ZY-3 Satellite High Resolution Stereo Image

Data Sets Sainte-Maxime & Hong Kong

Since its launch on 9th, January 2012, China’s first civilian high resolution stereo mapping satellite ZY-3 has provided a reliable stream of high resolution stereo image data. ZY-3 produces three line-array stereo panchromatic images (2.1-meter for nadir,3.5-meter for forward and backward) and 5.8-meter multispectral (red, blue, green, near infrared) imagery that can be combined in a variety of ways to accommodate a wide range of high-resolution imagery applications.

View more info on SASMAC (Satellite surveying and mapping application center, NASG). And the website is http://www.sasmac.cn/portal_space/ (In English)

The experimental data is covering the Sainte-Maxime of France and Hong Kong of China, respectively. Every region contains four folders, which means four camera of ZY-3 (Nadir, Forward, Backward and Multispectral imagery). Every folder contains the SC imagery (sensor corrected imagery) and standard RPC file, and the shape file is put in the sub-folder named as ”GeoRange”.

The four corners of the imagery covering the Sainte-Maxime are Left-Upper: 6.349°E and 43.628°N, Right-Upper: 6.968°E and 43.523°N, Left-Bottom: 6.196°E and 43.132°N, Right-Bottom: 6.811°and 43.031°N for, which is illustrated on Figure. 1. And the preview of ZY-3 multispectral imagery is showed on Figure.2.

The four corners of the imagery covering the Hong Kong are Left-Upper: 113.935°and 22.625°N ,  Right-Upper: 114.419°E and  22.531°, Left-Bottom: 113.828°E and 22.129°, Right-Bottom: 114.309°E and 22.037°N, which is illustrated on Figure.3. And the preview of ZY-3 multispectral imagery is showed on Figure.4.

If you are planning to use this dataset, please send a short E-mail to ff@sasmac.cn or ligy@sasmac.cn, from which you can get help about the dataset.


Data set 1: Sainte-Maxime

Image Description
Figure 1. The illustration of ZY-3 images covering Sainte-Maxime of France, on GoogleEarth.



Captured Time: 27th,Aug 2014.



ZY3_01a_mynbavp_278116_20140827_183905_0008_SASMAC_CHN_sec_rel_001_14082905653.zip    257MB
ZY3_01a_mynfavm_278116_20140827_183828_0007_SASMAC_CHN_sec_rel_004_14082905516.zip    373MB
ZY3_01a_mynfavp_278116_20140827_183807_0008_SASMAC_CHN_sec_rel_001_14082905709.zip    314MB
ZY3_01a_mynnavp_278116_20140827_183835_0007_SASMAC_CHN_sec_rel_001_14082905583.zip    761MB



Image Description
Figure 2. The preview of ZY-3 multispectral imagery covering Sainte-Maxime of France


For this test data set reference data have been provided by IGN - DRE
Nicolas Paparoditis
Directeur Scientifique

Data set 2: Hong Kong

Image Description
Figure 3. The illustration of ZY-3 images covering Hong Kong of China, on GoogleEarth.



Captured Time: 8th,March 2013.



ZY3_01a_synbavp_893169_20130308_111227_0008_SASMAC_CHN_sec_rel_001_1303269587.zip     194MB
ZY3_01a_synfavm_893169_20130308_111151_0007_SASMAC_CHN_sec_rel_004_1303269411.zip     321MB
ZY3_01a_synfavp_893169_20130308_111129_0008_SASMAC_CHN_sec_rel_001_1303269664.zip     218MB
ZY3_01a_synnavp_893169_20130308_111158_0007_SASMAC_CHN_sec_rel_001_1303269497.zip    576MB





Image Description
Figure 4. The preview of ZY-3 multispectral imagery covering HongKong of China


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