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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVII Part B6a, 2008

XXIst ISPRS Congress
Technical Commission VI
July 3-11, 2008
Beijing, China
Editor(s): CHEN Jun, JIANG Jie, Kohei CHO


WG VI/1: Educational Frameworks and Methodologies

Remote Sensing Education in China and the UK: Synergy and Opportunities
Peijun Du, Paul Aplin, Mike Jackson
Page(s) 1-4
Conference Paper (PDF, 285 KB)

Geo-spatial Information Technology Education in China, Present and Future
TANG Guoan, DONG Youfu, JIA Yini, GAO Yiping
Page(s) 5-10
Conference Paper (PDF, 476 KB)

Photogrammetric Terminology for the International Community
Paul R. T. Newby
Page(s) 11-16
Conference Paper (PDF, 311 KB)

Raising Spatial and Visualization Awareness in a Teaching Environment
M. J. Smith, A. Burton, N. Kokkas, G. Priestnall, G. Polmear
Page(s) 17-22
Conference Paper (PDF, 643 KB)

Development of Educational SAR Processor Using Ajax Technology
Y. Ito, Y. Teramoto, K. Abe
Page(s) 23-28
Conference Paper (PDF, 2574 KB)

Educational Framework of Remote Sensing for Field Science Center, Thohoku University
G. Saito, F. Namiwa, D. Kunii, K. Imai, T. Sugihara
Page(s) 29-32
Conference Paper (PDF, 1287 KB)

Recommendations Regarding the Utilization of Terminology and Notation in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Education
L. Turdeanu, I. Noaje
Page(s) 33-36
Conference Paper (PDF, 398 KB)

WG VI/2: E-Learning

Computer Aided Teaching in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing - a Status Review
M. R. Shortis, G. König
Page(s) 37-44
Conference Paper (PDF, 830 KB)

Analysis of E-learning Software and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and GIS
Christiane Katterfeld, Gerhard König
Page(s) 45-54
Conference Paper (PDF, 395 KB)

Sustainability of E-learning Projects - the GITTA Approach
T. Grossmann, R. Weibel, J. Fisler
Page(s) 55-58
Conference Paper (PDF, 402 KB)

Experiences with Combining E-learning Courses with Face-to-face Education
J. Höhle
Page(s) 59-64
Conference Paper (PDF, 622 KB)

Strategic Approach for Sharing Educational Materials on Remote Sensing
Kohei CHO, Tsunekazu CHUJO, Takashi TADA, Haruhisa SHIMODA
Page(s) 65-72
Conference Paper (PDF, 959 KB)

Application of Stereo Plotting System to Undergraduate Program to Foster Non-Photogrammetrist
H. Takeda, K. Isobe, Y. Akamatsu, R. Matsuoka, K. Cho
Page(s) 73-78
Conference Paper (PDF, 1204 KB)

A Preliminary Study on New Type of Remote Sensing Education and Training Software: Design and Suggestion.
ZHU Liying, HU Zhuowei
Page(s) 79-82
Conference Paper (PDF, 305 KB)

The Production of High-Quality Video for E-Learning
E. McGovern, A. Martin, R. Moore
Page(s) 83-86
Conference Paper (PDF, 410 KB)

E-FOTO: an Educational Digital Photogrammetric Workstation
Guilherme Lúcio Abelha Mota, Marcelo Teixeira Silveira, Rafael Alves de Aguiar, Irving da Silva Badolato
Page(s) 87-92
Conference Paper (PDF, 558 KB)

WG VI/3: International Cooperation and Capacity Building

Capacity Building Networks for Earth Observation and Geo-ICT: a First Step towards a Virtual University
Martien Molenaar, Chris Mannaerts
Page(s) 93-96
Conference Paper (PDF, 481 KB)

GEM - the First GI Erasmus Mundus Masters Course
A.K. Skidmore, P. Pilesjo, A. Kooiman, U. Martensen
Page(s) 97-100
Conference Paper (PDF, 301 KB)

Technical Assistance and Capacity Building on Satellite-Based Monitoring of Ground Cover in Andean Glacier Regions
Yukio HARUYAMA, Makoto ONO, Tamotsu IGARASHI, Nobuhiro TOMIYAMA, Tsutomu YAMANOKUCHI, Ryoichi FURUTA, Riiko UENO
Page(s) 101-106
Conference Paper (PDF, 938 KB)

Geospatial Footstep of Java
Fahmi Amhar
Page(s) 107-108
Conference Paper (PDF, 314 KB)

Over 80 Years since the ROMANIAN Participation at the ISP/ISPRS Congresses and Over 40 Years since the Appearance of the Photogrammetric Bulletin
Gr. Sion, I. Noaje
Page(s) 109-116
Conference Paper (PDF, 417 KB)

The Project for Strengthening of Survey of Kenya for GIS Promotion in the Republic of Kenya
E. M. Murage, P. Gitimu, J. Sato
Page(s) 117-122
Conference Paper (PDF, 591 KB)

Bulgarian Photogrammetry and ISPRS
I. Katzarsky
Page(s) 123-124
Conference Paper (PDF, 276 KB)

Survey Profession and Professional Organizations in Nepalese Context
Rabin K. Sharma
Page(s) 125-130
Conference Paper (PDF, 328 KB)

Islamic Republic of Iran National Report for Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Science 2004-2008
A. Eslami Rad, M. Sarpoulaki
Page(s) 131-136
Conference Paper (PDF, 318 KB)

Advancing Collaborative Geo-Information Initiatives Trough Joint Education Programmes and Other Regional Solutions: Opportunities, Challenges and Lessons Learnt
O. E. Thontteh, O. Kufoniyi
Page(s) 279-284
Conference Paper (PDF, 364 KB)

