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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVII Part B3b, 2008

XXIst ISPRS Congress
Technical Commission III
July 3-11, 2008
Beijing, China
Editor(s): CHEN Jun, JIANG Jie, Wolfgang FÖRSTNER


WG III/1: Automatic Calibration and Orientation of Optical Sensors

Autonomous Photogrammetric Network Design Basing on Changing Environment Genetic Algorithms
YANG Jian,LU Nai-Guang
Page(s) 1-4
Conference Paper (PDF, 295 KB)

A New Prompt Algorithm for Removing the Bowtie Effect of MODIS LIB Data
Xiongfei Wen
Page(s) 5-10
Conference Paper (PDF, 843 KB)

Performing Space Resection Using Total Least Squares
Chen Yi, Lu Jue
Page(s) 11-14
Conference Paper (PDF, 415 KB)

Camera Calibration Based on Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
ZHAN Zongqian
Page(s) 15-20
Conference Paper (PDF, 664 KB)

Precision and Reliability of GPS-Coordinates of Projection Centers in Real Aerial Triangulations
J. Ziobro
Page(s) 21-24
Conference Paper (PDF, 460 KB)

Filtering LIDAR Points by Fusion of Intensity Measures and Aerial Images
J. H. Mao, Q. H. Zeng, X. F. Liu, J. Z. Lai
Page(s) 25-32
Conference Paper (PDF, 1332 KB)

The Comparisons of 3D Analysis Between Photogrammetry and Computer Vision
Chunsen ZHANG, Wanqiang YAO
Page(s) 33-36
Conference Paper (PDF, 375 KB)

On the Quality of Automatic Relative Orientation Procedures
Thomas Läbe, Timo Dickscheid, Wolfgang Förstner
Page(s) 37-42
Conference Paper (PDF, 2155 KB)

Closed-Form Solution of Space Resection Using Unit Quaternion
GUAN Yunlan, CHENG Xiaojun, ZHAN Xinwu, ZHOU Shijian
Page(s) 43-48
Conference Paper (PDF, 298 KB)

Matching Conjugate Points between Multi Resolution Satellite Images Using Geometric and Radiometric Properties
Ahmed F. Elaksher, Abdel-Latif A. Alharthy
Page(s) 49-54
Conference Paper (PDF, 427 KB)

Estimation of Opto-Mechanical Parameters for Calibration of Laser Scanners
Qing FU, Hongchao FAN, Aloysuis WEHR, Uwe STILLA
Page(s) 55-60
Conference Paper (PDF, 845 KB)

A Multi-temporal Image Registration Method Based on Edge Matching and Maximum Likelihood Estimation Sample Consensus
Yan Song, Xiuxiao Yuan, Honggen Xu
Page(s) 61-66
Conference Paper (PDF, 609 KB)

WG III/2: Surface Reconstruction

A Benchmark Dataset for Performance Evaluation of Shape-from-X Algorithms
Bellmann Anke, Hellwich Olaf, Rodehorst Volker, Yilmaz Ulas
Page(s) 67-72
Conference Paper (PDF, 587 KB)

A Fast Object-to-Image Best Scanline Search Algorithm for Airborne Linear Pushbroom Image Processing
Mi Wang, Fen Hu
Page(s) 73-80
Conference Paper (PDF, 429 KB)

Integrated Method of Building Extraction from Digital Surface Model and Imagery
Yan Li, Lin Zhu, Hideki Shimamura
Page(s) 81-86
Conference Paper (PDF, 832 KB)

3D Modeling Using Structured Light Pattern and Photogrammetric Epipolar Geometry
M. Mazaheri, M. Momeni
Page(s) 87-90
Conference Paper (PDF, 431 KB)

The Precision Analysis of 3D Reconstruction Based on Generalized Stereopair
Weixi Wang, Qing Zhu, Hao Liu
Page(s) 91-96
Conference Paper (PDF, 490 KB)

An Algorithm of Straight Line Features Matching on Aerial Imagery
FU Zhongliang, SUN Zhiqun
Page(s) 97-102
Conference Paper (PDF, 747 KB)

