Computer Assisted Teaching CONtest


CATCON, initiated by the Japan Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, is the name of a software contest organized by ISPRS. The main objective of the contest is to promote the development and dissemination of effective and user-friendly, open-source and preferably non-commercial software designed and used specifically for computer assisted teaching for

  • multimedia courses and tutorials for e-learning,
  • simulations and virtual environments,
  • web information packages or data sets,

in one of the areas of interest of ISPRS. CATCON was first organised at the 1996 ISPRS Congress in Vienna, Austria.



Article 1

The ISPRS computer assisted teaching contest shall be known as CATCON. The contest will be organised by an appropriate ISPRS working group at each ISPRS Congress. There are three prices:  Gold award (3.000,- SFr.), a Silver Award (2.500,- SFr.) and a Bronze Award (1.500,- SFr.) and a certificate.  The award is sponsored by TIF - The ISPRS Foundation.

A software, which was presented at one Congress, can only be presented again at another Congress after having undergone substantial changes.


Article 2

Any participant registered and admitted for an ISPRS Congress can submit a proposal and preliminary work for CATCON. The contest is open to individuals and teams. Each group can only submit one proposal.

The proposal must be submitted in written form, addressed to the ISPRS Congress Director. It should include the name, affiliation, country and E-mail address of every team member. In addition, it should contain a title, details about the design concept and purpose, a brief description of functions and system requirements, a URL where the material can be accessed (if available), and other helpful material.

Applicants who have passed an initial evaluation of submitted proposals by the jury, will be asked to present their development in the contest held during the Congress. The contestants are required to bring suitable hard- and software to demonstrate their materials.


Article 3

The jury is composed of the working group officers of the WG dealing with computer assisted teaching and the President of the corresponding ISPRS Technical Commission. The Technical Commission President can delegate his responsibility to somebody else. The jury can ask additional individuals to help in the selection process.


Article 4

The jury will select the winners based on the following criteria:

  • General usefulness and importance of output.
  • User-friendliness.
  • Scalability and elegance of design.
  • Clarity, efficiency and portability of implementation.
  • Originality.

The decision of the jury is final.


Article 5
The result of the jury's decision shall be announced at the Closing Ceremony of the Congress and the Award shall, whenever practicable, be presented to the recipient in person by the Secretary General or the President during that ceremony.


Approved by Council, November 20, 2017


Contest Place Gold Award Winner Web Site
Nice 2022
Maria Chizhova
VRscan3D: ELearning software for Simulation of Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry
Prague 2016
Thomas Luhmann
Learning Photogrammetry with Interactive Software Tool PhoX
Melbourne 2012
M.P. Imhof, M.T. Cox, D.W. Harvey, G.E. Heemskerk, and C.J. Pettit
Future Farming Systems Research Division, Department of Primary Industries
Beijing 2008 Robert Kaden
CATCON 4 Tokyo 2006 P. Venkatachalam
CATCON 3 Istanbul 2004 Jonathan Haig
CATCON 2 Amsterdam 2000 Pierre Grussenmeyer
and Pierre Drap
CATCON 1 Vienna 1996 Joachim Höhle



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