WG VI/4: Internet Resources and Datasets

How Virtual Globes are Revolutionizing Earth Observation Data Access and Integration
C.D. Elvidge, B.T. Tuttle
Page(s) 137-140
Conference Paper (PDF, 715 KB)

WIKI Based Internet Resources and Database Updating System
N. Yamamoto, K. Cho
Page(s) 141-144
Conference Paper (PDF, 495 KB)

The Establishment of Digital High Resolution Geo-databases for WebGIS: From Digital Campus to Digital National Park
Y. C. Ding, C. C. Huang
Page(s) 145-152
Conference Paper (PDF, 1191 KB)

Promotion Activities of ALOS Data Utilization in JAXA
Haruchika Kamimura, Futoshi Takiguchi, Akiko Suzuki
Page(s) 153-158
Conference Paper (PDF, 2665 KB)

G. Narciso, B. Baruth, A. Klisch
Page(s) 159-164
Conference Paper (PDF, 544 KB)

WG VI/5: Promotion of the Profession to Students

Competency Standards - a Measure of the Quality of a Workforce
John C Trinder
Page(s) 165-168
Conference Paper (PDF, 329 KB)

Promotion Activities of the Profession to Students in Period 2004-2008 and Future Prospects
M. Kosmatin Fras, A. Lisec
Page(s) 169-174
Conference Paper (PDF, 638 KB)

Proceedings of the ISPRS Student Consortium: Participation of the Youth for a Sustainable Society
C.O. Kivilcim
Page(s) 175-178
Conference Paper (PDF, 378 KB)

Spreadsheet Education Material Using Remote Sensing Image and Map Image
Kiyotada Sato, Ryuzo Yokoyama
Page(s) 179-184
Conference Paper (PDF, 1053 KB)

European Project on Higher Education in the Fields Related to Geomatics as Support for Mobility of Students and Teachers
A. Lisec, L. Á. Ruiz Fernández
Page(s) 185-190
Conference Paper (PDF, 549 KB)

WG VI/6: Special Interests Group "Technology Transfer Caravan"

JICA NET Distance Education on Remote Sensing and GIS for Developing Countries
Shunji Murai
Page(s) 191-196
Conference Paper (PDF, 402 KB)

High-Resolution Satellite Imagery for Spatial Information Generation in Bhutan
Clive Fraser, Dorji Tshering, Armin Gruen
Page(s) 197-200
Conference Paper (PDF, 907 KB)

Effective Approach of Capacity Building in GIS and Remote Sensing Technologies in Developing Countries
Lal SAMARAKOON, Manzul K. Hazarika, Yoko Inomata
Page(s) 201-206
Conference Paper (PDF, 312 KB)

Economic Considerations for Photogrammetric Mapping
Gottfried Konecny
Page(s) 207-212
Conference Paper (PDF, 319 KB)

Theme Session: ThS 16 - New Approaches and Tools for Education and Capacity Building

High-Performance SAR Simulation on Retail Video Gaming Consoles for Education and Training Purposes
Timo Balz, Dieter Fritsch
Page(s) 213-220
Conference Paper (PDF, 1159 KB)

Creating, Handling And Implementing E-Learning Courses and Content Using the Open Source Tools OLAT and Elml at the University of Zurich
Joël Fisler, Franziska Schneider
Page(s) 221-228
Conference Paper (PDF, 889 KB)

Indian Experiences for University Level Capacity Building in Geomatics Using EDUSAT Satellite
P.L.N. Raju, V.K. Dadhwal, Mamta Verma, C. Jeganathan, Minakshi Kumar, Anil Kumar
Page(s) 229-234
Conference Paper (PDF, 795 KB)

Examining Multiple Technologies for Web-Based Teaching, Learning and Image Access
William T. Lawrence
Page(s) 235-240
Conference Paper (PDF, 410 KB)

Using Standards and Web 2.0 Technologies for E-Learning Modules - Joint Development of a Eurosdr Course on Citygml
Gerhard König, Thomas H. Kolbe
Page(s) 241-246
Conference Paper (PDF, 958 KB)

On The Use of Low-Cost Synthetic Models for Educational and Research Purposes in Digital Photogrammetry
J. L. Perez-Garcia, J. Delgado, J. Cardenal, M. A. Ureña
Page(s) 247-252
Conference Paper (PDF, 937 KB)

A Development of a Remote Sensing Educational Package
Sultan AlSultan, ABDULAZIZ O. ALTWAIJRI, H. S. Lim, Badaruddin Mohamed, M B. Z. MatJafr, K. Abdullah, N. Mohd. Saleh
Page(s) 253-258
Conference Paper (PDF, 1115 KB)

The Application of WEB 2.0 Technologies as an Experimantal Method of Teaching Remote Sensing AT DIT, Ireland
A. Behan
Page(s) 273-278
Conference Paper (PDF, 305 KB)

Special Session: SS 13 - Education and Capacity Building in Geomatics

Recognition of Cross-Border Capacity Building in Earth Observation
Sjaak J.J. Beerens
Page(s) 259-262
Conference Paper (PDF, 351 KB)

Development of Curriculum of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing in Helsinki University of Finland
Koistinen Katri, Rönnholm Petri, Haggrén Henrik
Page(s) 263-268
Conference Paper (PDF, 439 KB)

Problem, Innovation and Development of GIS Higher Education in Our Country
BIAN Fulinga, WANG Shaohua
Page(s) 269-272
Conference Paper (PDF, 321 KB)




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