Projective Reconstruction of Building Shape from Silhouette Images Acquired from Uncalibrated Cameras
Po-Lun Lai, Alper Yilmaz
Page(s) 103-108
Conference Paper (PDF, 505 KB)

A Hybrid Method for Deriving DTMs from Urban DEMs
C. Baillard
Page(s) 109-114
Conference Paper (PDF, 1353 KB)

Estimation of Unknown Height with Artificial Neural Network on Digital Terrain Model
O.K. Baykan, C. Altuntas
Page(s) 115-118
Conference Paper (PDF, 384 KB)

Using in Volume Computing of Digital Close Range Photogrammetry
M. Yakar, H.M. Yilmaz
Page(s) 119-124
Conference Paper (PDF, 629 KB)

Digital Photogrammetry in Obtaining of 3D Model Data of Irregular Small Surfaces
H. Murat YILMAZ, Murat YAKAR, Ferruh YILDIZ
Page(s) 125-130
Conference Paper (PDF, 423 KB)

A New Method Derived from Time-Vector Analysis for Generation of Elevation Information Based on Formation Flying Interferometric SAR Satellites
LI Yang, ZHANG Running, LI Guojun
Page(s) 131-134
Conference Paper (PDF, 411 KB)

Evaluation of Relative Pose Estimation Methods for Multi-Camera Setups
Volker Rodehorst, Matthias Heinrichs, Olaf Hellwich
Page(s) 135-140
Conference Paper (PDF, 1103 KB)

Surface Reconstruction via Total Least-Squares Adjustment of the Semi-Variogram
Burkhard Schaffrin, Sibel Uzun
Page(s) 141-148
Conference Paper (PDF, 477 KB)

WG III/3: Processing of Point Clouds from Laser Scanners and Other Sensors

A Flow to Generate DEM and Segment Buildingin in Urban Areas from LIDAR Data
Lai Xudong, Wan Youchuan, Wei Wei
Page(s) 149-152
Conference Paper (PDF, 461 KB)

Data Filtering and Feature Extraction of Urban Typical Objects from Airborne LIDAR Point Cloud
Qihong ZENG
Page(s) 153-156
Conference Paper (PDF, 607 KB)

Building Boundary Extraction Based on LIDAR Point Clouds Data
Page(s) 157-162
Conference Paper (PDF, 497 KB)

Development of the Microstation-Based LIDAR Data Processing Software
Lichun SUI, Dan ZHAO, Qi XIN, Yibin ZHANG
Page(s) 163-166
Conference Paper (PDF, 487 KB)

Least Squares Matching with Airborne LIDAR Data for Strip Adjustment
Jianwei Wu, Hongchao Ma, Qi Li
Page(s) 167-172
Conference Paper (PDF, 397 KB)

LIDAR Data Reduction for Efficient and High Quality DEM Generation
X. Liu, Z. Zhang
Page(s) 173-178
Conference Paper (PDF, 581 KB)

Airborne Laser Scanning Data Filtering Using Flakes
A. Borkowski, G. Jóźków
Page(s) 179-184
Conference Paper (PDF, 566 KB)

Land Cover Classification Using Airborne Laser Scanning Data and Photographs
P. Tymkow, A. Borkowski
Page(s) 185-190
Conference Paper (PDF, 2537 KB)

Extracting of Spatial Information in the Environment of Irish Road Using Airborne Laser Scanning
S.A. Mumtaz, K. Mooney
Page(s) 191-198
Conference Paper (PDF, 637 KB)

Section Approach for Representation of 3-Dimentional Point Clouds
Qisan Duan, Xuexia Chen, Wenxu Lü
Page(s) 199-202
Conference Paper (PDF, 517 KB)

Building Reconstruction from LIDAR Data
C.Y. Wang, Z.M. Zhao
Page(s) 203-208
Conference Paper (PDF, 723 KB)

Approximating LIDAR Ground Elevation Data by Higher-Order Tensor-Product B-Splines
S. Mukherji
Page(s) 209-214
Conference Paper (PDF, 512 KB)

