerland
  • Mirjana Voelsen, Germany
  • Xiaodan Shi, Japan
  • Juan Fernando Toro, Italy



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