The Frederick J. Doyle Award


Dr. Frederick J. Doyle

The ISPRS White Elephant “Knowledge Transfer” Committee and the ITC Foundation decided in 2010 to honor the exemplary career of Frederick J. Doyle as a role model to inspire followers and newcomers in the photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information sciences and technologies.  Highlights of Fred’s illustrious career included:  As a Civil Engineer on a Fulbright Fellowship he attended the International Training Center (ITC) for Aerial Survey as the first student of ITC under Rector Schermerhorn.  He was Chairman of the Department of Geodetic Sciences at Ohio State University.  He received the NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal for the development of the Apollo Orbital Photo Science systems; was principal investigator on Landsat and Skylab; and led the scientific development and deployment of the Large Format Camera.  As ISPRS President he diplomatically led international cooperation and collaboration within ISPRS and with its sister societies.  For his many outstanding achievements and articulative roles in the profession as university educator, industry expert, government scientist, and professional society leader, he was granted Honorary Doctor Degrees in engineering, science and technology by four Universities, elected Honorary Member by ASPRS and ISPRS, and Honorary Fellow by ITC. 


Article 1

The Award shall be known as The Frederick J. Doyle Award and shall consist of a silver medal and a monetary grant. It will be bestowed every four years to an individual who, like Fred Doyle, has exhibited outstanding and sustained qualities in the profession worthy of being emulated for inspiring new engineers and scientists to the ISPRS disciplines and has made significant accomplishments in advancing the photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information sciences and technologies. Inspirational qualifications should ideally include achievements in research/development and education/training. A recipient of the award should typically be less than 50 years of age and have outstanding stature within the ISPRS community.

Article 2

Candidate nominations shall be made by an individual or organization adherent to the ISPRS. Every nomination shall include a brief description of the inspirational qualifications that the candidate has exhibited to merit the award. Nominations shall be submitted to the ISPRS President at least six (6) months preceding the Congress at which the award will be presented. Candidates may not self-nominate.

Article 3

The jury for the Frederick J. Doyle Award shall consist of the President of ISPRS (head of jury), Chair of the ISPRS International Science Advisory Committee, and the President of the ISPRS Commission responsible for Education and Outreach. The jury shall select only one candidate to receive the Frederick J. Doyle Award at each ISPRS Congress.

Article 4

The donated funds have been entrusted in a restricted investment account which shall be maintained by The ISPRS Foundation. The award shall consist of a silver medal and US$ 2,500. As appropriate and with joint approval of Council and Foundation Trustees, the monetary grant may be increased in units of US$ 500 based on accrual of interest and further donations in accordance with conservative endowment principles.

Article 5

The Frederick J. Doyle Award shall be awarded during an appropriate event at each ISPRS Congress by the ISPRS President and an ISPRS Honorary Member.

The winners of the award

  • 2012 Christian Heipke, Germany
  • 2016 Wolfgang Wagner, Austria
  • 2020 Konrad Schindler, Switzerland



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