Rapid Extracting Pillars by Slicing Point Clouds
LUO De-an, WANG Yan-min
Page(s) 215-218
Conference Paper (PDF, 753 KB)

An Approach for Filtering LIDAR Data in Coastal Vegetated Areas Using Intensity Information and Multiple Echoes
J. Goepfert, U. Soergel, C. Heipke, A. Brzank
Page(s) 219-226
Conference Paper (PDF, 721 KB)

Building Reconstruction Using a Structural Description Based on a Formal Grammar
J. Milde, Y. Zhang, C. Brenner, L. Plümer and, M. Sester
Page(s) 227-232
Conference Paper (PDF, 563 KB)

Application and Analyses of Airborne LIDAR Technology in Topographic Survey of Tidal Flat And Coastal Zone
Zhao Lijian, Lai Zulong, Li Yingcheng, Xue Yanli, Liao Ming, Wu Zhuolei, Liu Pei, Liu Xiaolong
Page(s) 233-236
Conference Paper (PDF, 357 KB)

Bare Earth Extraction from Airborne LIDAR Data Using Different Filtering Methods
A. Baligh, M.J. Valadan Zoej, A. Mohammadzadeh
Page(s) 237-240
Conference Paper (PDF, 354 KB)

Impact of an Optimized Position and Orientation System on the Final Accuracy of LIDAR Data
M. Boba, V. Ussyshkin, M. Slater, M. Sitar, W. Szameitat
Page(s) 241-246
Conference Paper (PDF, 298 KB)

An Approach from Point Cloud plus Feature Data to Grid DEM
Zhikuan Shi, Guoan Tang
Page(s) 247-252
Conference Paper (PDF, 807 KB)

Quality checking of ALS Projects Using Statistics of Strip Differences
Camillo RESSL, Helmut KAGER, Gottfried MANDLBURGER
Page(s) 253-260
Conference Paper (PDF, 491 KB)

Terrain Classification Using Airborne LIDAR Data and Aerial Imagery
O. Brattberg, G. Tolt
Page(s) 261-266
Conference Paper (PDF, 1625 KB)

Building Detection and Structure Line Extraction from Airborne LIDAR Data
C.K. Wang and, P.H. Hsu
Page(s) 267-272
Conference Paper (PDF, 678 KB)

An Automatic Method Based on Gridding Segmentation for Trees' Classification in Forested Area
Chunjing Yao, Hongchao Ma
Page(s) 273-276
Conference Paper (PDF, 484 KB)

A Review of Recent Range Image Reconstruction Algorithms
M. Ghane, M. Sattari, F. Samadzadegan, A. Azizi
Page(s) 277-288
Conference Paper (PDF, 409 KB)

Building Exctraction from Laser Scanning Data
F. Karsli, O. Kahya
Page(s) 289-294
Conference Paper (PDF, 689 KB)

Semi-Automatic Orientation of Images With Respect to a Point Cloud System
David Novák
Page(s) 295-302
Conference Paper (PDF, 411 KB)

Feature-Based Registration of Ground-Based LIDAR Point Clouds
J.J. Jaw, T.Y. Chuang
Page(s) 303-308
Conference Paper (PDF, 1006 KB)

Study on the Target Feature Extraction from LIDAR Point Clouds
Mei Zhou, Bing Xia, Guozhong Su, Lingli Tang, Chuanrong Li
Page(s) 309-312
Conference Paper (PDF, 341 KB)

Classification of LIDAR Point Cloud and Generation of DTM from LIDAR Height and Intensity Data In Forested Area
Bao Yunfei, Li Guoping, Cao Chunxiang, Li Xiaowen, Zhang Hao, He Qisheng, Bai Linyan, Chang Chaoyi
Page(s) 313-318
Conference Paper (PDF, 755 KB)

A Competition Based Roof Detection Algorithm from Airborne LIDAR Data
Huang Xianfeng
Page(s) 319-324
Conference Paper (PDF, 879 KB)

LIDAR Data Classification Using Hierarchical K-Means Clustering
Nesrine Chehata, Nicolas David, Frédéric Bretar
Page(s) 325-330
Conference Paper (PDF, 646 KB)

