ZY-3 Satellite High Resolution Stereo Image

ISPRS test data Ziyuan-3-01    2017

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Since its launch on 9th, January 2012, China’s first civilian high resolution stereo mapping satellite ZY-3 has provided a reliable stream of high resolution stereo image data. ZY-3 produces three line-array stereo panchromatic images (2.1-meter for nadir,3.5-meter for forward and backward) and 5.8-meter multispectral (red, blue, green, near infrared) imagery that can be combined in a variety of ways to accommodate a wide range of high-resolution imagery applications.

View more info on SASMAC (Satellite surveying and mapping application center, NASG). And the website is http://www.sasmac.cn/portal_space/ (In English)


1. Frames in Google Earth

Image Description
Extend: E 12.00°  N 52.08°       E 13.63°  N 53.03°
Captured: Neurupin and Brandenburg: June 24th 2016
Berlin: April 30th 2017


Image Description
center: ˜ N 52.77°  E 12.63°


Image Description
center: ˜ N 52.37°  E 12.47°


Image Description
center: ˜ N 52.36°  E 13.14°

2. Ziyuan-3 overview images

Image Description


Image Description


Image Description


3. Files

The files of the different scenes can be identified by the last digits before file extension  e.g. the scene of file

ZY3_01a_hsnbavp_275102_20121201_183107_0008_SASMAC_CHN_sec_rel_001_12120422639.tif can be identified by 2639 within the available data set

Technical data of the images are available in the *.XML-files (ASCII) as corner coordinates, view direction, sun elevation and azimuth, imaging time . . .

                                          width    height    (columns    lines)
bwd = backward, pan        3.5m GSD   24513 x ~19997 pixels fwd = forward, pan            3.5m GSD   24513 x ~19996 pixels mux = nadir, color, 4 bands  5.1m GSD  8820 x ~8786 pixels   (blue, green, red, NIR) nad = nadir, pan              2.1m GSD   24513 x ~23996 pixels


for any image usually 8 files are available as:

Image Description

3.1. Neurupin

 4433  bwd
 6270  fwd
 1356  mux
 4268  nad

Neurupin dataset as rar package (˜ 1.3 GB)


3.2. Brandenburg

 5691  bwd
 8831  fwd
 7266  mux
 4833  nad

Brandenburg dataset as rar package (˜ 1.3 GB)


3.3. Berlin

 7716  nad
 0015  bwd
 5453  fwd
 0729  mux

Berlin dataset as rar package (˜ 1.3 GB)



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