ISPRS Keynote Speaker Programme

1. Introduction

The ISPRS Keynote Speaker Programme provides an opportunity for ISPRS Ordinary Members (OdM), Associate Members (AsM), and Regional Members (RgM) to support events organised under their umbrella by inviting top quality international experts, in order to attract more participants and enhance the scientific quality of the event. ISPRS will financially support a maximum of 10 applications per year on a first-come, first-served basis, limited to one Keynote Speaker per Member.

ISPRS will maintain a web page containing all presentations given in this programme, featuring the date and title of the event, the name of the Keynote Speaker, the presentation title and, provided permission is obtained, the presentation.

2. Request for an ISPRS Keynote Speaker

In case of interest, the ISPRS Member sends a request for a Keynote Speaker within this Programme, preferably together with a name of a potential Keynote Speaker together with information concerning the event (link, announcement or similar information), to the ISPRS Secretary General, at least 6 months before the event. Council must approve the Keynote Speaker request. In order to do so, Council may request the Member to provide more information on the suggested Keynote Speaker.

If no Keynote Speaker is suggested or if Council does not approve the suggested name, Council may suggest another name. In this case, the ISPRS Member will decide whether this person is suitable for their event.

3. Financial Conditions of the ISPRS Keynote Speaker Programme

ISPRS will cover the Keynote Speaker’s travel expenses and the ISPRS Member will cover accommodation for maximum 3 nights, as requested by the Keynote Speaker, including full board, and will waive the Keynote Speaker’s registration fee.

ISPRS will reimburse the travel expenses directly to the Keynote Speaker (economy airline tickets and most cost-efficient option for ground transportation). Other expenses are not refundable. Reimbursement is subject to written confirmation from the ISPRS Member that the Keynote has been presented. For reimbursement, the Keynote Speaker will send original tickets, boarding passes and payment receipts to the ISPRS Treasurer for all claimed expenses.  

4. Communication with the Keynote Speaker

The ISPRS Member requesting a Keynote Speaker is responsible for all communication with the Keynote Speaker, except the reimbursement after the event. This includes discussion about the final date as well as the title and content of the presentation.

Application form for an ISPRS Member to request a speaker in the ISPRS Keynote Speaker Programme
in PDF

Supported Presentations

presenter Fabio Remondino
Conventional and learning-based methods for UAV-based 3D Mapping: A review
@ 3rd International Conference on Unmanned Aerial Systems in Geomatics (UASG) 2023
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Nov. 20-21, 2023
presenter Sultan Kocaman
Citizen Science and Geospatial Technologies in Modern Land Management
@ International WS Capacity Building & Educ. Outreach in Adv. Geospat. Tech. and Land Mgt.
Dec. 10-11, 2019
presenter Sisi Zlatanova
On the front line of geospatial research
@ Pacific Islands GIS&RS Conference 2019
Nov. 25-28, 2019
presenter Jaime Hernandez
Introdución a Google Earth Engine
@ IX Jornadas de Educación en Percepción Remota y SIG para Centroamérica y el Caribe
May 27, 2019







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