A Case Study: Workflow Analysis of Power Line Systems for Risk Management
I. Ituen, G. Sohn, A. Jenkins
Page(s) 331-336
Conference Paper (PDF, 540 KB)

Tie Voxel Method and Its Quality for 3D Airborne LIDAR Block Adjustment
Jaan-Rong Tsay, Chin-Yeh Liu
Page(s) 337-342
Conference Paper (PDF, 948 KB)

Derivation of Digital Terrain Model in Forested Area with Airborne LIDAR Data
F.F. Tang, J.N. Liu, X.H. Zhang, Z.M. Ruan
Page(s) 343-348
Conference Paper (PDF, 583 KB)

Side Ratio Constrain Based Precise Boundary Tracing Algorithm for Discrete Point Clouds
HUANG Xianfeng, CHENG Xiaoguang, ZHANG Fan, GONG Jianya
Page(s) 349-354
Conference Paper (PDF, 448 KB)

Contour Clustering Analysis for Building Reconstruction from LIDAR Data
Jing Zhang, Lelin Li, Qiuping Lu, Wanshou Jiang
Page(s) 355-360
Conference Paper (PDF, 1095 KB)

Integrated Registration of Range Images from Terrestrial LIDAR
Wang Yanmin, Wang Guoli
Page(s) 361-366
Conference Paper (PDF, 466 KB)

Canopy Extraction Using Airborne Laser Scanning Data in Forestry Areas
C.Y. Lo, L.C. Chen
Page(s) 367-372
Conference Paper (PDF, 532 KB)

Measurements of Forest Inventory Parameters on Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data Using Digital Geometry and Topology
István Pál
Page(s) 373-380
Conference Paper (PDF, 2858 KB)

Terrestrial Laser Scanning Applied for Reverse Engineering and Monitoring of Historical Buildings
I. Milev, L. Gruendig
Page(s) 381-386
Conference Paper (PDF, 788 KB)

WG III/4: Automatic Image Interpretation for City-Modeling

Gaze Tracking Control Using Active Stereo Camera
Masafumi NAKAGAWA, Eisuke ADACHI, Ryuichi TAKASE, Yumi OKAMURA, Yoshihiro KAWAI, Takashi YOSHIMI, Fumiaki TOMITA
Page(s) 387-392
Conference Paper (PDF, 950 KB)

Image Re-Segmentation Applied to Urban Imagery
Thales S. Korting, Leila M. Fonseca, Luciano V. Dutra, Felipe C. Silva
Page(s) 393-398
Conference Paper (PDF, 947 KB)

Semi-Supervised Incremental Learning of Hierarchical Appearance Models
Susanne Wenzel, Wolfgang Förstner
Page(s) 399-404
Conference Paper (PDF, 1585 KB)

Building Extraction Based on Dense Stereo Match and Edison Algorithm
BingXuan GUO, ZhiChao ZHANG, YuanZheng SHAO, Qi Li
Page(s) 405-410
Conference Paper (PDF, 692 KB)

Buildings Detection and Extraction by Machine Learning
S.Y. Cui, Q. Yan, Z.J. Liu, M. Li
Page(s) 411-416
Conference Paper (PDF, 524 KB)

Accuracy of Lacunarity Algorithms in Texture Classification of High Spatial Resolution Images from Urban Areas
M.N. Barros Filho, F.J.A. Sobreira
Page(s) 417-422
Conference Paper (PDF, 1142 KB)

An Edge Detection Algorithms for Remote Sensing Image
Lixia Xue, Zuocheng Wang
Page(s) 423-430
Conference Paper (PDF, 593 KB)

Stochastic Motion and the Level Set Method in Semi-Automatic Building Detection
Qiu Zhen Ge, Li. Qiong, Zhang Chun Ling, Xin Xian Hui, Guo Zhang
Page(s) 431-434
Conference Paper (PDF, 492 KB)

Scale-Dependent Adaptation of Image Analysis Models Incorporating Local Context Objects
Janet Heuwold, Kian Pakzad, Christian Heipke
Page(s) 435-440
Conference Paper (PDF, 692 KB)

