ISPRS Awards Policy

In recognition of the value and prestige associated with ISPRS Awards, in 1998 the Council developed the following ISPRS Awards Policy, which was ratified by the ISPRS General Assembly in Amsterdam and revised in 2009, in 2015 and in 2024.

  1. ISPRS Awards shall recognize outstanding contributions and achievements by an individual or individuals in the pursuit of, or for a major realization of, the objectives of ISPRS.
  2. The Terms of Reference of ISPRS Awards shall be in accordance with the Statutes and Bylaws of the Society.
  3. The Terms of Reference of ISPRS Awards shall be specified in written form in the English language. They are subject to approval by Council.
  4. The Terms of Reference and background shall be communicated to ISPRS members through official documents of the Society.
  5. ISPRS Council shall appoint an Awards Nomination Committee which will ensure that the Awards are well publicized and that at least two nominations are received for each Award for submission to the jury for each Award.  The Nomination Committee may make nominations themselves.
  6. All new ISPRS Awards shall consist of a reward of substantial monetary value, or an item of high intrinsic value (a minimum of Swiss francs 2,500 or equivalent), together with a certificate or plaque of recognition.
  7. In order to establish a new long-term award (for a minimum of 12 years), the sponsoring organization shall make a commitment for a minimum period of support of 12 years in the formal proposal for the award to the President of ISPRS, for approval by Council.
  8. The funding and preparation of ISPRS Awards shall be provided by the sponsoring organization(s) and delivered to the Congress Director and Treasurer after the Awardee(s) have been identified.
  9. Each new ISPRS Award shall be granted for a specific purpose, which shall not overlap significantly the purpose of another ISPRS Award.
  10. Presentations of ISPRS Awards shall be made at an appropriate event, preferably a plenary session, General Assembly of the Congress, or Gala Dinner.
  11. Amendment to the Terms of Reference of an ISPRS Award shall require agreement of Council with the Award sponsor.  The sponsor shall then prepare the amended Terms of Reference in final form for Council approval.
  12. It is expected that the recipient will attend the Congress to receive the award

Information on awards offered by ISPRS incl. the terms of reference of each award can be found here.

Terms of Reference of Awards Nomination Committee

  1. The Awards Nomination Committee shall be appointed by Council and shall include two Council Members (SG and PP), two Honorary Members, a representative of the Editors in Chief of the ISPRS journals and two other persons.  The ISPRS Past President will chair the Committee.
  2. The Committee shall, in cooperation with the Secretary General, ensure that information about the ISPRS Awards is widely disseminated amongst Members, academic institutions and other organisations involved the photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information sciences.
  3. The Committee shall canvass Members, academic institutions and other organisations involved in the photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information sciences in an endeavour to ensure that all deserving candidates are considered for nomination for each Award, and that nominations are made for all awards. Nominations may be made by the Committee.
  4. The Committee shall ensure that appropriate biographical information is compiled on each nominee, and made available for consideration by the jury for each Award.



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