Object-Oriented Buinding Extraction by DSM and very High-Resolution Orthoimages
N. Jiang, J.X. Zhang, H.T. Li, X.G. Lin
Page(s) 441-446
Conference Paper (PDF, 884 KB)

Selecting Appropriate Features for Detecting Buildings and Building Parts
Martin Drauschke, Wolfgang Förstner
Page(s) 447-452
Conference Paper (PDF, 1117 KB)

Automatic Building Extraction from High Resolution Satellite Images Using Active Contour Mode
Salman Ahmady, Hamid Ebadi, M.J. Valadan Zouj, Hamid Abrishami Moghaddam
Page(s) 453-456
Conference Paper (PDF, 1232 KB)

A View-Geometric Approach To View And Occlusion Invariant Shape Recognition and Retrieval
Alper Yilmaz, Gabor Barsai
Page(s) 457-462
Conference Paper (PDF, 769 KB)

Extract Profile of Urbanized Area in Beijing Assisted by Skewness
Li Xi, Guan Zequn, Shen Tiyan
Page(s) 463-466
Conference Paper (PDF, 508 KB)

The Construction of Anti-Symmetrical Wavelet and Building Extraction from Remote Sensing Imagery
Yi LIN, Shaoming ZHANG, Feng XIE, Ying CHEN
Page(s) 467-472
Conference Paper (PDF, 710 KB)

A Method for Urban Buildings Change Detection Based on Vertical Edges Extraction
Tiantian Feng, Mi Wang, Jianya Gong
Page(s) 473-478
Conference Paper (PDF, 810 KB)

Case Study of the 5-Point Algorithm for Texturing Existing Building Models from Iinfrared Image Sequences
Hoegner Ludwig, Stilla Uwe
Page(s) 479-484
Conference Paper (PDF, 991 KB)

Level of Detail in 3D Building Reconstruction from LIDAR Data
H. Arefi, J. Engels, M. Hahn, H. Mayer
Page(s) 485-490
Conference Paper (PDF, 6986 KB)

Automatic Peaks Extraction from Normalized Digital Surface Model (NDSM);
S.A.M. Hashemi
Page(s) 491-496
Conference Paper (PDF, 884 KB)

Edge Extraction Algorithm Based on Linear Perception Emhancement
Fan Zhang, Xianfeng Huang, Xiaoguang Cheng, Deren Li
Page(s) 497-502
Conference Paper (PDF, 588 KB)

Introduce a 1:500 map was made by the image of "GOOGLE EARTH" and its software
Ruan Wei
Page(s) 503-504
Conference Paper (PDF, 334 KB)

WG III/5: Models and Algorithms for Road Extraction and Traffic Monitoring

Road Extraction from High Resolution Satellite Image by Using Circle Area
Tsukasa Hosomura
Page(s) 505-508
Conference Paper (PDF, 575 KB)

Road Extraction from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image Based on Phase Classification
Cui Ni, Qin Ye, Bofeng Li, Shaoming Zhang
Page(s) 509-514
Conference Paper (PDF, 985 KB)

Automatic Road Vector Extraction for Mobile Mapping Systems
WANG Cheng, T. Hassan, N. El-Sheimy, M. Lavigne
Page(s) 515-522
Conference Paper (PDF, 799 KB)

Road Extraction from High Resolution Remote Sensing Image Based on Mathematics Morphology and Seed Growth
Hongbin Ma, Yahong Zhao, Qun He
Page(s) 523-528
Conference Paper (PDF, 565 KB)

Vehicle Extraction Using Histogram and Genetic Algorithm Based Fuzzy Image Segmentation from High Resolution UAV Aerial Imagery
Yu Li
Page(s) 529-534
Conference Paper (PDF, 362 KB)

Research on Road Extraction Semi-Automatically from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image
Haitao ZHANG, Zhou XIAO, Qing ZHOU
Page(s) 535-538
Conference Paper (PDF, 460 KB)

Semi-Automatic Extraction of Ribbon Road from High Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery by Cooperation of Angular Texture Signature and Template Matching
X.G. Lin, J.X. Zhang, Z.J. Liu, J. Shen
Page(s) 539-544
Conference Paper (PDF, 696 KB)

Road Network Detection by Growing Neuron Gas
Arpad Barsi
Page(s) 545-548
Conference Paper (PDF, 749 KB)

Automatic Road Extraction from High Resolution Satellite Images Using Neural Networks, Texture Analysis, Fuzzy Clustering and Genetic Algorithms
M. Mokhtarzade, M. J. Valadan Zoej, H. Ebadi
Page(s) 549-556
Conference Paper (PDF, 607 KB)

Automatic Traffic Monitoring from an Airborne Wide Angle Camera System
D. Rosenbaum, B. Charmette, F. Kurz, S. Suri, U. Thomas
Page(s) 557-562
Conference Paper (PDF, 657 KB)

Road Extraction for the Update of Road Database in Suburban Areas
A. Grote, C. Heipke
Page(s) 563-568
Conference Paper (PDF, 652 KB)

Research on the Building Shadow Extraction and Elimination Method
GUO Hai-tao, Zhang Yan, Lu Jun, Jin Guo-wang
Page(s) 569-574
Conference Paper (PDF, 1581 KB)

Spatial Road Network Extraction from Multi Spectral Remote Sensing Images with FCD
Yeming Fan
Page(s) 575-584
Conference Paper (PDF, 774 KB)

Application of Neural Networks, Image Processing and Cad-Based Environments Facilities in Automatic Road Extraction and Vectorization from High Resolution Satellite Images
F. Farnood Ahmadi, M.J. Valadan Zoej, H. Ebadi, M. Mokhtarzade
Page(s) 585-592
Conference Paper (PDF, 520 KB)

Traffic Monitoring from Airborne Full-Waveform LIDAR - Feasibility, Simulation and Analysis
W. Yao, S. Hinz, U. Still
Page(s) 593-598
Conference Paper (PDF, 606 KB)

Automated Visual Traffic Monitoring and Surveillance Through a Network of Distributed Units
A. Koutsia, T. Semertzidis, K. Dimitropoulos, N. Grammalidis, K. Georgouleas
Page(s) 599-604
Conference Paper (PDF, 456 KB)

Road Extraction from SAR Image Using an Improved Statistical Algorithm
M. Cheng, Q. Ye
Page(s) 605-608
Conference Paper (PDF, 475 KB)

A New Framework of Moving Target Detection and Tracking for UAV Video Application
Wenshuai Yu, Xuchu Yu, Pengqiang Zhang, Jun Zhou
Page(s) 609-614
Conference Paper (PDF, 602 KB)

Markov Random Fields (MRF) - Based Texture Segmentation for Road Detection
Ralf Reulke, Artur Lippok
Page(s) 615-620
Conference Paper (PDF, 672 KB)

Semi-Automatic Extraction of Different-Shaped Road Centerlines from Ms and Pan-Sharped IKONOS Images
F. Ameri, A.M. Mobaraki, M.J. Valadan Zoej
Page(s) 621-626
Conference Paper (PDF, 1669 KB)

ICWG III/V: Image Sequences

Automatic Recognition of Traffic Signs in Natural Scene Image Based on Central Projection Transformation
Ka Zhang, Yehua Sheng, Peifang Wang, Lin Luo, Chun Ye, Zhijun Gong
Page(s) 627-632
Conference Paper (PDF, 697 KB)

Application of Robust Regression for Exterior Orientation of Video Images
N. Fukaya, T. Anai, H. Sato, N. Kochi, M. Yamada, H. Otani
Page(s) 633-638
Conference Paper (PDF, 523 KB)

Dense Image Matching in Airborne Video Sequences
M. Gerke
Page(s) 639-644
Conference Paper (PDF, 1569 KB)

Automatic Registration of Airborne Image Sequences Based on Line Matching Approach
ZHANG Pengqiang, YU Xuchu, HAN Li, SONG Lihu
Page(s) 645-650
Conference Paper (PDF, 357 KB)

Architectural Scene Rapid Reconstruction Based on Features
Y. Ding, J.Q. Zhang
Page(s) 651-656
Conference Paper (PDF, 1187 KB)

Automatic Edge Matching Across an Image Sequence Based on Reliable Points
Yixiang Tian, Markus Gerke, George Vosselman, Qing Zhu
Page(s) 657-662
Conference Paper (PDF, 602 KB)

Real-Time Orientation of a PYZ-Camera Based on Pedestrian Detection in Video Data of Wide and Complex Scenes
T. Hoedl, D. Brandt, U. Soergel, M. Wiggenhagen
Page(s) 663-668
Conference Paper (PDF, 414 KB)

Energy Function Behanior in Optimization Based Image Sequence Stabilization in Presence of Moving Objects
F. Karimi Nejadasl, B.G.H. Gorte, M.M. Snellen, S.P. Hoogendoorn
Page(s) 669-674
Conference Paper (PDF, 671 KB)

Motion-Stereo Double Matching Restriction in 3D Motion Analysis
Zhang Chunsen
Page(s) 675-680
Conference Paper (PDF, 495 KB)

Theme Session: ThS 7 - 3D City Modeling

Floating Model for Building Reconstruction from Topographic Maps and LIDAR Data
Sendo Wan
Page(s) 681-686
Conference Paper (PDF, 1152 KB)

Rasterizing Airborne Laser Scanning Point Clouds by Block Kriging
Wenxia Tan, Jonathan Li, Yu Li
Page(s) 687-692
Conference Paper (PDF, 663 KB)

Building Boundary Extraction from High Resolution Imagery and LIDAR Data
Liang Cheng, Jianya Gong, Xiaoling Chen, Peng Han
Page(s) 693-698
Conference Paper (PDF, 937 KB)

The Study on The Technique of The 3D GIS Modeling Based on The Digital Photogrammetry
Zhou Li, Sun Jia-long, Li Wei-xiao, Bai He, Chen Wei-wei
Page(s) 699-702
Conference Paper (PDF, 347 KB)

A Method of Extracting Geometric Information from the Point Cloud of Building
Weian Wang, Bo Zheng, Xiang Li
Page(s) 703-706
Conference Paper (PDF, 411 KB)

Building Roof Reconstruction by Fusing Laser Range Data and Aerial Images
J.J. Jaw, C.C. Cheng
Page(s) 707-712
Conference Paper (PDF, 815 KB)

Building Detection and Reconstruction from Aerial Images
Dong-Min Woo, Quoc-Dat Nguyen, Quang-Dung Nguyen Tran, Dong-Chul Park, Young-Kee Jung
Page(s) 713-718
Conference Paper (PDF, 610 KB)

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Hough Transformation in the Frame of Automated Building Extraction
G. Vozikis
Page(s) 719-724
Conference Paper (PDF, 1569 KB)

Fusion of Hyperspectral Images and LIDAR-Based DEMs for Coastal Mapping
A. Elaksher
Page(s) 725-730
Conference Paper (PDF, 621 KB)

Semiautomatic Extraction of 3D Curves Based on Snakes and Generalized Point Photogrammetry from Aerial Imagery
Yongjun Zhang, Quanye Du
Page(s) 731-734
Conference Paper (PDF, 440 KB)

Monoplotting - a Semi-Automated Approach for 3D Reconstruction from Single Satellite Image
Xiaojing Huang, Leong Keong KWOH
Page(s) 735-740
Conference Paper (PDF, 913 KB)

Theme Session: ThS 22 - Automation in Image Analysis

Acquiring Initial Value of Multi-View Metrical Data Integration
Zheng Li, Zhang Jiangqing, Yuejun Luo
Page(s) 741-744
Conference Paper (PDF, 399 KB)

Hybrid Measurement Scenarios in Automated Close-Range Photogrammetry
Simon Cronk, Clive S. Fraser
Page(s) 745-750
Conference Paper (PDF, 412 KB)

A Framework of Relative Navigation System for Non-Cooperative Target Using Double-CCD
JIANG Gangwu, JIANG Ting, WANG Jing
Page(s) 751-756
Conference Paper (PDF, 310 KB)




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